The Andy Griffith Show

Season 7 Episode 6

The Darling Fortune

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Oct 17, 1966 on CBS

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  • Those Darlings Sure Are Fun to Watch!

    In their final appearance on this classic sitcom (that ranks #1 on my TV comedy list), The Darlings return to Mayberry, revealing that their rich and have come to look for wives of the sons. They believe in a superstition that whenever an owl is seen in the daylight, the first woman that's seen will be the wife. When an owl shows up, and the woman that shows up is none other than Helen Crump, things begin to go out of control.

    People have said that this show became a terrible show once Don Knotts left and the show switched to color, but I find these episodes underrated. And this is one of the stronger episodes. Why? Because I really enjoyed seeing The Darlings, they are some really awesome and funny characters and are featured in some of the most entertaining episodes. This one is no exception. Andy's reactions over their superstition is priceless, and Gomer's part in the scheme to stop the nonsense is quite entertaining as well.

    Final Consensus: Another fun episode of this awesome show and is one of the stronger post-Knotts episodes.
  • The Darlings come to town with a fortune in money from the government, so Briscoe decides its time to marry off the boys. When they see the omen of the owl, they know the next woman they see they must marry--Helen Crump!

    I LIKE the Darlings episodes. It's nice to see them in color for once. Denver Pyle is fine as Briscoe Darling and its always good to seen Charleen. The Dillards are always wonderful when they play and funny when they're doing nothing. The way Briscoe interprets their silence reminds me of Larry, Daryl and Daryl from "The Newhart Show".

    However this episode suffers from some lazy and uninspired writing. The first half is good as the Darlings come to town and start to look for Mayberry brides and its great when they decide on Helen. But then the device Andy comes up with (in fact they way he finds out how to break the omen is very clunky) to counter the "Omen of the Owl" is pretty obvious and makes Briscoe a little too stupid. The episode also ignores Briscoe's previous interest in Aunt Bea and seems to forget Charleen's previous husband(s). You don;t expect such sloppy writing from the AGS. Perhaps everybody was losing interest now in season seven.
  • The Darlings are back in town!

    Another appearance by the Darlings--ho hum. I know that most people just adore these episodes--but I just can't get into them. I always think that the darlings bring down this series by being so corny and "hillbilly"that it makes Mayberry look foolish too. This time the Darlings target Helen as the intended bride and the results are predictable--complete with owls and other voodoo practices. Ho-Hum.