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Sunday 10:30 PM on MTV 2 Premiered Jun 26, 2005 In Season





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  • how did this kid get a show

    The worst show I have seen this year. I dont know how this kid got a show but this is just horible. Its a comedy show that isnt funny at all. People just dont watch it if you do, well you just wasted a half hour of your short life.
  • some times funny

    this show some time amuses me but other times annoy the crap out of me his show is surreal and he plays pranks on the delivery man and people he sees on the street and pretends to know them when he really doesn't. but some time it makes me roll on floor laughing
  • This show IS funny, but Andy is no kid. A lot of sources (including confirm that he is really about 29 years old.

    This show IS funny, but Andy is no kid. A lot of sources (including confirm that he is really about 29 years old.
    That doesn't mean I won't be watching this show anymore. I actually really enjoy it. But really, how could a man in his late 20's act like a 12 year old. Read his blog on sometime. I wonder about him.
  • Crazy and hilarious combined in one.

    This show is defenitely a crazy,off the wall sketch featuring show.I have seen every episode so far and laughed but sometimes I would hit the guide button to check for something better,but then Andy would do something funny,so I continued watching the episode and to my disbelief liked it.This might not be an award winning show but it makes you laugh and any show that will make you laugh should get credit and be watched again to see how things turn out,in this case they turn out good.It is hard to believe Andy is 29 years old,but hes just another phenomenon like Gary Coleman.I think that this show is funny but it also has its let-downs.I like the name they gave the dog it fits her so well Wubbie that is hilarious.I will continue to atch this show until it ets cancelled and it probably will hopefully it doesn't though.Anyways check this show out you might like it.
  • this show is soo funny, gotta watch it, over and over again. retarded is funny!

    what? this show is ridiculously retardedly funny. just cuz hes not really a teen, who cares? hes still funny as hell. acting stupid and being retarded makes people REALLY laugh, especially mindless hormone rushing teens.i would really like to meet him, i mean, he looks soo young yet hes 29 and he has such a childish voice. but i really dont care, i like it for its retardednessly funnyness.. if thats a word.
  • I freakin love this andy milonakis show!! he is seriously the funniest guys ever

    I freakin love this andy milonakis show!! he is seriously the funniest guys ever! i think that he is immature but funny at the same time, i like the skit where the larry the pizza, the coupon one, the one were dr. curly dies, and when he plays patty-cake with himself!!
  • Took a while to grow on me.

    I wouldn't give this show a 10 because some of the sketches don't make me laugh. Then again I wouldn't give it a 0 because some of the sketches keep me laughing for hours.

    Like I stated, it took a while to grow on me. The premise is simple, give the man a half-hour to do whatever he wants, and he does. Some of the sketches are good (playing Battleship with Fat Joe and teaching him to control his anger was funny). Then there are some that made me think, "Why did I sit through that?!"

    It's unique, so you may not like it but at least give it a try.
  • This show is the funniest thing EVER!

    This show has comedy and so0o0o0o many guest stars anyone who does not like this show has a bad sense of humor. I have watched almost every episode so far and i can talk about it for HOURS! So if you don't like this show then you don't like anything funny
  • The Andy Milonakis show is a WASTE OF TIME!!

    This show has no meaning to it and point at all. I can't believe some people actually like this show. It has no meaning, there's a stupid kid who doesn't know how to host a show, they do stupid things in this show, and it was just boring to watch. I don't know why MTV let this show on the air. Personally, it's a sad excuse for a show.
  • Funny show!

    I do agree with some of you, this show is kinda pointless, but it's so FUNNY! Most of the scences have you laughing so hard your stomach hurts (like Larry the Pizza, Spoons, Mirror, Charades, and many more) while some are just plain boring (the ying yang twins one). But it's still a great show. I love it!
  • A great show .

