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Sunday 10:30 PM on MTV 2 Premiered Jun 26, 2005 In Season





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  • What A Random-Ass Show!

    The Andy Milonakis Show Is The Newest, And Probably Most Random, Show To Be Added To MTV's Sunday Stew Block. The Show Has The Most Random Stuff You'll Ever See On Telivision! Besides That, Though, The Show Is Funny And Strange At The Same Time. I Don't Know Why Everyone Gave This Show Such A Horrible Review Because I Believe it Does Have Potential!
  • The show features Andy performing multiple sketches, most of which are just completely random.

    The show is an absolute waste of time. Andy is a horrible actor who tries way to hard to be funny. You can compare him and his show to Tom Green. The sketches are stupid, corny, and completly random. They make no sense whatsoever. It makes you wonder why MTV would produce such a show. I only watched it because MTV promoted it so well, but it is so bad, it doesn't even deserve to be put on television. I would gouge my eyes out before I watch it. I mean, the commercials are better than it. MTV should take this show off the air right now!
  • Wacky antics, cries for help? or his ritalin didn't settle?

    This show has its funny spots maybe once per epsiode but it is complete utter crap. The guy isn't funny he is just annoying, something off disney may get a better score. Its not a good show, waste of time. You are better off watching Comedy central or something else.
  • best show on mtv other than viva la bam

    Andy is the funniest kid i know. on a computer game called city of heroes i made a super group about him
    and the first episode was better than the second in my opinion. ::cough:: Minty sangwich minty minty sangwich ::cough:: sorry i have a cold lol go andy and mrs. jenkins
  • Comedy A show about a stupid boy who...just acts stupid to make this show funny.

    This show is funny no matter what people think. It may have some strangly weird skits, but the things he does are hilarious. The things that he does or says are just...him! Trust me, he was discovered on (stream video " Everything is gay") lol! So just give this show a chance.
  • wow this is the worst show I have ever seen in my entire life. What the hell is this crap? The show is NOT funny and is a complete waste of time. I can make a show better than that in ten minutes. Take this show off

    wow this is the worst show I have ever seen in my entire life. What the hell is this crap? The show is NOT funny and is a complete waste of time. I can make a show better than that in ten minutes. Take this show off! Seriously, this kid Andy pisses me off.. he is so stupid I want to beat the crap out of him. Take this show off MTV.
    Have a nice day :)
  • Kinda funny, but isnt much more than a series of extremely random and stupid sketches done by a kid who laughs at his own jokes and thinks condiments and pancake faces are funny...

    I just recently watched a few episodes of the Andy Milonakis Show today, and, while finding some parts of the sketches slightly funny, it was mostly no more than a fat kid running around laughing at his own jokes and acting really really stupid. For example, he would ask a person on the street to take his picture, and then, as they were about to, run away, trying to supress his giggling. Funny stuff... Anyways, if your idea of romance is a kid making kissing noises while nocking jars of salsa and peanut butter together, and your idea of comedy is a fat kid running around pranking people, but just confusing them instead of pissing them off, then this show is just for you. If not, don't waste your time.
  • This show bloody sucks. It's absolutely pitiful. For everyone on here who loves this show, forgive me for lacking a 5-year old's sense of humour...

    This show bloody sucks. It's absolutely pitiful. For everyone on here who loves this show, forgive me for lacking a 5-year old's sense of humour...actually, sractch that. I'm not sure my 5 year old cousin would laugh at The Andy Milonakis's rather stupid. I assume Andy Milonakis has severe mental problems, and that is why MTV let him have his own show...his little skits are extremely childish and stupid. I could only watch about 10 minutes of this crap before I had to change the channel. I'd rather watch grass grow than have to sit through an entire episode of this @*$&!
  • YO this show is funny as hell, andy is mad stupid, whcih is funny, you should watch it everyday

    Andy is probaly the funniest kid, hes better than all those other kids who are not funny like lizzie micguire, nam sayin, nam sayin, nam sayin. well that was a great moment in the show. My favorite episode is when he asks people to take his picture and then he runs, whats a funny kid.
  • This is possibly the worst show on television.

    Andy Milonakis proves that talent is not needed to make a TV show. It's admirable that he was able to obtain his own show, but he flat out sucks. The show itself doesn't seem appealing to anyone, in my opinion. It's too crude for kids, dumb for adults, and pointless for teens. The skits seem to be made up minutes before shooting, and there is no coherence to the sketches. By bringing in a few stars, he attempts to make the show more interesting, but he fails miserably. The only mild chuckle that I got from the show was in response to some of the old peoples' reactions. I was really hoping that this show would be a change of pace, and, unfortunately, it was. This show marches to the pace of a drummer, who is missing an arm and mentally slow.
  • This show is stupid!

