The Andy Griffith Show

Season 1 Episode 2

The Manhunt

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Oct 10, 1960 on CBS



  • Quotes

    • Andy: Mayberry to headquarters...Mayberry to headquarters! Captain, you might as well answer, 'cause I'm gonna keep callin' till you do!
      Capt. Barker: What is it, Sheriff?
      Andy: Oh, hello there, Captain! I just wanted to let you know where you can catch your criminal!
      Capt. Barker: You've got him cornered?
      Andy: Let's just say we've made the necessary arrangements. Now, if you and your men will come down the Crystal Creek Road...oh, that's right, you don't know how to get here, either. Tell you what do...go over to my house and pick up my boy, Opie. Now, anybody can tell you how to get there. He'll show you how to get here. Ten-four!
      Capt. Barker: But, Sheriff...
      Andy: I'm sorry, I done ten-foured ya!
      (cuts off radio, turns to Barney)
      Andy: Felt good to get it in first for a change!