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Sunday 10:30 PM on MTV 2 Premiered Jun 26, 2005 In Season





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  • This show is absolutely hillarious! I love it! Who would have known that the person that alot of people watched on is now on mtv, with a great show! Yes, I'll admit, its a little stupid at some points but...

    This show is absolutely hillarious! I love it! Who would have known that the person that alot of people watched on is now on mtv, with a great show! Yes, I'll admit, its a little stupid at some points but this show brings you up if your down! Fershure! But in all, its a pretty funny show! I think people just arent use to it yet and it just hasnt sunk in, or they just have a really sucky sense of humor.. sry guys, but this show is a hit to lots of people, or they wouldnt put it on mtv!
  • A guy being stupid in hopes people will laugh.

    This is a very random show and is very often funny. It is a boy who does random, crazy, and stupid things in hopes for getting a few laughs. However you'll ether love this show or hate it personally I wasn't a big fan and I thought I would be since I can laugh at almost anything but this is taking it a bit to far. A guy talks to his toaster or some turtels or maybe even races and old man. If this is what people watch now and days no wonder there's never anything good on tv.
  • mtv made a bad choice.

    this show sucks. it is boring, stupid and nobody wants to hear a fat kid or man,no one knows his age, talk to himself. he made me wanna puke when he tried to freestyle the show isnt even close to funny no one wants to see this fatass have a heart attack. MTV why did u put him on the air, u can do a lot better.and i cant wait till someone on the street knocks him out or jumps him on his own fagget show or one of the chineese food deilvery men brings a machete with him and messes him up.

    take the fat piece of shit off tv
  • People with an open mind will definitely enjoy this show.

    Some people remember a show that used be on comedy central called Trigger Happy TV. One Man went around london doing random, and stupid, things to innocent people. It was hilarious! Ever since it went off the air i have longed for it's strange yet satisfying sense of humor. I think I have found it in the Andy Milonakis show. One kid goes around doing... unexpected things to innocent new yorkers. I will admit there are some bland moments but most of the time the show is awesome. Especially when Jimmy Kimmel gets famous celebrities to just pop in on the show. Now, i do have a offbeat sense of humor and i know many people will disagree with me, but like i said you need an open mind.
  • Its a Stupid Show! Why do i watch it?

    The Andy Milonaks show is a dumb show. I still dont know why sometimes i watch it. I dont know how this random kid get a show but it amazes me what people do for laughs these days. Its almost to the point of being morally pathetic. But i watch it anyway. Plus on Sunday nights there isnt anything on but re-runs.
  • Wow so hilarious you will change the channel after the first 30 seconds.

    When i thought MTV couldnt possibly add another crappy program to make the channel more annoying and stupid that it already was guess what? The Andy Milonakis Show appeared.

    How can i describe this show? I'd say its like the Tom Green Show's retarded little brother that isnt even funny. Seriously its just sad. What does this comedy consist of? He talking to people and trying to say "you know what im saying" as many times as possible. Also rapping about old people. Wow now thats what i call quality entertainment (im being sarcastic, if you didn't get it by now)

    The only thing that made me chuckle for a second, was when he says "I challenge you to a race bitch" to the old guy.... thats it.

    I've seen people use the words "polished turd" when they review something that is horrible, but damn, this is not even polished, its crusty and chunky.
  • Dont waste your time with rubbish

    I saw a little of this show this morning and I just thought it was really bad, it wasn’t even funny. He did some time of pancake face where he had a pancake on his face and was pretending to drink syrup right out of the bottle. I just shake my head and laughed sadly He even did something with a cows tongue I didn’t find it remotely funny. Perhaps if the show had a bit more structure it wouldn’t be bad. There are so many other great scripted shows out there. I wouldn’t waste my time with this rubbish , I doubt it lasts two seasons
  • The funniest looking kid in the world goes around his neighbourhood acts like an idiot and says the most random things.

    This show rocks my socks! It's the friggin most hilarious thing ive ever seen.And for those of you who hate it, it's because you have a stunted sense of humour and don't understand or appreciate it. Comedy doesn't have to make sense that's the beauty of it. And the fact that it's so random and weird makes it all the more funny. People are just jealouse cause they wouldn't have the guts to go out on the street and do what he does. I LOVE ANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • this show is about a kid who dose whatever he feels like no one stops him, but the catch is the tings he dose are unbelivably stupid, not only are they stupid but they are funny to go with it, not recomended for most people to watch because its funny

    well this show is for those that like stupid things i know a lot of people who think a kid wasting his time is hilarious but, if u people wanna think its a waste of time then thats your opinion. others like this show because of its stupidity and skits
  • By that i mean HILARIOUS!!

