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  • Only kids laugh at this show

    wtf is this? The Andy Milonakis show is the stupidest most irrelevant show I have ever watched. How do people think this is funny. A 29 year old playing a 14 year old retarted kid is not funny. It's completely lame and stupid. Why the heck is this show still on the air. MTV has some pretty junky shows and this definitely ranks on the top of tht list!
  • This show is the best show of its kind. It is unbelievable how Andy and Jimmy Kimmel come up with such a show. 10 all the way!

    Andy Milonakis and Jimmy Kimmel work fabulous together. I myself has a show and its nothing compared to Andy's work. It's unbeivable how he gets all of those guest stars and musicians. He had Rob Scneider was the greatest guest yet. Yes I admit, it is childish in a sort, but half of the show is nothing but adultry. Therefore, Let's keep showing it!
  • well andys at it again with season 2 of the andy milinokis show.

    andy has a lot of street credit with mtv. messing with the people of new york again. he does a lot of stuff to preview his new season. for example his first episode of the new seasom is on demand. i give it 12 thumbs up with a wiggle. also on demand there is a rap "about" his new season with clips and the cast. like he said.

    i rock peas on my head, but dont call me a pea head
    bees on my head,but dont call me a bee head
    bruce lees on my head, but dont call me a lee head now please excuse me i gots to get my tree fed.
  • wow, make sure you are in that:"anything is funny"mode.

    this show can be one of the funniest things you've seen the past few years, or worse than going to the grocerie store for you're mom. Andy does some of the craziest/random stuff, and it's hilarious. I swear, don't listen to those negative people who think that this show is dumb. Get togetherwith a group of friends-drink alot of caffiene-and watch The Andy Milonakis Show.
  • Not funny at all... why is this show even on the air? I would be more entertained watching laundry spin around in a dryer!

    One night, I was up watching television. At around 1:30am I stopped on MTV2 to see a bizarre scene: a stapler remover acting like a vampire, and turning pencils, three-hole-punches, etc. into stapler removers as well. Then I saw Andy, and thought: why does this annoying middle schooler have a TV show?

    Later, after watching this supposed kid take a shower in mustard, I checked out the show online. Lo and behold, Andy is thirty years old! I was shocked. Not only does he look like he is thirteen, but he acts like it too. And he is not funny. I like tons of humor, but this just left a bad taste in my mouth. I have never liked MTV a whole lot but it has reached a new low.
  • The show makes no sense and I guess people laugh at it because its stupid.

    I am sorry but I think this is the dumbest show i ever seen. Why is it still on, there could be other deserving time slots than this waste of time. I would say the only shining light on this show is the fact that he has a guest celebrity or someone of high status. I don't even consider Andy a celebrity for this. Terrible acting.
  • I have a pretty good sense a humor, since i started watching at least every sitcom and comedy show they airs, since 8 years... But this is totally CRAP!

    I have a pretty good sense a humor, since i started watching at least every sitcom and comedy show they airs, since 8 years... and i know bkacl humor, absurd humor and stuff...
    But this is totally CRAP!

    Absurd humor can be pretty funny, but
    this is not funny anymore, it\'s too stupid.
    Looks like a crossing between Teletubbies and bad tries to make absurd humor.

  • This show in a nutshell is complete randomness wrapped in stupidity of what seems like a young boy, which is really a 29 year old Andy Milonakis.

    At first, when MTV was premiering this show, I thought it would be cancelled after a few episodes because it looked stupid. I didn't catch it when it first came out, but I watched it a few weeks later. I found it to be hilarious. The theme song makes no sense, but is very enticing. The show features guests such as the Ying Yang Twins, in which Milonakis is baby sitting them, and tries to teach them right from wrong by singing a song, which causes him to end up in a closet. At the end, the mother he was babysitting for borrows money from him, instead of paying him for his work.

    Season 2 looks to be as promising as the first one.
  • Just a bunch of funny skits that have nothing in common except for the fact that they all include Andy.

