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  • Season 1 Episode 4: Ellie Comes to Town

  • Look Close! In this episode the license plate on the squad car is DC-269 (you can see it very clearly when Andy and Barney pull up to Emma's house to deliver Aunt Bee's soup). In every other episode where you can see the license plate to the squad car the number is JL-327.

  • Ellie explains that what Fred has actually been giving Emma is a Placebo - a placebo is a preparation which is pharmacologically inert, like a sugar pill, but which may have a therapeutic effect based solely on the power of suggestion.

  • Season 1 Episode 3: The Guitar Player

  • Orville Monroe makes his first series appearance. Orville's Funeral Home and TV Repair would be one of the four businesses that make up the city block in which the Mayberry Courthouse resides. To the left of Orville's is both a Beauty Shop and a Barber Shop (although Floyd the barber is not introduced until later in the season) and to the right is Foley's Market.

  • As was quite standard to TV at the time, there was often more meeting the ear than the eye when music was performed. In front of the funeral home, Jim appears to be playing both rhythm and electric lead guitar at the same time. When he plays with Andy and Barney in the jail, his guitar also magically sounds like an electric. And during his jam session with Bobby Fleet and His Band with a Beat, the drummer manages to get snare drums, bass drums, and cymbals with nothing more than a couple of drum sticks tapping on the bars of the cell!

  • The band Bobby Fleet and His Band with a Beat, was later referred to as "Freddy Fleet and His Band with a Beat".

  • While Jim plays outside the funeral parlor, you will take notice that Foley's market is not shown,,,but in fact one-half of it is. One-half of Foley's market was converted into the funeral parlor. The door that the proprietor opens is (was) actually Foley's door.

  • Season 1 Episode 2: The Manhunt

  • In a scene often edited from network reruns, Otis, the town drunk, makes his first appearance - and we learn that he's not only an alcoholic, he's in the church choir!

  • In this episode Emma Brand (later Watson) (played by Cheerio Meredith), lives by the lake. A few episodes later (in Ellie Comes to Town) she lives in town.

  • Andy refers to Barney as his cousin once more in this episode.

  • This is the first episode to use "Barney's" music in it, the tune is officially called "The Manhunt".

  • Season 1 Episode 1: The New Housekeeper

  • When Barney is booking Emma Watson for jaywalking, look closely and you'll see that both courthouse doors are open. This is the first of only two times in the entire series that the left hand door (if you're inside the courthouse facing the doors, the one with the mail slot) is opened. The other episode is season five's The Rehabilitation of Otis.

  • Opie mentions his dog Gulliver. As a boy, Ron Howard had a dog named Gulliver.

  • In this episode, Barney is referred to as Andy's cousin.

  • About 15:11 into this first episode, when Andy is up in Opie's room for the second time, the shadow of a boom microphone comes into view on the wall near the upper right corner of the picture. After a second or two it moves up out of view. Then, as Andy lays across the bed to talk with his son, the shadow reappears, follows him and settles mostly out of the picture on the right. When Andy gets up from the bed, at about 16:15, the whole shadow appears again from the right and follows him for several seconds. The shadow travels left across the wall, is lost in the shadow of the open doorway, then reappears and crosses the top edge of the open door, reverses and drops down to settle on the right side of the door at the edge of the picture.

  • Season 1 Danny Meets Andy Griffith

  • In the pilot Andy was Sheriff of Mayberry, Justice of the Peace, and editor of the Mayberry Gazette. By the time the regular series aired he was only Sheriff and Justice of the Peace. By the third season it was generally conveyed that he was just the Sheriff.

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