The Andy Griffith Show

Season 8 Episode 20

The Church Benefactors

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Jan 22, 1968 on CBS

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  • The Choir speaks up!

    Aunt Bee is wonderful in this episode--making her case for choir robes in a strong and assertive manner, I was tempted to say out loud "go Bee go!" It's also nice to see Bee and Andy at odds. Her "lobbying" of Andy is hysterical and Opie has some funny lines in this one. Howard's "solution" is so typically Mayberry that one wishes we lived in a world where people resolved their problems in such a sweet manner. This is a nice little tale from Mayberry, and yet it manages not be too cloying or take itself too seriously.
  • Aunt Bee: The Dark Side

    Never before has Aunt Bee been portrayed as calloused and closed minded (not to mention rude and just nasty) as she is in this episode. Though we've seen Aunt Bee's stubborn streak before ("Aunt Bee The Crusader" and "The Bazaar") there is little to redeem her attitude in this episode. The basic premise involves money willed to the church. Aunt Bee and Clara want the money spent on new choir robes. Howard suggests the funds be used to shore up the church's failing foundation. Aunt Bee practically blackmails Howard the church board in finding an alternate solution in some very "unChristianlike" behavior. In the end it's Howard's cool, logical mind that solves the issue and Bee and the scheming choir are basically given what they want.