The Andy Griffith Show - Season 7

CBS (ended 1968)




Episode Guide

  • Goober's Contest
    Episode 30
    In order to boost business Goober has a contest at the gas station. The printer accidentally prints a ticket for $200 and Floyd wins the ticket--and Goober can't pay it. But Floyd realizes it was an error and all is forgiven and Floyd and Goober are friends again.
  • 4/3/67
    Opie has a hard time finishing one of his homework assignments.
  • Big Brother
    Episode 28
    Howard takes a liking to his Little Brother's sister.
  • Howard the Comedian
    Episode 27
    Howard gets an opportunity to appear on televison and demonstrate his comedic talents. He's a great hit --except with the people of Mayberry, who are upset that he mentioned them in his jokes.
  • Opie's Piano Lesson
    Episode 26
    Opie has to choose between piano lessons and football lessons.
  • Goodbye Dolly
    Episode 25
    After Dolly, a retired milk-wagon horse refuses to eat while her owner is out of town; Opie becomes really worried that something is wrong with her. Unsure of what to do, Opie turns to Goober, Howard and Andy for help in getting the horse to eat. It is only after Mr. Simpson returns home from his vacation that he and Opie discover that Dolly refuses to eat because she misses going to work every day.moreless
  • Helen the Authoress
    Episode 24
    Helen begins to write books for children.
  • The Statue
    Episode 23
    When Howard suggests Mayberry erect a statue of Andy’s ancestor Seth Taylor in honor of all the work he did to make the town the quaint place it turned out to be. However, after a local artist completes the statue and earns the praise of the Taylor’s and everyone else in town, Andy and Aunt Bee get a big shock when Mr. Simmons lets them in on a secret that Seth Taylor worked with his ancestor to swindle the town out of a large amount of money. At first Andy and Bee want to keep this secret under raps, but she soon admits what Seth did during the unveiling speech. In the end, Floyd saves the day by saying that while Seth wasn’t the hero everybody thought he was; he still played a large part in making Mayberry the town what it is today.moreless
  • Floyd's Barbershop
    Episode 22
    Floyd gets a rent hike after Howard buys the barbershop.
  • 2/6/67
    Aunt Bee invests in a new Chinese restaurant and realizes she is not up for the stress of being a business owner.
  • 1/30/67
    Andy's old highschool sweetheart moves back to town and has to stay with the Taylors while her house is being fixed. This creates tension between Helen and Andy.
  • 1/23/67
    Barney returns to Mayberry and rediscovers an old girlfriend who has become a movie star.
  • 1/16/67
    Andy visits Barney in Raleigh, and realizes that Barney isn't as successful as he has always claims. Andy is able to help Barney solve a series of supermarket robberies and help him save his job.
  • Dinner at Eight
    Episode 17
    With Aunt Bee off visiting realtives and Opie away on a Scout trip, Andy is home alone. He is ready to spend a relaxing evening when Goober arrives to keep him company. He insists on making his special spaghetti recipe. Andy gives in, eats heartily, and then is reminded by Goober of an invitation to Howard's for dinner. Andy goes to see Howard, who did not actually invite Andy at all. They still whip up some spaghetti and eat, but then Andy realizes dinner was a Helen's. He rushes over, but is in hot water for being late so he must endure another dinner of spaghetti.moreless
  • 1/2/67
    A stranger comes to Mayberry promising to find the Ross Raiders treasure. Goober, Floyd, Helen and Bee all invest--much to Andy's irritation.
  • 12/26/66
    When Mayberry's long time physician retires the townfolk are reluctant to embrace his replacement.
  • 12/19/66
    When Goober grows tired of being the most ignorant person in town he goes away fishing and accidently grows a beard. The beard makes him believe he is smart--and he becomes an unbearable bore to everyone in Mayberry.
  • Otis the Deputy
    Episode 13
    Andy is captured by two escaped convincts and Otis and Howard ride to his rescue.
  • Only a Rose
    Episode 12
    Aunt Bee is totally excited about her rose that she has been growing for over a year for the annual flower show. While Opie and Arnold are playing, however,they accidently destroy it.
  • 11/28/66
    When Howard goes fishing with Andy, Opie, Goober, and Floyd, he catches the legandary rare carp "Old Sam". After he decides to put the legendary fish in a Raleigh museum, Howard learns a lesson from Opie that "Old Sam" is such an important part of the town's history that he brings the fish back to lakes surrounding Mayberry.moreless
  • Opie Finds a Baby
    Episode 10
    Opie and Arnold find an abandoned infant on the courthouse steps.
  • The Senior Play
    Episode 9
    Helen and the students of the senior class put on a play but the principal objects to it--and to Helen's involvement with such "scandalous" things--until she figures out a way to show him that what is scandalous is all relative.
  • 11/7/66
    Aunt Bee runs for a seat on the city council against the more qualified Howard, who is supported by Andy.
  • Mind Over Matter
    Episode 7
    Goober is involved in a minor car accident and thanks to Floyd and Aunt Bee, he becomes convinced that he is truly injured and has whiplash. Aunt Bee feels sorry for him and takes him home to care for him--much to Andy's dismay!
  • 10/17/66
    The Darling Family comes back, suddenly rich. They want their sons to marry well, and decide they should pick from the women of Mayberry.
  • 10/10/66
    When a dignified-looking older preacher comes to town, all the older women want to impress him. Aunt Bee, after someone suggests it, buys a wig--a short blonde one. Later the preacher gives a sermon about having no pretenses. Aunt Bee finally tells the preacher about her wig.
  • The Ball Game
    Episode 4
    Andy umpires the baseball game for Mayberry but when he calls the final strike for the opposing team, everyone in town is angry at him until Howard Sprague steps up and teaches everyone about being fair to Andy.
  • 9/26/66
    The Barbershop Quartet is missing one singer when Howard develops a sore throat. Andy, much to his dismay,must bring along a chicken thief who is a great singer. Andy has deep misgivings about this fellow and whether he will actually sing or try to break free.
  • The Lodge
    Episode 2
    Andy invites Howard to join "The Regal Order of the Door to Good Fellowship" lodge. Howard's mother doesn't like the idea of Howard being around the other men, so she concocts a scheme whereby Howard will be denied membership. It's all a big misunderstanding, and Howard eventually is allowed to join the lodge.moreless
  • Opie's Girlfriend
    Episode 1
    Helen's niece comes for a visit and proves to be both very pretty and very talented in athletics. Trouble is that she beats Opie in almost every sport there is. She actually really likes Opie as a BOY and needs her Aunt Helen to help her to get Opie to like her.moreless