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Sunday 10:30 PM on MTV 2 Premiered Jun 26, 2005 In Season





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  • Unusually funny!

    When I saw this show for the first time, I thought it was really stupid! (Which in terms it kinda is.) But for some strange reason, he reminds me of my cousin Hannah! lol. This seems like a show that some kid would write in his spare time! I'd have to say VERY original! Yet, very funny!
  • give this show a chance

    I have found this show on MTV during the first weeks of summer when I had nothing else to watch at night.
    The show is retarded, retardedly funny.
    Andy does whatever is on his mind, and he shows everyone in the suburbs how dumb he is.
    He seems to be a man full of bliss.
    Yes, Andy Milonakis is a man, a man-child. He is at the age of 29.
    This is a show which whenever you watch it, you just got to watch it.
    For viewers who like to watch a guy make a mockery out of himself, glue your eyes to this.
    For those who like to cry, watch the OC instead.
  • This show is the brain child of Jimmy Kimmel

    This show is the brain child of Jimmy Kimmel and if you've ever watched his show; you'd understand. He's got to have one of the most boring shows on TV. Most of the comedy is geared towards mentally retarded people and it's even below them as far as I can tell.

    Andy M. is just stupid and probably Jimmy's gay lover who got the show for giving Jimmy Hum Hum's backstage.

    I watched the show once and I'm expressing what so many others have expressed; I want my freaking half an hour back. I would rather drink a douche bag filled with feces than watch this show again.
  • In the words of Charlie Brown... "ARGH!!!!"

    A totally uninspired piece of televsion. THis will be shorter lived than a partial birth abortion. Put it out of it's misery. That's right, will not be watching this one again. Not even with free popcorn and red wine... Okay, free red wine, sure, why not, please send it to my PO BOX, andy, and you'll have at least one viewer.
  • There is a fine line between random and funny. I, however, have trouble identifying it.

    I'll tell you the truth- I think randomness, stupidity, and that sort of stuff is funny. And that's just what this show is. Stupid, random, and funny.

    Stupid? Yeah, stupid and pointless in every sense of the words. Random? Yeah, unless you think having Andy flick a lightswitch screeching "What does this DO?" and a guy with a fish getting closer everytime he pushes it up is boring and un-random. Funny? In my opinion.

    So there you have it- the Andy Milonakis Show, stupid, random, funny, and loved by people like me who have a very, very weird sense of humor.
  • It's no that funn. But what can you expect. No one will hire a 30 year old that looks like he is 13.

    Its kinda funny since everyone watches is in my school but I laugh easily but I kept a straigh face throughout the whole show. Its ok but I don't find a point in the show. I meana 37ish year old man looking like a 13 year old running to old people saying "I'm s orry I killed your husband."
  • same old *&^$

    what the hell is wrong with the world when this is called entertainment? i felt like i might enjoy it if i managed to give myself an in-home labotomy, but alas no such luck. who thought giving an obnoxious kid a show would be a good idea? is it designed for children, adults, forrest gump? i like lowbrow humor like south park, ren and stimpy, etc... but this is just so wrong. so very wrong. but thats just my opinion.
  • The Andy Milonakis show is a complete waste of time. The show has so plot, it's just an overweight boy talking bull. For the love of everything that is right, cancel this show. It is not needed and needs to be cancelled. Why did MTV even approve this stup

    The Andy Milonakis show is a complete waste of time. The show has so plot, it's just an overweight boy talking bull. For the love of everything that is right, cancel this show. It is not needed and needs to be cancelled. Why did MTV even approve this thing as a pilot. It is stupid and people actually like it. MTV, Just cancel; this thing.
  • The world is full of nonsense these days...

    Andy Milonakis -- best known for his "Superbowl is Gay" sketch, MTV has given Andy his own show. This is where things get ugly.

    Andy Milonakis goes around town and usually surveys or plays with people, mostly elders. And whenever he doesn't feel like going outside, he fools around at his house. He's got a best friend named Ralph, who ocassionally raps with Andy ("Please pass the hyrup"). And believe it or not, celebrities like Snoop Dogg appear on the show.

    Don't let Andy's size fool you. He's actually in his thirties! So although he acts like a kid, he's actually an adult! Well, this guy looks like he's gonna be living in childhood forever, like Peter Pan.

    I knew that the show will be too strange to watch when I heard the theme song. Balogna in his left pocket? Smear cream cheese in his gold locket? The show is filled with odd skits that can make viewers sick or unimpressed.

    Andy is a strange little man with a strange sense of humor that only appeals to morons. I don't know how long the show will last. I just want to know why MTV gave Andy the show at the very beginning.
  • An easy to understand show about a boy making New York funnier

    All you need to know is that is dumb humor. But it is soooo funny. You know the kind of person who would write a bad review for the andy milonakis show is the kind person who dosent get the rap fairy because they over think it. I mean who dosent like a show where a fat kid goes around rapping to people on the streets of New York. Another plus is you get to see your favorite stars on the show. Watch it!
  • The next time you're watching TV and you stumble upon "The Andy Milonakis Show" and you have any inclination of actually watching it, here's what you do: go to the kitchen, find yourself a plastic fork and shove it in your eye.