    The Andy Milinokis show is a great one . But the reason why i gave it a who thought of this? rating is because it is absoluteley hilarious but the humor in the show is from stupidity but it still is a great show in itself . I think that people will look at this show and turn it down immeaditley and say ooo thats show is so stupid but once you actually get a chance to sit down and watch it you will feel different because of the oof the wall laughs that are created by this one of a kind show that Mtv made a great choice in putting it on the air .

    And also what's this talk that Andy the shows star is actually 29 but he doesnt look a day over 14 . I'm skeptical .
  • A show which finaly marks the turning point for the fall of human civilization

    Why would anyone wath this. Seriously, I watched one episode of this and it felt like MTV was sucking out vital parts of my brain. If you really want to know what this show is about, don't read the summary, just imagine a 12 year old boy with ADD that has half an houur of television to do whatever he wants and you have exactly what the andy milonakis show is all about.
  • simply enjoyable

    personally I love this show!This show isn't for everyone,you must be a person who appreciates crude humor to love this show.If you dont like it change the channel I'm sure the remote isn't too far away.Andy-A genius I hope he keeps up the great work!btw-he isn't a kid he is 27-29 so don't confuse that.
  • Funniest Show EVER!!!!!!!

    The Andy Milonakis Show has to be the funniest show ever to air on t.v. It is just so funny and point less and that is the main reason why I watch it! In one skit Andy and FAt joe are playing battle ship, and Andy sinks Fat Joes ship and Fat is like wtf man u sunk my f***** Ship. This has to be the funniest shoe eva!
  • great show very funny. a breath of fresh air from Mtv inteaded of the same old same old, reality show.

    This new show on Mtv at first glance seems like a stupid idea for a show but once you get to waching it become addictive. With Mtv pushing out spin offs, even though funny, of the hit Jackass it seams rare to find a show that is just, for lack of a better word, stupid funny.
  • Total Crap!

    Let me make sure I got this right..A guy who looks like hes 17, acts like he's 9 and is actually 27, gets a show on MTV and spots on Jimmy Kimmel, because he acts like an idiot? I understand idiocy and totally random comedy, but this isn't funny, its just sad. MTV has never been one for "intellegent" Tv, but come on, this is just one step too far.
  • stupid, yes, funny, heck yes! waste of time and unoriginal, NO!

    this show is in fact quite retarted at times but you all have to admit it os entertaining! if you are an adult and don't like it well thats because your an adult its not intended for you! everyone this kid is being really brave and spontaneous and he needs to be given praise! he's only like 13 or 14 why is everyone bashing him? i think it is a great show! no, it's not my first choice of what tp watch but if nothing else is on than yes whynot! in the words of andymilonakis..."it's my show you can't tell me what to do, when life hands me lemons i make BEEF STEW!"
  • Funny sometimes... but others it's just like why am I watching this.

    The Andy Milonakis show has begun recently and it is like many things, either u hate it or love it. Every once in awhile he will do something really funny like double for Snoop Dogg or Party with the King of Crunk. But then there are those sketches where you r left wondering is this kid mentally retarted. Like when he switches the light on and off and a black guy appears out of nowhere. Well whether it's hated or loved down the road, one thing is for sure, ppl will watch this show becuz they r playing it on MTV more and more frequently.
  • How can a 29 year old man act so stupid? But still this show is awesome, but there really is no point to it. Still though, watch it!

    The Andy Milonakis show is just so great! It has little clips in it that have no meaning at all. But thats what makes it so great. In all honesty how can Andy, 29, be so idiotic? Beats me. But on each episode usually they have a celebrity guest star (such as Fat Joe or Snoop Dogg) which makes it kinda better to watch. This show comes on MTV2 and new episodes are on every sunday.
  • Andy Milonakis is a young man who lives in New York City. He entertains viewers with random bizarre skits. Usually he has a guest of celebrity calibur and one of his favorite things to do is to have strange conversations with the elderly.

