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  • a work of a genius. CANT WAIT TILL NEXT SEASON!!!

    awsome. some people (most) think this show is bad. that aint true. incredibly original and hilarius to boot. and get this.....ANDY MILONAKIS IS 29. he and the executive producer jimmy kimmel (i think) are a dynamic duo. funny kid funny sketches funny everything. im buying the season when it comes out on dvd and u should 2
  • The funniest show ever!

    This is the funniest show ever and I can watch each episode over and over and never get bored. And I don't know why so many people hate it. Maybe because they have no sense of humor?
    Word Word Word Word Word Word Word Word Word Word Word Word Word
  • Me giving it a 1 was generous

    The Andy Milonakis show is the worst show I have ever seen and I've seen Hee Haw Honeys. Four words sum up this show perfectly: Complete Waste of Time. The things he does are stupid and I can't stand to watch it. I think Andy tries too hard to be funny. Whoever gave him a show should be shot.
  • Some kid does random things which are called "sketches". They are very random, designed to make you laugh while he does meaningless sketches. Some may enjoy the randomness of it and see creativity, others may twitch in annoyance for the lack of talent.

    This show is a waste of time. I can't believe something like this is being aired on TV. The kid has no talent. He tries too hard to be funny while doing silly stunts. There is no action, nothing slapstick, nothing witty, no smart dialogue. Who is he trying to imitate? And the biggest question of all: why is MTV airing this garbage?
  • andy milonakis is definately one of the best shows..ever.. lol its funny ndd if u dont think so then change the channel ndd stop complaining about it =)

    its one of the best shows ive ever seen and everyone with a good sense of humor should like this show.. is wut i think..and if u dont then dont watch it and stop complaining about how stupid it is..its a great show and yes it had become one of my best friends
  • Random sketches that are pretty funny.

    The show is centered around Andy Milonakis,a young comedian,doing incredibly random sketches.The sketches (as the theme song states) are whatever he wants because it's his show.Most are pretty funny.And the theme song is to die for!Most of the sketches are so random that they aren't even understandable.The show could get better in time,but if it stayed the way it is, I would STILL watch it.Andy deserves it.Well...only if. there is nothing else on.
  • I Love Love Love The Andy Milonakis Show. Everybody does.

    The Andy Milonakis Show is super funny. My personal favorite sketch is the one about spoons. If I like it then everybody does probably :)well maybe not everybody but it is a great show!!! I love this show like Andy loves cake. And it has great cast along with Andy, such as Larry, Judy, that old lady, Woobie, and that wierd guy that holds the fish. This show definately definatey definately gets an A+++++. I hope they keep on creating more and more and more episodes of The Andy Milonakis Show!!! I hope they do teehee lol. Man I can't wait till sunday for a new episode.
  • Alright at sometimes show.

    I think that this show is alright at sometimes but sometimes it is just plain stupid. I watch it with my little sister and we laugh at some of the segments but some of them are really stupid. The show is still okay at sometimes but like I and many others have said sometimes it is stupid.
  • One of the worst shows I have ever seen or heard of in my life.

    The Andy Milonakis Show is so dumb and retarded that I am glad it is cancelled. Whose this guy think he is being 29 and acting stupid on t.v, to get a few laughs, which he didn't even get. One of the dumbest shows by far. I would like to give a big Ha-Ha, to any of those people who actually liked it. That goes out to all 10 of you guys, living in your parent's basement, who actually cared for this show.
  • The Andy Milonakis Show Theme Song

    I got pease on my head but don't call me a pea head. bees on my head but don't call me a bee head, Bruce Lee's on my head but dont call me a Lee head, now please excuse me I gots to get my tree fed. I rock my own bands and make my own clothing, I hang out with an apple who loves self loathing(I hate myself) This is my show you can't tell me what to do, when life hands me lemons I make beef stew. So I got to go it's time for me to rock it, I put bologna in my left pocket, Smear some cream cheese in my gold locket, cause its my show I'm Andy Milonakis, its my show I'm Shmandy Shmilonakis, its my show I'm Andy Milonakis
  • I like this show because it's like stupid humor which I love

    This show I thought would be a total waste of my time but actually I enjoyed it. There are stupid things in it but thats what makes it so funny. I love the fact that he just roams the streets of New York and talks to people like it's no big deal. What bothers me though is that I read that Andy is 29 and I thought he was like 12 but o well I guess it really doesnt matter that much. I think you have to like stupid humor to like this show because it's just insane and off the wall.
  • Under rated!!!

    Andy Milonakis is a different kind of show. Unlike Most Comedy shows which make a few jokes and everyyone laughs.