    He is not a semi-retarded fifteen year old moron that got his own show on MTV by annoying people. He is a twenty-nine year old full blown waste of life. Let me tell you this... It isn't a show of sketches. And it is in no way comical. The show, and I am using the word 'show' loosely here, is the antithesis of what one would call a "sketch comedy." All this middle-aged asshole does is behave like an autistic teenager with ADD who has yet to hit puberty. I'm surprised one of the "random" people he goes up to in the middle of New York City during the taping of the show hasn't straight up cold cocked him one in the face yet. According to his online biography, he "plays the role" of a teenager on his show. However, it goes on to say that one of the things that he did to get people's attention was an online video of himself singing his "Super Bowl is Gay Song" a couple years ago. Which would make him, roughly, a twenty-six year old nobody, being an asshole in front of a webcam, displaying his untalented self to the world.

    The next time you're watching TV and you stumble upon "The Andy Milonakis Show" and you have any inclination of actually watching it, here's what you do: go to the kitchen, find yourself a plastic fork and shove it in your eye. Holding the fork steady in the emergency room would be much more productive than actually exposing your brain to that pointless excuse for a show.
  • This show is more stupid than funny.

    The show is gonna get cancelled soon. The new season dosen\'t start until next year, and it has four episodes so far. It more stupid than funny. Only the theme song is funny to me. Whoever said that this kid is funny just wasn\'t thinking right. This is just really... really stupid.

    now i not picky, i like, or can at least tolerate almost all movies and shows, but this is too much! there is no plot, it is just some stupid kid doing stupid stuff, and it's not even funny like jackass, it's just plain stupid. i watch it and think who on earth saw this show and said, "i think people will watch this." whoever that was should be FIRED!!!
  • So hilarious

    God what can i say about Andy Milonakis? It is so funny and Andy comes up with the weirdest things to do. He just goes around doing retarded or stupid stuff and it is just soo funny!

    "Hi Mr.and Mrs.Shwartz! I got your e-mail, you can totally live in my attic, butonly for three days cause then my parents get back."
    - Andy's Neighborhood
    Andy Milonakis
  • Kind of brilliant, mostly retarded, 'The Andy Milonakis Show' is mindless entertainment. You laugh just by looking at him.

    Every episode varies from being ridiculously funny to being miserably terrible. The sketches that are sure to get a laugh are when Andy pranks people by either having some type of food delivered to his apartment, or when he goes out on the street to scare and/or confuse people. Watching the people's reaction to Andy's idioticness is priceless.

    However, when the sketches include Andy's friends (i.e. Larry or Ralphie), they're just plain stupid. So stupid, it makes you ask yourself 'what were they thinking'?

    Some of his sketches that don't include scaring innocent people are actually pretty funny. He can be very creative at times by basing sketches off of different things he finds lying around his apartment. For example, the staple remover (he put bat wings on it to make it look like a vampire).

    The sketches are usually hit or miss. It feels like they miss more, but for some reason, I keep watching even though I know I'm losing brain cells.

    This show is so stupid I saw every episode and out of all those episodes only 1 part made me laugh, but it wasn't that funny it was like a little chuckle. This show sucks! Who thought of this crap, this dude is like 13 years old or something and he acts like a big fat 2 year old.
  • this show is a complete waste of time!

    The Andy Milonakis Show is a complete waste of time. Its about a midget who is a complete moron and acts like a retart. Its so annoying just to see it while i'm flicking through the channels. The show should'nt even be on air. He does'nt even make sense most of the time. Its the gay, gay, gay, gayest thing in the world. I hate it so much. Hes a retart. And to top it off hes very very fat! He's 29 going on 2! The only thing I like about his show is his theme song. Now thats kewl.
  • No Plot!

    This show is a complete waste of money and time! I have no earthly idea why people namely my friends would watch this!
    Once Andy ordered some delivery food and when the guy came to bring him his food he was tied in a chair with peanut butter on his face!
    As an end note if you have never seen this show don't look for it in your local TV guide. Go eat an apple instead.
  • Show could be a lot better

    This show isnt all that great, thought it could be worse. Some of things Andy does is funny, and in other moments youre saying "Um, okay, interesting". This show should fall in the category of stupid-funny with the likes of Jackass and Viva La Bam. Its definitely stupid, but falls just short of actually being funny. Now I must say I like his little rap theme song, most people do and thats why they end watching the whole show and being dissapointed in the end. Andy Milonakis is an average show that will last a few years and eventually fade away.
  • Its funny if you are looking for a cheap laugh.

    The Andy Milonaks Show is a funny show. He does get on my nervs when he acts like a five yearold baby. but most of the stuff he does is pretty funny,like when he does random crap to people on the street, and silly sketches. But this is just another show for short intention span MTV fans, (The brainwashable kind).
  • If Andy Milonakis has a show, he should figure out what to do with it!

