The Andy Griffith Show

Season 4 Episode 10

Up in Barney's Room

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Dec 02, 1963 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Enid Markey (Ms. Mendlebright) was a famous silent film actress known for her portrayal of sweet, attractive, but innocent young girls. However, she will be forever remembered as the first actress to portray Jane in the 1918 silent classic Tarzan of the Apes - filmed and released only 4 years after Edgar Rice Burrough's published the novel.

  • Quotes

    • (Mrs. Mendlebright is upset that Barney's cooking in his room)
      Mrs. Mendlebright: It's not only your cooking, Mr. Fife. (she takes light bulb from his lamp) This is a 75-watt bulb and the rule is: no bulbs over 40-watts… and you keep it on all night.
      Barney: Well, I'm studyin' if you must know.
      Mrs. Mendlebright: I've seen you sleeping with it on.
      Barney: Snoop! Snoop!
      Mrs. Mendlebright: You're afraid of the dark.
      Barney: Bulb snatcher!
      Mrs. Mendlebright: Mr. Fife, I shall have to ask you to leave my house. There is someone who's a real gentleman who can use this room. So, kindly leave my house. (she leaves the room)
      Barney: (calls after her) With pleasure! Whoever heard of a room you couldn't cook in anyways? Six dollars a week and what do I get? Heartaches! Nothin' but heartaches!

    • (Barney can't find a room: Andy says they should both go see Mrs. Mendlebright)
      Barney: Well, I ain't gonna crawl, now. I'll tell you that right now.
      Andy: You don't have to crawl. Just tell her you're sorry and you won't cook anymore and will she take you back.
      Barney: Well, that's crawlin'.
      Andy: Now look, Barn. You don't have a room and you're miserable. Now you might just have to bend a little.
      Barney: Well, maybe I'll bend a little.
      Andy: Good.
      Barney: I'll bend – but I won't crawl!
      Andy: Right.

    • (Andy looks at the books in Barney's room)
      Andy: True Blue Detective. That's nice.
      Barney: Good stories in there.
      Andy: (opens book; reads from table of contents) "I Married A Fink"… "How It Feels To Pull The Switch"… "I Picked A Pocket And Paid". Good stories.

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