The Andy Griffith Show

Season 2 Episode 11

The Pickle Story

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Dec 18, 1961 on CBS



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    • (Andy and Barney are replacing Aunt Bee's pickles.)
      Andy: Now, Opie, you know I don't normally approve of doing stuff behind folks' backs!
      Opie: I get it, Paw. We don't want to hurt Aunt Bee's feelings and you don't want me to get sick again.
      Andy: Right!

    • Barney: You comin' to work today?
      Andy: Is it 8 o'clock already?
      Barney: You kiddin'? It's three past!
      Andy: I can't get started this morning...just let me drink my coffee...sit down and have some toast and jelly or something.
      Barney: Believe I will. (opens dish of marmalade, smells a weird smell) You doin' some painting in here?
      Andy: (smells it, too.) No, probably just some glue Opie's using on a model airplane.
      Barney: (spreading the pungent marmalade on his toast) Doesn't smell like glue to me, smells more like ammonia!
      Andy: You don't reckon that gas stove's leaking, do you?
      Barney: Don't know...(starts to eat his toast) Found it!
      (points at jar, has Andy smell, quickly closes it)
      Andy Aunt Bee was workin' in here yesterday! (goes to cupboard and finds several jars of "ammonia marmalade" instead of "kerosene cucumbers")
      Barney: Aunt Bee's making marmalade now!
      Andy: Well, don't just stand there, go get the suitcase!

    • [Aunt Bee brings lunch]
      Andy: Oh, did you hear that Barney, Aunt Bee's brought us a surprise. Now donchu tell me it's some of that good old apple crumb pie.
      Aunt Bee: Nope, better than that.
      Barney: Have you made a potato pancake?
      Aunt Bee: Nope, even better than that!
      Andy: Well what?!
      Aunt Bee: Roast beef sandwhich
      Andy: Uh huh.
      Aunt Bee: Cole slaw.
      Andy: Yeah...
      Aunt Bee: And here's the surprise..some of my new homemade pickles!

  • Notes

    • Aunt Bee's inability to make homemade pickles or homemade preserves (or tell how awful they are) is out of character for her. She is often described as a wonderful cook and even has her own cooking show for a brief time in a later season.

    • We learn that Clara Johnson is a widow.  She talks about her late husband in this episode

    • In Andy and Barney's operation pickle switch they take Aunt Bee's kerosine cucumbers of her unmarked Mason jars and switch them with store bought pickles in Heinz jars. But, the pickles that Barney gives away are in Mason jars meaning he either switched them again or he's giving away the good store bought pickles.

    • The cheery carnival music played during the fair scenes was used many times in TV history, including an episode of The Brady Bunch entitled "The Winner".

    • Barney refers to Aunt Bea's pickles as "Kerosene Cucumbers"

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