    This is the funniest show ever!!! I love it!!! Sure most people say its stupid but you know it rocks! I think this is one of the most random shows ever. "I got peas on my head but don't call me a pea head,I got bees on my head but don't call me a bee head,I got bruce lee on my head but don't call me a lee head." What is that?!? It's funny thats what.
  • You're given a second chance to be an adolescent, but there are no rules, no parents, and you're trying to be funny at all costs.

    Andy Milonakis is 29 years old but looks about 15, and this is part of his charm as a comedian. His show, somehow chosen by MTV for their Sunday 10:30 time slot, is quirky in a way that not many viewers can appreciate. It's quite random and goofy the way an adolescent boy might put on a show. He finds himself in conversations with Wubbie his dog where he uses baby talk to make fun of the animal, and then the scene cuts to Andy walking down the street talking to strangers (posing as a boy) in sophisticated language about juvenile topics that confound or infuriate his targets. He was originally noticed for some comedic Internet videos he made of himself rapping, and uses a lot of crazy rhymes in the show, including the use of guest-starring rappers he free-styles with ("Hey, Snoop, lets do some rhymes about pancakes!").

    The success of the show comes from the fast-paced variety and number of skits he gets through which range from innocent to bizarre and even bawdy or cruel. But not every skit is funny to everybody so you sometimes have to bite your lip and ride one out. It's worth it though, because there's always something hilarious just around the corner.
  • Very cool show!

    The Andy Milonakis Show is one of my favorites. Andy's so funny. I wish i could be on the show. For some strange reason, he makes the show cool. If it was some other idiot (and I use that term lightly, LOL) the show might've bombed. But Andy pulls it off. :-)
  • Total Randomness!

    One must feel very bored to be watching this show. It is a little funny at times because whether the viewers agree or not, some of the skits are highly creative of course in stupid mediocre ways. It can be entertaining if you accept that it's weird and different. Some people will just never get this humor. It may be pointless but it does at least make attempts to make young people laugh. It is better than some of the other reality show MTV stuff they put on there like Real World and Road Rules; I'd rather watch this show over that anytime. Gives people hope, maybe I should come up with my own show and land it on MTV.
  • i think a kid should be making this show not a 29 year old...

    i dont like how a 29 year old should be making this show . that is gay . like how many house old items are gay . the show is funny but the person whos playing is weird..i mean who thoght of this a 29 year old man .. i dont know about this man but oh well
  • I THINK IT RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My friend got me into liking this show, at first i thought it wa stupid i thought this is just another show MTV/Jimmy Kimmel decided to put on MTV. However, they put it on TV for a reason and that is to humor everyone. He might walk around giving out smiley balloons and saying he has a rotten life or trying to hook up salsa and peanut butter but its not stupid its funny he wants to be a comedian he wants to make people laugh. Dont say his show sux hes trying to live a dream dont ruin it and say he sux. id like to see anyone go up to an old women of 80 and say 37 "You kno what im saying" ti her. but he has the gut to and thats what make the show WIKED AWESOME. you guys just dont know comedy.
  • omg i love ANDY!!

    omg...i love andy....his show is soooo funny! at times it can have stupid skits but...thats what makes it hilarious! like when he walks down the street and just says the most random things it is so funny....I love how he wears the same plaid shirt every episode haha good times. one of my favorite skits was the "Free the Fishies". i love how he goes to free them and i was expecting him to take them out of the bag but he just threw the bags in the water!! i dont know about u but i find him hilarious!! one of my favorite shows in the sunday stew!
  • Not for Old people...

    This show is so great because it's just wacky and it doesn't need to have a point. The point of it is to entertain people and make you laugh. If you don't like it, then you shouldn't watch it. Of Course it's not educational tv, it's freaking MTV! I loved it!!
  • OMG!!!!!!!! SO FUNNY!!!!! CANT WAIT 4 NEW EPISODES!!! this is one of the most funniest shows ive ever watched. (this show isnt for adults, adults may think it is stupid)

    what i think while i am watching this- ha ha!!! lol rofl! hehehe - yeah its funny. i just want to watch this show over and over again. wubby get down you fatty fat head! lol so funny, im just gonna watch it right about now if it is
  • Total Crap

    this has to be the worst show i have ever seen, the kid is just doin whatever any other kids can do his age. Who wants to see a fat kid walkin the street with a bad sense of humor I dont see what Kimmel saw in this unfunny idiot
  • Don't believe the other reviews. It's great!

