The Andy Griffith Show

Season 3 Episode 12

The Bed Jacket

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Dec 17, 1962 on CBS



  • Quotes

    • (Opie & Andy are discussing Aunt Bee's birthday)
      Opie: How old's Aunt Bee?
      Andy: You know, I'm not rightly sure.
      Opie: I'll ask her.
      Andy: Whoa, I wouldn't do that. See, Aunt Bee, she ain't too sure about it either.
      Opie: She don't know how old she is?
      Andy: Nothin' so surprisin' about that. It's easy for her to forget.
      Opie: Don't she even know the day she was born on?
      Andy: She knows the day alright, it's the year she's a little fuzzy on.
      Opie: Oh.
      Aunt Bee: (enters the room) Andy, can I drive into town with you?
      Andy: Well, sure. Just let me go upstairs and get changed.
      Opie: Aunt Bee, don't you really know how old you are?
      Andy: Heh heh. We was just havin' a little, uh, litle guessin' game.
      Aunt Bee: Well, let's see now. I must be 21.
      Opie: But you were 21 last year.
      Andy: Oh, that's right. It worked out so well that Aunt Bee thought she'd go around again.
      Opie: Are you allowed to do that?
      Aunt Bee: You know, Opie's right. I must be goin' on 22.
      Andy: Oohhh... you look so much younger!