The Andy Griffith Show

Season 5 Episode 11

The Pageant

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Nov 30, 1964 on CBS



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    • Lots of stuff that doesn't fit in this episode.  First, since the pageant celebrates the 100th year since the founding of the town of Mayberry, it means that Mayberry was founded in 1865.  By this time, North Carolina had been settled for over 100 years and was one of the original 13 original American colonies, meaning that it's highly unlikely that anyone would be negotiating land rights with any native American tribes in the 1860's.  It also means that Mayberry was founded AFTER the Civil War, which doesn't jive with season two's "Mayberry Goes Bankrupt," where it is established that Mayberry was part of the Confederacy.  In addition, this telling of the story of Mayberry also doesn't mesh with the story shown in season one's "The Beauty Contest," which depicts Mayberry being founded in the 1700's by John Mayberry and a group of settlers that resemble pilgrims circa the 1600's and it doesn't fit with the Battle of Mayberry from the episode "The Battle of Mayberry" which took place sometime before 1762.


    • This is the last appearance of John Masters - Mayberry Choir Director and part time clerk at the Mayberry Hotel.

    • The pageant featured in this episode is referred to as a Centennial Pageant to celebrate Mayberry's first 100 years. However, based on the content of the pageant itself and numerous other reference to Mayberry's role in both the American Civil War and the Revolutionary War, Mayberry was clearly founded in the 1700's which would have made the pageant a Bicentennial Pageant.

  • Allusions

    • Aunt Bee states in this episode that she had the lead role in the play The Little Princess when she was a child.  This is possibly a reference to a play based on the book A Little Princess written in 1905 by Frances Hodgson Burnett.  A film adaptation titled The Little Princess was released in 1939 starring Shirley Temple.

    • Barney says in reference to Aunt Bee's acting attempts "Not even Tex Ritter got it right at the bat". Tex Ritter, the famous singing cowboy, was the father of John Ritter, who Don Knotts eventually co-starred with in Three's Company.