The Andy Griffith Show

Season 8 Episode 26

The Wedding

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Mar 04, 1968 on CBS

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  • A Truly Bizarre Episode

    This strange episode of The Andy Griffith Show involves Howard breaking free of his normal life life and becoming a "groovy" bachelor after his mother marries and moves out. Howard's psychedelic new "bachelor pad" is hilarious and totally out of character. This whole episode feels like a dream sequence and the dancing scene between Helen, Goober and Howard is equally funny as it is peculiar.

    Even though this episode feels more like an episode of Love, American Style than Andy Griffith, I found it thoroughly entertaining and it is definitely worth a watch.
  • Howard Sprague's Bachelor Days

    This is an interesting episode where Howard finally gets to have a life of his own. His mother moves out and he is able to keep the house and completely redecorate it. It is interesting to see Howard come out of his shell and express an interest in art and culture (even if they are a little wacky). Watching Howard play the "cool bachelor" provides some good laughs, as is Goober's own failed attempt at dating. All in all, a nice change of pace, and Andy and Helen provide good character support.
  • Mayberry Dance Fever!

    This episode gets my vote for weirdest. The dance sequence alone (most of which is edited out of network reruns) is nearly surreal with its quick cuts, off camera angles, and beat-style photography. Add to this Howard's out of character attempts at being a swinger and you've got all the makings of one of the most unusual episodes of the series. The final season was marked by a sharp deviation from series norms and this episode has to be the culimantion of that fad. There are some funny moments to be had here and if nothing else we finally get to see Howard's mother cut the proverbial apron strings and leave Howard and the rest of Mayberry for good. As always Emmitt becomes one of the redeeming factors of this final season and save the party and the episode.
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