    I think that this show is very funny. a quick synopsis of the show is a guy goes around doing weird stuff with his friends, neighbors, and inanimate objects. Andy milonakis is a 27 year old man(he looks 15 because of a growth disorder) who does strange pranks and skits. the skits are pretty stupid but the pranks are pretty funny such as the "andy's neighborhood" ones where he talks to people he doesnt know but acts like he does. there was one where he walked up to a young couple and said something like "sure mr and mrs croft you can stay in my attic, but only for 5 days because thats when my parents get home." and then he just walks off leaving them very confused. He has a new guest on his show every week. so far he has had Lil John, John Stamos, and The Black Eyed Peas. this show may be too weird for some people but i love it!
  • Andy Milonakis is a very funny person and his humor is only for some people.

    The Andy Milonkis Show is a creative show that isn't afraid to do odd things. Most people will find this show weird and might not like it, but there are still some people out there that Milonakis' humor will appeal to.
    If you like odd sketches and are looking for a good laugh then this show is for you. There are some people that will definitely hate this show and find it pointless and stupid, but if weird humor appeals to you then show is for you.
  • the most funiiest show on mtv right now. A lot of people think its stupid but i honestly think its hilarious, especially the song in the beginning. I give it a 9.5

    the most funiiest show on mtv right now. A lot of people think its stupid but i honestly think its hilarious, especially the song in the beginning. I give it a 9.5 and some give it a 1 or a 6. I always watch the show and i be cracking up cause he does funny things. The funniest part was with snoop dogg.
  • The only funny part of the show was that it was a kid doing it. Now that I know that the guys 29 years old, all of a sudden its really not funny. What a cheap ploy.

    The only funny part of the show was that it was a kid doing it. Now that I know that the guys 29 years old, all of a sudden its really not funny. What a cheap ploy. Tom Green must be rolling in his grave/bed. I'm usually a big fan of stupid comedy, but this really only qualifies as the former.
  • i love the show.but he really a 27 year old man? he sounds and acts like a normal 12 year old.common sense. even if he did have a disorder i doubt he would have such a funny show.please email me and tell me if hes really 27. xdarkxbabex24x@msn.c

    i love the show.but he really a 27 year old man? he sounds and acts like a normal 12 year old.common sense. even if he did have a disorder i doubt he would have such a funny show.please email me and tell me if hes really 27. .....
  • Andy milonakis show?

    I think andy milonakis is so stupid it's extremly hilarious.. me and my friends quote him all the time because he is so omgomg xcore silly like when he goes and asks people how long they've been in new york and they're like 20 years and he's like ohh i was about to say thattttt ahahaha : ) lmao.
  • This show is sometimes boring, but i always look at it an think, "what the f***" i dont know how this guy comes up with this stuff... And to think he's 27... He looks 12.

    It's a good show, really, i enjoy watching him talk to old people, it's all out there, and i love it, because im out there, and this guy has guts too, i bet most of the people giving him bad reviews are the ones who would be way to embaressed to do half the stuff this guy does.
  • Freakin crap

    This show is totally a piece of shit for immature dumbasses. It pisses my off that some idiot kid gets his own freakin show. Bottom line I give it 3 more episodes than its in the crapper. This has got to be one of the worst shows ever. FU andy and you stupid show
  • THIS SHOW IS AWeSOME a classic when i have kids im gonna teach them 2 b just like him

    ITS AWESOME they need a movie it makes me want t dance the funniest part has 2 b the happy baloons
    i love the rap in the beginning i almost have it memorized i got my friend into watching it and now hes quoting lines from it all the time. p.s larrys a jerk idiot

    from travis
  • i don't know, it's just stupid things the stupid kid thinks of doing...

    this show is the worst!!!! the absolute stupidest and worst waste of time there is on tv. It has absolutely no point to it. the kid just thinks of utterly stupid things to do which have not point to them. Bascially this show is just stupid stunt after another. But worst of all their not even stunts, they're just stupid ideas. Don't waste your time it sucks!!!!!!!
  • Umm.. WTF?

    When I first saw this show, I thought, "It won't last ten episodes." But now that I've watched it some more, I've come to appreciate the show's sense of humor, because that's the kind of comedy I find absolutely hilarious. I mean, he did a rap about pancakes! How funny is that?!
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