    This show should be cancelled! It's plain stupid! The kid does a lot of stupid things but it's not jackass! If he actually jumps off a skateboard or eat crap then I'll laugh! But making fun of senior citizens is really immature! Let's grow up here! If MTV doesn't cancel this show within 4 weeks, I think people would stop watching MTV! I think John Stamos completely wasted his time guessing on this show! And Jimmy Kimmel, you suck! You are just crap for creating this show!
  • The Stupidest Show ever, thats what makes it the best

    The Andy Milanokis Show is one that brings humor and pointless stupididty into action. This is what makes it so enjoying and fun, im stupid, thats why i like it, but u dont really have to be stupid, all you fags that dont like it have no sense of humor and probably got a 4.0 in middle school. :)
  • So FUNNY

    This show is so funny. But I dont know how it got onto to t.v. How did he get snoop lil jon and john stamos on his show is beyond me. This show is really off the the wall. At first I thought the kid had mental problems or somthing like that.
  • So FUNNY

    This show is so funny. But I dont know how it got onto to t.v. How did he get snoop lil jon and john stamos on his show is beyond me. This show is really off the the wall. At first I thought the kid had mental problems or somthing like that.
  • So FUNNY

    This show is so funny. But I dont know how it got onto to t.v. How did he get snoop lil jon and john stamos on his show is beyond me. This show is really off the the wall. At first I thought the kid had mental problems or somthing like that.
  • The worst show I've watched in my life, believe you don't want to watch this!

    This is by far the worst show I\'ve ever seen. I don\'t understand anything, nothing makes any sense at all, just a bunch of random stuff has been thrown into the show. If you haven\'t seen this show, then thats good becuase you don\'t want to watch it. Very stupid and childish.
  • OMG! This show is sooooo funny!

    This show is really stupid but funny. And i can't help but watch it! I really think that this kid has got some talent. He's really funny and so is his show! The way he goes up to random people and asks them to do stuff and all that, it's funny! And the talking toaster and peanut butter and all that just makes it funny. My dad thinks that i am crazy for watching, so do i like i said... it may be stupid but it's really funny. whenever i need a good laugh i would turn on this show!
  • its wonderful. and its breaking out of the ordinary \"mtv\" shows. which i absolutely hate.

    i anticipated the debut of the show. i had watched andy\\\'s previous \\\"raps\\\" on the internet and loved them. infact, i know almost all of them by memory. pathetic, yes. but that would mainly be because i put them on a cd and listened to them all the time. they always made me laugh. much like his show. in the first episode, the spoon segment was my favorite. im not too into the whole, walking up to random people on the street thing though. its not that funny. but its a keeper. i would be sad to see it go.
  • A horrible show about some kid who does amazingly stupid and pointless things.

    OK, this show is absolutely horrible! It\'s so pointless and unentertaining. It's definitely a zero! I mean come on, it\'s so stupid and is by far the worst show that MTV has ever shown, and maybe even the worst show ever on TV! It\'s not even funny and it\'s very annoying. Ugh, I can go on and on about how bad this show is, but I don't want to waste my time talking about a show that has this level of stupidity. So if any of you ever cross it while channel surfing, please, change the channel for your sake! This Show Sucks!
  • This show is stupid! Kinda funny sometimes.

    This is a show about a desperate fat boy that has nothing to do but be stupid! This boy thinks he can rap but he can not. He has a stupid dog that doesn't like his fat behind! I feel sorry for that dog, lol! How in the heck did this boy get this wack show. It's not even that funny four real. I was looking foward for this show. What was I thinking this show is flat out retarded! This kid is getting paid alot of money for this dum show! Why was this show made, gosh! You all may like this show but I think its crap.
  • Funny guy doing funny shit.

    Even though I've only seen this show a few times it's become one of my favorites. I think it's funny and creative.

    The 'kid' on the show has a strange fact about him. He's actually 29 years old! No joke his birthday is January 1976.

    Freaky but funny. I think that this guy has a hit on his hands. I can't wait to see how this turns out.
  • Andy Milonakis shows revolve around the stupidest things you could think of, put into one show. Each sketch is guaranteed a laugh or a smile.