    If Andy Milonakis has a show, he should figure out what to do with it! Jerry Seinfeld had his own show and knew what to do with it, and "Seinfeid" was a huge hit! Andy has the most digusting, fattest person I ever seen! Nobody I know like this show, and no wonder. If this show gets cancelled, I will be so happy! There's really nothing good on this show! He comes up with the stupidest ideas ever, like Karate Lincoln. MTV is not gonna go far with this show on that channel. You know what? This really grinds my gears! (to quote Peter Griffin from Family Guy!)
  • Very Funny Show!

    This show is entertaining and pretty funny. I love to watch it on the weekends after a long week of school. If you can take humor(and this show has ALOT of it), Then you will love this show. It made me Laugh my butt off! MUCH funnier than SNL(its become a very dumb show).
  • andy is a funny stupid show!

    Andy milonakis is funny and stupid, andy acts very stupid but in a funny way!his friends are hilarious! they will do stupid things or they just seem stupid ,Andy milonakis is different then regular comedy shows it looks like andy just grabbed a camera man and a regular camera and started filming a funny comedy show.
  • Seriously, I do not get it!?!

    What the fuck is wrong with MTV, why do they constantly put garbage on TV. Seriously who is the fuckin moron at MTV that said \"Hey, this show is great, we should put it on the air\" because who ever it is they should be hang and get thrown at by stones for being a dumbass and putting a garbage show like that Andy whatever his last name is on TV. And leave it to Jimmy Kimmel to come up with that piece of shit show.

    I love stupid comedy like Reno 911, Arrested Development, The Office, Late Night w/ Conan O\'Brien, The Chappelle Show (let it rest in peace), SNL, and The Daily Show but the difference between there stupid comedy and The Andy Crap Ass show is that the shows I named, even though its stupid comedy, its genius writing. The Andy Crap is just stupid, and if you are going to make a stupid show, at least make it some what funny, The Andy show is not even ha ha funny.

    MTV was pitiful when they stop playing videos, they just went a few notches down with this kind of crap. I can\'t stand MTV now, I banned anything MTV these days, the channel is garbage, the people at MTV is garbage, there shows are garbage, they just need to go away and take MTV2 with them.


    This show is the worst show on tv. Anyone who likes this show needs to take a large blunt object and hit them selves repeatedly until they hit some sence into them which would take forever because they are retarted and gay. I want the 10 minutes back while i watches this steaming pile of crap. almost every reading this review will most diffinately agree.
  • Random segments of funny stuff.

    Funny most of the time. Needs fine tuning and better ideas. HAs great potential just hasn\'t quite reached all around a good show. Considering the guy got his show from internet freestyle about how gay he is a great show. and yes hes 29 not 24. kd kdk kd dkdk
  • What in the heck? For lack of a more colorful phrase for a seemingly colorless show. You really do need stamina to watch a full episode.

    Andy Milonakis, this kid has some guts to do this show on MTV. I hope he doesn't get beat up in school. At least, not too, too much. Jimmy Kimmel found him funny. Jimmy Kimmel is pretty much responsible for this show ever coming to light. Thanks, Jimmy, I .... think.

    So, to sum it up in one word (which is sometimes more than Andy Milonakis says in some of his sketches), SOPHOMORIC. I accidently tuned into this the other day, and was too mortified to even change the channel. I just HAD to watch until the very end. His teenage antics, unsurprisingly, center around homophobia and harrassing the elderly. Even to the point of calling senior citizens' "bitches" and asking them for a footrace. And what is funnier than being gay? I can think of a hundred things off the top of my head. Andy, however, can think of none apparently.

    Albeit, SOME of the antics are actually funny, but they are few and far between and frankly not near enough to bother watching. I imagine the demographic for people who actually find the show entertaining, to whatever degree are in the male 10-16 range, and I am being generous there. So, if you are in that demographic, by all means, check it out.

    Jimmy Kimmel, what hast thou done?

  • It's something called "Show Sh*t"

    This show stinks. It's crappy, dumb, stupid ( exept for the funny parts ) This show is barely funny, I mean, only people with bad taste would watch this! It's a piece of poop in the world of Imagination! It's a tiny pimple on the world's smallest amoeba! Andy Milonakis is definetely untalented!
  • can u spell FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i absolutley love the show!even though its stupid i actually find it funny!some of the stupid stuff andy does are funny and some are pathetic,sometimes theyre both lol,but anyways i think this show is a little unapreciated because it deserves a better score than da one it has now but it is an ok show
  • Who would watch this drivel? Nobody that i know. It's stupid beyond belief.

    I am simply baffled at this show. It boggles the mind why any executive would actually green-light this disgusting mess of totally stupid gibberish.

    Nothing in the show makes any sense, it is impossible to even describe. Basically it\'s a stupid guy saying irritatingly stupid stuff for a half hour. I foresee a quick cancellation.
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