The Andy Griffith Show

Season 4 Episode 21

The Shoplifters

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Mar 02, 1964 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Asa, the often snoozing security guard, appears in this episode as the night watchman at Weaver's Department Store.  As seen in "The Bank Job, Asa also works as the daytime security guard at the Mayberry Security Bank.  It's little wonder Asa sleeps so much since he works all day and all night!

    • When Andy enters Weaver's at night he appears to turn on the light, but once he's in the room the light switch is still in the off position.

    • When Ben and Barney enter through the back door of Weaver's Dept Store there is a sign just to the right of the door that says "Don't forget to feed the "Kitty"." This appears to have something to do with the coffee pot, maybe some kind of coffee fund.

    • Did you notice...the tie that Ben Weaver wears in this episode is the purple tie with acorns that Gomer buys for his date with Mary Grace in the episode "A Date for Gomer."

  • Quotes

    • (Barney tells Andy he thinks he knows who's stealing from Weaver's store)
      Barney: All right, let's play it Question and Answer. Now, I'll ask the questions and you answer "yes" or "no", OK?
      Andy: OK.
      Barney: All right, here we go. A – who's store is bein' robbed?
      Andy: Uh... no?
      Barney: (starts getting annoyed) What d'ya mean "no"?
      Andy: You said answer "yes" or "no".
      Barney: I meant one word – answer one word.
      Andy: Well, you didn't say that.
      Barney: All right, let's start again from the beginnin' and this time answer in one word, OK?
      Andy: Okay.
      Barney: All right, A – who's store is bein' robbed?
      Andy: Weaver's.
      Barney: Right. B – who's gonna collect the insurance on those thefts?
      Andy: Weaver.
      Barney: Right, right, right. C – who was creepin' around in that store last night?
      Andy: You were.
      Barney: (more annoyed) What d'ya mean "I were"?
      Andy: You were; course I know that's two words.
      Barney: Now don't get purposely obtuse, Andy. The answer is: Weaver.
      Andy: Well, I missed it.
      Barney: Well, play the game, play the game! I hate it when you get obtuse. Now where'd I leave off?
      Andy: C.
      Barney: All right, D – who in their entire life ever got a bargain in Weaver's store?
      Andy: Uh... Weaver?
      Barney: Ah, come on, Andy. I'm tryin' to give you the name of the criminal and you won't accept it. The answer is "nobody".
      Andy: Nobody's the criminal?
      Barney: (very annoyed) Boy, when you get obtuse!

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