    After seeing Andy Milonakis' internet sketches (e.g. Superbowl is gay) - I thougt that his show was going to be a complete waste of time. But I was very wrong. His show is undeniably funny and as much as you try to hate him - you'll still end up loving it. The best sketch of this episode would have to be the Lil' Jon "Fruity Monster" because the humor is so border-line weird that its funny. Must see, but I advise you his show isn't everybodys cup of tea!
  • The ingredients for a great show seem to be there, but the first two episodes produce very mixed results.

    Going into the first episode of The Andy Milonakis show, I knew only that he was a young kid who made off-the-wall comedy skits and who was discovered by Jimmy Kimmel. In essence, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. After having viewed the first two episodes of the show, I am left with very mixed feelings about it. Some of the sketches are hysterical, while others just seem utterly pointless and leave me with a feeling of "what did I just watch, and why was I subjected to it?" Things like Lil' John spitting Fruity Pebbles in Andy's face made me bust a gut laughing, while others like the skit where Andy's pet turtle Herbie's parents came to visit felt like complete wastes of time. I love the randomness of the show, and I can just hope that as it goes on, the quality of the material can be raised and "dead weight" sketches phased out or at least greatly reduced in number.
  • This show is a hilarius show about a kid who does skits and things and freestyles and acts like a retart. i love this show.its awesome

    This show is the most awesome show. it is so hilarius it reminds me of my friend matt because he would do most of the same stuff that andy does in the show. i wait all week for this show to come on on sunday nights. i watch reruns over and over again and still think its funny. on my cell phone answering machine i have the opening song for the show...i rock peas on my head but dont call me a pea head....yea yea you know...but i love WUBBIE!!!
  • What? This has no point....

    What? A kid obsessed with soup and shampoo got his own show with random stuff, like his dog on the celing, celeberty apperence like lil John and John Stamos.
    If any kid can get a show I can point in this show.

    But hey, anything gose on Mtv these days.
  • You guys just have no sense of weird humor

    Andy Milonakis is probably my favorite show on T.V. at the moment. (I'm watching it right now) But, it is hard to believe he's really thirty something though. It's actually kinda creepy... but still, this is a great show that will probably get cancelled soon, but I'm hopping it will get up to at least twenty
    -two Episodes (Or two seasons, not counting his internet stuff) If it gets past those twenty-two, then It will probably become a success.
  • Funny. In a stupid way. A very stupid way. But still funny. This show is rather ok.

    The new show on the Sunday Stew on MTV didn't live up to my expectations. I was accually expecting some kind of a plot in this show. No plot, no story. The main purpose of this show is comedy. This show fulfills is purpose, but it is sloppy work. Jokes featured in the show are funny, but stupid. It is because they are stupid that they are funny. This is not exactly my cup of tea. I have seen much much better shows then The Andy Milonakis Show. The Andy Milonakis Show is not a success nor failure. It is in the middle of a sea of fair shows. In summary, no plot, no story, stupid humor. I give The Andy Milonakis Show 6.9/10. I rest my place.
  • The bastard child of Jimmy Kimmel, Andy Milonakis gives you a piece of his mind whether you want it or not!

    Uuummmmm. I really don't know what to say about this series. It's just nuts. Really, really nuts. I don't really know where Mr. Kimmel found this kid but he's something special. And im talking short bus special. Honetsly, this kid can be really funny at times, but it takes a certain sense of humor to appreciate this brand of comedy. Relax its just television!
  • People Don't understand the show!

    People don't like "The Andy Milonkais Show" because they don't understand it! I remember first seeing Andy on "The Man Show" when he was the Man Show Kid and I thought he was hilarious EVEN THEN! The show is pretty funny!! It's original! Sure it has it's bad moments and I doubt it will last long but I think for as long as it IS on you should check it out! HAHA! I almost peed myself when he ordered that Mooshu Pork and was all tied up to the chair!!

    I LOVE THE SHOW! but it's not everyone's "cup of tea"

  • Only a stiff, boring person with no sense of humor would find this show boring or a complete waste of time. Pancakes on ma face, makes me extra happy. I like shampoo bottles that sit on my lappy!

    This show is about a dude, Andy, who has no life. The point of the show is stupidity. That's what makes it funny. The theme song is highly catchy and addictive, the skits are stupid, funny, and original. I mean, who else hugs their appliances or has a dog "with telekineses"? The stupidity AND brilliance makes it hilarious. I have a feeling that it will turn into a repeating show. Where every episode is basically a repeat. And it might run dry quick. But, I hope not. It's great right now. And I hope it stays around for a while.
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