The Andy Griffith Show

Season 3 Episode 28

The Rivals

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Apr 08, 1963 on CBS

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    Does any one know what happened to Ronda Jeter? She played on the Andy Griffith show on April 8, 1963 and thereafter under a different name when she and Ronnie Howard were teens. She was approximately nine or ten years old in 1963. Opie { Ronnie Howard } was nine or nearly nine, as he was born in 1954. I messaged Ronnie Howard on FB regarding the inability to find anything about Ronda Jeter, but with no reply as of yet.


    On her first appearance, Opie really liked Karen Burgess { Ronda Jeter }, but Karen did not seem to return the favor. Later, Thelma Lou { Betty Lynn } and Andy { Andy Griffith played himself on the Andy Griffith Show } were chatting and Opie was doing handstands and asked Karen "can you do that?". Karen said "yes, but I don't think it would be very lady-like", and walked on. Andy told Thelma Lou "Opie really is lovesick". Thelma Lou said "I can help him out". So Thelma Lou and Opie began walking toward Thelma Lou's place to make brownies. Karen was standing where Opie was when this particular show first came on the air. She had a little bit of a longing look. Eventually, Andy got Opie to go outside as Karen was waiting to see if Opie would come out. Opie went out and asked Karen if she would like to go to the park and then to a cowboy movie. Karen said "sure". Karen and Opie began walking and Opie got on Karen's left side as they were next to the street and the street was on Karen's left. And that's the happy ending to the episode.

    I only saw a very few of the later, "color" episodes of Andy Griffith. Ronda Jeter was dancing with Opie and she used a different "show " name. Does any one know what happened to Ronda Jeter?

    But if any one knows where Ronda Jeter is, no one is speaking. And neither is Ronda, apparently.

  • Opie's First Crush

    A very good episode, in particular because the character of Thelma Lou is finally used to a fuller extent. The writing is also very good and the plot line consistent. Watching Barney's annoyance and frustration as Opie "steals his girl" is so funny! The phone conversation between Opie, Thelma Lou and Barney (the full text can be found in the quote section) is among the FUNNIEST of the series. I particularly enjoyed the resolution of the show when the little girl that Opie originally had a crush on shows her true colors.Definitely a winner!
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