The Andy Griffith Show

Season 1 Episode 31

The Guitar Player Returns

Aired Monday 9:30 PM May 15, 1961 on CBS



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    • Andy: Jim, you are under arrest.
      Jim: Arrest? For what?
      Andy: For leaving town without paying your bills.
      Jim: Well, I left this watch, Andy. It... it will cover all my bills.
      Andy: Well, then you are under arrest for not leaving town fast enough. Let's go.
      Jim: Now wait a minute! Now I... I would have been gone if you hadn't kept me here yapping.
      Andy: No flimsy excuses, Jim. Let's go.

    • Barney: Don't ask so many stupid questions, boys. This is law man's work.

    • Barney: You can't be an official police escort without a whistle, for heaven sakes.

  • Notes

    • The Bobby Fleet (Herb Ellis) of this episode is altogether different from the first Bobby Fleet (played by Henry Slate). He is professional, serious and well mannered - unlike the wise cracking, insult hurling Bobby Fleet of The Guitar Player. A third actor would be cast as "Freddy" Fleet in season three. What happened to Bobby, or how and if he and Freddy are related, was never explained.

    • This episode marks the last appearance of Elinor Donahue as Ellie. She would be replaced by a string of potential romantic interests for Andy (most of them nurses) before Aneta Corsaut would join the cast as schoolteacher Helen Crump.

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