    I think that this show is underappreciated, probably because people see Andy's childish behavior and sometimes pointless skits as ignorance or stupidity. I admit that some of the things he shows on the series are a bit immature but overall this show is pretty decent. Everything he says or does is all in the name of humor and should be taken lightly. I don't think anyone should get offended by anything on the show. Instead of cancelling the show, I think that they should make a disclaimer, just saying how they're not trying to offend anyone, to show at the beginning.
  • What is this?

    Is this actually considered a show, because it dosen't look like it to me. It's obvious he's faking his age disease because a 26 year old woudn't look like a kid and he also wouldn't do stupid and random crap like the stuff Andy does. He's either retarded or has ADD because I don't know a single teenager who acts like him. And there's celebrity guest stars. Who actually wants to visit a insane weirdo fat boy like Andy?
    Therefore, change the channel. Andy's lost his brain cells making this show and I don't want you to lose your brain cells by succumbing to this garbage.
  • A 29 year old whom looks like a kid gets his own show.

    A very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very strange show. has its moments though. Not for everyone. Its a love it or hate it show.
  • Show is wierd but oddly funny. Not for all ages because he may influence little kids to kill pizza. But its ok...

    The show has good points and bad points. It is so funny sometimes you want to jump off a roof with laughter but in some cases he bores me to death. He can be funny but sometimes he can act out of ordinary. Wierd right? no, he's just a crazy kid [adult] doing stupid stuff to get us mad... but funny if we ain't the victim.
  • Hah!

    Sorry but I love this show. It's so stupid and you can't stop laughing. If you th ink about it later you burst out laughing and people think your an idiot!, it's great. I'm sure people who are "saphisticated" will hate it but they have no idea what there missing. :)
  • Hmm....

    It said that little (sware here: Hint Dirty Ol) is with his own show.

    I thought he was 14 when I heard that.

    He's 29? His material is not that good. I was going to give this a 10.

    I'm giving it a 7 because they are pretty decent, and I liked this show.

    I didn't stop liking it because of his age!
  • This show is my favorite show in the entire world!!!! When will the second season start??

    I want to see the Andy Milonakis Show's Second Season. When will it start?? I really want to see what happened to Andy Milonakis after he was in his first movie "Waiting...". My Favorite line from in the Andy Milonakis Show is "SHUT THE [] UP!!!!!". I wish Andy Milonakis would be at my home.
  • "st-u-pidest show ever!"

    This is the stupidest show i've ever sat through and watched, it made jackass less funny and the la bam show a joke. it Makes no sence at all and any one who watches it on regular basis is pretty stupid. This show bites and will never be liked by normal people!!!.
  • Put together MAD TV and a man who looks like a kid and you'll have this show on MTV 2.

    Andy Milonakis as what I've heard is hated for being a kid and having his own twisted show. But I watched this show on TiVO and I found out that its pretty good. Each skecth will first start with the title and then shows Andy either outside of his apartment or inside his apartment. The jokes are either related to life and music and etc. Usually outside of his apartment he acts retarded as hell. He does pranks mostly and I felt this is not what an adult should act. Overall, I like the show. Its kinda off-beat.
  • it's ok i guess. can be really funny at times yet kinda stupid at other.

    i though the show was really funny when i first watched it. like the stuff he did was so stupid it was funny. but then as the new episodes came out it wasn't really funny anymore. i guess it was because by that time i found out he was really 29, so that was kinda akward i guess. it was just werid that a 29 year old would do those kinds of things. it would have been better is he really was 13.
  • THis show rocks, you know that all you people who gave it a 0 rating are LOSERS!!! Andy rocks! You all are freaking weird, to not see how funny he is!!!!

    The Andy Milonakis Show in one word see the equation (Funny kid + hilarious jokes = ANDY MILONAKIS SHOW!) This show is the best new comedy out there, and I feel should come back for season 2 and so do a lot of other people, Andy is a comedy show that everyone can get into, due to the fact that his humor, albeit some stupid, is just funny to watch because of that plain fact, in my opinion this is the best show I have seen as far as comedy is concerned in a LONG time!
  • This show is definetly something that catches your eye. Flipping through the channels, it stands out, making no sense. The stupid stuff he does will make anyone laugh.