    This show is funny in some instances. I definitely has potential. Now whether or not it is worth watching to get to the good parts of the show, I don't know. The show consists of cheezy special effects and celebrity cameos. It is one of those shows that is so random and stupid that it is funny. I do question the longevity of this show, to me it seems as though Andy will run out of steam pretty fast.
  • great

    andy millinockis in his show really catchy theam song funny show great acts funnt pizza acts with dudes geat acts invisibal andy in his dream abgel kitty and devil kitty comdy with humor

    P:S andy millinokis is 20 years old not 12 years old some people said he was overall its funny
  • Man The First Time I Seen This Show I Loved It, Show This Boy Some Luv! He Gets Paid For Doing Stupid Stuff And He's Making More Money Then Yall Haters! Shoot The Boy Got Talent! Give Me Money And A Show I Will Dress In Drag!

    Man The First Time I Seen This Show I Loved It, Show This Boy Some Luv! He Gets Paid For Doing Stupid Stuff And He's Making More Money Then Yall Haters! Shoot The Boy Got Talent! Give Me Money And A Show I Will Dress In Drag!Yall Stop Hating on The Man And Show Him Some Luv! BanyBoi said So Peace!
  • Oh my god. This is probably the best stupid show ever witnessed by man. What will Andy do next, go talk to more strangers?, make more dumb raps? Probably but thats what makes him great.

    Its just stupid but funny. Thats all i can say. If you watch it you know what i mean. He does the most random stuff from eating cereal with lil jon o trying to give an old lady as a coupon to a chinese food man. I am sure some of his stuff his staged but it is still funny.
  • This kid made for good internet entertainment when trying to pass time at work. But at no time did this kid ever deserve his own TV show.

    I laughed my ass off on this kids website, but you have higher expectations when it comes to TV. This kid just doesn't cut it, and there is no way this show is going to last. None the less the kid deserves props for going from an internet twink to a national tv twink. Good job Andy.

    'I'm an FBI agent' was just classic on the net....
  • A kid trys to be funny, but isn't

    This show really sux, but it\'s one of those things that\'s so bad that sometimes I can\'t help but watch it - I guess that\'s something to credit the show on, but that\'s it. It\'s too random! Random is usually funny, but it has to make sense! He ordered a pizza, then put his shoe on it to mess with the delivery guy in one episode - random? yes. funny? not really - the comedic timing just...actually there is none.
  • This is one of the biggest wastes of time and money, both to put it on the air, and to watch it.

    This is one of the biggest wastes of time and money, both to put it on the air, and to watch it.

    Horribly not even close to being humerous. I sumbled across it flipping channels. I recognized the kid from a video on the Internet. I watched the remainer of the episode trying to understand it. It was a huge waste of time, and I honestly feel less intelligent for watching it.
  • odd and stupid... but at times funny

    well... the part about the spoons was kinda funny.... and it was also kinda stupid.... but thats okay with me... and i think if it had some actual plot lines, it would be better.... but maybe it will pick up as it goes.... we'll see i guess!!! ill be watching!
  • this show has potential to be great but it fails... terribly. it has some funny parts but a lot of stupid crap so it is not really worth the time but it makes you watch it making you think it is going to be good...

    it is stupid as hell and is digital crack crack. but in the end it blows bubbles and hits the floor with a resinating thud and an echoing fart. i don't know why this show is like crack really but all i know is that it keeps u addicted but is not fun.. don't do crack crack crackiddy crack crack crack crack...

    I frankly do not understand how this guy got his own show. All he does is run through meaningless unhumorous skits untill his 30 minutes are up. It;s just another crappy show that MTV likes to put on the air. I herd he\\\'s in his 20s. Any truth to that?
  • Andy Who-linakis? What a dork- and I mean that in the worst possible way... Stupid, from start to finsh.

    This show bites the big one, and you all know it. How desperate are we to watch a thirteen-year-old\'s antics in his pathetic day-to-day attempt to draw attention to himself? Didin\'t we all get enough of that at the last family picnic we attended with Aunt Edna\'s \"special\" son that everyone really wanted to tie down and beat senseless? Please, reality TV shouldn\'t be THIS bad...
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