    The things this 29 year old does is very obsurd and would grasp the attention span of a 2 year-old. You have to have the stangest sense of humor to have fun with this show. During the \"Spoons\" commercial i seriously could not control my laughter. \"You can through a spoon at a puppy calender\" hade me laughing crazily. He was explaing strange things you can do with spoons which someone could care less about. Just the thought that he might be serious had me roling one the floor.

    Its impossible to try to watch this as a normal comedy show because you wouldnt find it funny and thats exactly what most people try to do. If people would look at it as something stupid then they would have fun with it.

    I hear people saying that its just stupid and thtas why they dont like it. Well duh Its supposed to be stupid thats what makes it so funny.

  • some kid who goes around annoying people in new york. Hes really funny.

    i like this show...meaning i make an effort to watch it every sunday, its really funny, and its cool when i can use a good laugh. I dont know what you guys mean when you say "waste of time", i mean, just because you don't like it, doesn't mean its a waste of time. anyway, if youve never watched the show, i think its cool and i reccommend it. (unless you're like 40 or something)
  • Unfunny waste of time.

    The Andy Milonakis Show is full of stupid humor. Milonakis acts like a little kid, but in reality he's 29. I'm not sure if he has some kind of birth defect, but he looks like he's about 15, and act's like he's about 5. The show's full of boring sketch comedy that will at the most get a chuckle out of most fans over 13. The show's full of MTV plugs, such as new rappers, music, TV shows, etc., and the rest is just boring sketches by Andy. The only sketch I've found funny so far was his "Terminal Illness, Smerminal Illness" sketch, where he posed as a terminally ill teen handing out balloons on the streets of New York, telling people to cheer up.
  • Mindless fun for everyone!

    I loved Andy Milonakis for his funny Superbowl is Gay sketch on the internet. But I can't stand to see him degraded like this -- a show with random humor (like Family Guy) that does not appeal to anyone except the idiots. Andy is a cool dude, but having his own show on MTV is like giving the Teletubbies their very own movie. I watch it occasionally, to see if how it's developing, but so far, it's a waste of your time. With all due respect, the Andy Milonakis Show is nothing but lazy humor.

    I put baloney in my left pocket.

  • This is a show host by Andy Milonakis. He put peas on his head, but dont call him a pea head. He put bees on his head, but dont call him a bee head. He put Bruce Lee on his head, but dont call him a Bruce Lee head

    The first time I heard and saw the comercial of the Andy Milonakis show, I though that it was going to be a dumb show. I start to watch it and it was kind of funny, but some episode it just so lame. Sometimes I wounder why am I watching this? The world may never know.
  • The show is about a young New Yorker with a creative mind and a sense of humor. He parades around the city playing pranks on people, acting silly, and overall being himself.

    Anyone who says this show is stupid has no sense of humor, or a very positive outlook on life. Alot of the reality shows on MTVaren\'t that funny. Andy Milonakis makes my day. I personally think it\'s hysterical. He reminds me that things don\'t always have to be so serious.
  • people might think he dumb but to me he's hilarious

    people might think he dumb but to me he's hilarious. the kid's plans and sketches keep me coming back for more and the cheesy animation is funny but the real thing that gets me is his rapping ability he's got some weird rapping skills but funny his crew(i think is his family) help make his show more and more funny
  • stuid stuid stuid stuid and stuid what more can i say that sux how it is on more then viva la bam it needs more people like bam and needs to do more stuff he does the same junk always i dont know how people can like that stuipd show

    stuipd stuipd stuipd stuipd and stuipd what more can i say that sux how it is on more then iva la bam it needs more people like bam and needs to do more stuff he does the same junk always i dont know how people can watch that stuipd show

    I have no idea why no one likes the show. You can't really say its a bad show if you don't like his type of random humor. If you have a random sense of humor, then u will love this show. I never laughed so much to a tv show before.
  • wtf

    this is the stupidest show that has ever came on the history of tv... i really am ashamed of mtv for this one... this will go down the history of stupid in a bad way sometimes acting stupid and silly is funny, but this show quickly shows that not all the time being stupid is funny
  • The show is alright. Most of the Time.

    The Andy Milonakis show is an alright show if you like things like this. It's a really stupid show but it's still decent. The guest star s are alright and Andy isn't a pretty bad actor. The show is really funny and is decent. Andy is 29 years old. ok.
  • Extremely Underated

    This show is extremely underated. Some skits aren't very funny, but the skits are usually no more than a minute or two. The other skits are hilarious. I especially enjoyed the celebrity skits and the jesus/satan kitty skits. You have to check out this one of a kind hilarious new show.

