The Andy Griffith Show

Season 7 Episode 6

The Darling Fortune

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Oct 17, 1966 on CBS



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    • In this episode Charlene voices her appreciation for Andy's convincing them to put headlights on their pickup truck.  However, Mr. Darling's pickup truck has always had headlights.  You can see them clearly when the Darling's are parked in front of the watering trough in "The Darling's are Coming."

    • This episode, the last of six episodes in which the Darlings appeared, saw Andy once again using so-called mountain superstition to trick the Darlings out of something they had their heart set on, in this case, the "Omen of the Owl." This episode is almost identical in plot to "The Darling Baby," both involving the Darlings demanding a betrothal and both resolved by Andy using the Darling's superstition against them.

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