    The Andy Milonakis Show theme song has been stuck in my head since I heard it....He makes no sense, but provides us with great laughs, from the tragedy of losing his turtle, to the frustration of people not taking off their shoes as he swept the sidewalk. The Andy Milonakis Show is a show I won't forget anytime soon.
  • Funny,Funny,Funny!

    It took me weeks to stop laughing the first time I watched this show.I have not stoped laughing since the last episode.I wanna know where Andy gets his stuff.Jesus Kitty and Satan Kitty give such good advice and Ralphie\\\'s smartness makes people feel better about how smart they.It is the funniset show on Mtv and one of the funniest shows on earth.HA,HA,HA!!
  • The Andy Milonakis Show is a hilariuos show about a kid who goes around town or stays at his home screwing around. It's sort of like Jackass but more creative.

    When I first saw the commercial for The Andy Milanokis Show, I thought it would be a stupid, idiotic show. Then when I saw the show I found myself laughing my brains out. In some ways it was stupid and idiotic, but aren't all comedy shows/movies like that?
    I know this show won't be very big with those strict critics, but I liked and I hope it sticks around for a couple seasons. This kid has talent and I can tell. The Andy M. Show was created by him and he stars in it. Overall I thought it was very funny.

  • Keep him coming!

    I totally could not live without this show!If you don't like it, less power to you :p. Andy, you and your friends continue to make the good quality programming you do, or else I will call and ask for my own show! LOL just kidding noboy could replace you.... heh
  • Absolutely the WORST show that I have ever had the misfortune of watching.

    Absolutely the WORST thing on tv, without a doubt! I sat through an entire episode with my jaw dropped in disbelief at the complete stupidity of this annoying, and completely talentless boy. The more I watched, the more I wanted to strangle him for being so incredibly moronic, as if his face alone wasn't reason enough. Never have I wanted to hurt a person on tv more, until I saw this idiot. Good lord, I can only pray this sorry excuse for a show gets the axe.
  • it's many different skits in one show

    This show is SOOO funny...omg!!!...omg...i LOVE this's soo funnny, especially cause it's sooo random. i love how they go arond to random people and say the silliest, funniest stuff!!! hehehe...O O O O O O M M M G G G G...S O O O O F U N N Y!!! LOVE IT! lol..they should bring it back
  • My Andy Milonakis Show Review---------->

    The Andy Milonakis Show is not that funny what is he now 30 YEARS OLD and he still acts like a immature kid? How unoriginal is this, I can grab my camera and film kids acting stupid just like this. there is a such thing as mature/adult humor but this is completly childish.
  • Andy Milonakis is in my opinion pretty funny. i know a lot of people think its stupid, but i like the fact that it's a show just by some guy.

    When people mention the Andy Milonakis show, there are 2 answers i hear. The first is "oh that show is hilarious!" and the second is " oh my gosh he is so stupid!" I think there are some people who just don't appreciate the fact that this is one guy and a camera on the streets of New York. There are no tech crews or lighting specialists or, in a lot of cases, scripts. People have to take it as it is, as a pretty intertaining show and not look into it for more then it is.
    If you haven't seen it, watch one episode. The worst that can happen will be that you waste 30 minutes, but you might find it a little funny.
    I hope he does a second season because im interested in seeing what he can come up with next.
  • I connected with this show right from the beginning, and the more i watch it the better it gets!

    This show is really truly hilarious! I just saw 4 episodes of it and its my favorite show. The complete ramdonness with extremely funny skits is the perfect mix. Just by glancing upon andy's face i laugh at his sillyness. I really wish there were more shows like this and prove the shows dont have to follow a certain type of humor. I am a fan till the end!
    P.S. Although he is 29 years old, that doesnt make him not funny!
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  • Does nobody know but me that Andy Milonakis is in his late 20s?

    This show is really really funny, and I think just about anybody can enjoy it if they have a good sense of humor. If not then you'll most likely hate this show with all your guys, and Andy will make you puke and cry yourself to sleep at night thinking of the Penut Butter.
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