    One Complaint. Why is this show which has nothing to do with music on Music Television. Same with Punk'd, pimp my ride, viva la bam, jackass, real world, road rules, real world road rules challenge, dismissed, next, date my mom, trailer fabolous, the 70's house, damage control, room raiders, high school stories, laguna beach, mtv cribs, my super sweet 16, stankervision, wild boyz, Undressed, I want a famous face, Wonder Showzen, Team Sanchez, Beavis and Butt-head. Do you catch my drift.
  • That has to be the greatest stuff on television.

    That show is really hilarious! You people that hate this show suck! I rock bees on my head but don't call me a bee head, Peas on my head but don't call me a pea head, Bruce Lee's on my head but dont call me a Lee head, now please excuse me I got to get my tree fed. I rock my own bands and make my own clothing, I hang out with an apple who loves self loathing. This is my show you can't tell me what to do, when life hands me lemons I make beef stew. So I got to go it's time for me to rock it, I put bologna in my left pocket, Smear some cream cheese in my gold locket, cause its my show I'm Andy Milonakis, its my show I'm Shmandy Shmilonakis, its my show I'm Andy Milonakis.
  • Andy Milonakis's show is complete nonscence but overall one of the funniest things I have ever seen.

    This kid so freakin hilarious! Oh my God! I couldn\'t stop laughin when he was doing the spoon advertisement! Jeez, his rap is funny too. And then when John Stamos was stuck in a tree and he had Rabies! ch.. Well\'s pretty original. Hmmm, six more words, six more words, oh, it\'s over.....k bye.
  • It is stupid funny and random.

    The Andy Milonakis Show is stupid funny and very random. If you hate stupid funny and random, you will definately not like this show because it is all of that. The comedy in here will get old and fast! That is why I only see the new episodes on Sunday once. The comedy is somewhat good, but the acting is kind of dull. It may look like random people are on the show, but they really are not random people. They most likely had a choice to be on the show and they chose to be on. Overall, the show is just average.
  • This TV show is so incredibly amazing that it is nearly impossible to discribe how immensly great it is...

    This TV show is so incredibly amazing that it is nearly impossible to discribe how immensly great it is! This show makes me laugh my ass off! The amazing thing about this show is that the main charactor, Andy Milonakis looks like he is only 14 or 15 years old, but he is actualy aobut 31 years old and he has a disorder that stumps his growth. Before Andy made this show, he made alot of clips and put them online. Some of his most famous online clips are: Star wars kid, The super bowl is gay and the beer-selling clip! I strongly advise everybody to watch this show!
  • I admit that I hated it at first, but after actually seeing two episodes, I became hooked.

    Though many of the things that Andy does on the show are immature and rather stupid, they're still funny. It is rather funny to see Andy doing really stupid stuff, such as crying with some packaged meat that he found in a market. Overall, the show is good for a quick laugh, but people who want some form of intelligence in a show will have to change the channel.
  • A show that insults my intelligence by just existing.

    This show is one of the worst TV shows I may have ever seen. While I will admit that the show is occasionally fun, you have to wade through a lot of garbage to find the good parts. Which is why I don't like this show, in order to see a funny bit, you have to watch so much mind numbingly stupid skits to find it. The show's humor is very stupid, the kind of stupid humor that I don't like. It will appeal to some people, but not me, I hate this show.
  • Gives new meaning to the saying "It's so stupid it's funny."

    I first came across this show by accident, but what a fortunate accident it was! Andy Milonakis may be young, but he is a comic genious! The entire show involves Andy, his shockingly large friend Ralph, and his neighbor Larry doing things that neither you nor I would ever have the moxy to do.
    Andy and his friends will be seen waltzing around his neighborhood running up to random people and saying things like, "Thank you for not stabbing me!", leaving them flabbergasted to a point of thinking "Oh my good lord, that kid is insane!"
    Sometimes, Andy will even call in for fast food, then harass the delivery guy when he shows up. Once, he gave the poor guy his grandmother wearing a sash that said Coupon, and he actually left with her before the camera shut off.
    On other occasions, Andy will just sit at home and turn normal household objects into something hilarious. An example of this would be the skit "Staple Remover", in which a crazed staple remover goes on a blood lust, and eventually turns his coffin into a staple remover, thusly having no where to go when the "sun" (a lamp) comes up, turning him into a pile of staples.
    The Andy Milonakis show is not for everybody, as I'm sure you know from reading the reviews posted on this site. For example, my mother, father, sister and I all love this show, while my grandmother despises it. Sometimes this show will cause you to laugh, while other times it will make you stop and think "What was that that I just watched? Why would anyone want to put that on a television show?"
    To different people, Andy Milonakis is a comic genious, a stupid dunce, or a combination of both. Simply put, everyone should try this show at least once. You might find out you have a new favorite show! Or you might hate it. It really depends on who you are.
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