The Andy Griffith Show

Season 5 Episode 12

The Darling Baby

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Dec 07, 1964 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • If you look close (or pause the playback), you can see several things of note on the contract that Andy and Opie sign pledging Opie to Andelina.  The house without the roof with the good strong boulders are both actually written into the contract.  You can also see the name of the Darling's pastor, Ormond Opel.  Their pastor was seen in the episode "Mountain Wedding" and was played by actor Dub Taylor.

    • When Opie and Andy sign their names with disappearing ink, their names disappear all at the same time, but they would have disappeared in the order they had been written.

  • Quotes

    • Barney: You know, a few years back a similiar thing happened to me.
      Andy: Yeah?
      Barney: Maybe I never told you about it. The girl's name was Halycyon Loretta Winslow.
      Andy: Pretty name.
      Barney: Ugliest girl you ever saw in your life.
      Andy: Whatever happened to Halycyon?
      Barney: Well, you know she went East to one of them schools where they trim you down, clear your skin, make you walk around with a book on your head.
      Andy: Don't tell me, she turned out beautiful.
      Barney: No. She's still ugly, single and pitting prunes.

    • (The Darling clan is in town looking to get Charlene's baby, Andelina, betrothed; they discuss it with Andy and Barney)
      Briscoe: You know, the, uh, young feller that gets Andelina here comes into a pretty good dowry.
      Charlene: An eight by ten cottage on the back twenty.
      Briscoe: All it needs is a roof, some fresh mud on the floor… it'd be a real paradise. And a cow comes with it.
      Andy: Cow comes right with it, huh?
      Briscoe: And two acres of side hill with good, strong boulders.

  • Notes

    • Nearly every Darling episode features the name of a song that makes someone cry and said song is often avoided for a more cheerful tune. In this episode The Darlings actually play one of the make-em-cry songs - "There Is a Time" and sure enough Mr. Darling tears up! The beautful song (one of their best) even affects Andy though he doesn't actually cry.

  • Allusions

    • The book that Opie shows Andy in the opening scene, 20 Scientific Tricks a Boy Can Do At Home, is said to be written by author Seymour Shrek (who also wrote Fun in the Garage on a Rainy Day).  This is likely a reference to author Seymour Simon who is an author of science books for children.  Simon's books encourage children to engage in activities to discover scientific principles, using household materials.

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