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  • This show is about some kid that Mtv put's on TV to make an idiot out of himself and MTV.The kid does random stuff thats not very funny and doesn't take talent to do.Stuff like talking like a duck to people and talking to turtles.Not good if you ask me.

    This kid has no talent.I could make a better show that this blindfolded and with my hands behind my back.I hope this show gets canceled.I don't know what MTV is thinking giving this kid this own show.No one watch this please.You will feel your intelligence slipping away from you as you watch.It only took one episode for me to realize the mistake that MTV made.Hopefully it'll last for only 1 season like alot of Mtv shows I've seen.MTV must be pretty desperate to have put this no talent kid on TV.Mtv should put Tom green back on a show since he was 100x funnier than this crap of a show.
  • This is by far the worst show on television from MTV or any other station. I would rather watch gay porn than see this show one more time.

    The beginning middle and end of this show are worthless in every way shape and form. There is nothing on television worse than this show. This kid is an idiot who has no material that is remotely funny from any point of view. If this show remains on it should be on during the middle of the afternoon so that little kids ages 2-5 could be entertained for a short 30 min of their day.
  • A 37 year old man pretending to be a kid with a crappy sense of humor...

    Well to put it boldly, sometimes in forums you'll see a link to a funny video (as so the thread says) really its a video of a kid doing stupid stuff (primarily in his room because he's topheavy and movement causes him to persperate) well Andy is one of them. Andy actually isn't a kid (sadly) it would be an excuse for his stupidity, the truth of the matter is, it's a 37 year old man who has not yet reached puberty (no jest i'm 100% serious). He does, and says stupid things which only he (and maybe a few nice personal friends of his) would find funny. MTV thinks this kind of stuff is what kid's want but it goes to show you how the board of executives in charge of MTV are aging by these blind pokes at reaching out to the modern youth demographic. Unfunny, stupid, pointless, and a watse of time, the only reason I give this shows score more than a zero is because Jimmy Kimmel is behind the scetch which actually might bring a chuckle out of you occasionally. If Jimmy Kimmel were to bail this piece of crap project it would well deserve at 0.1 on a scale of 1 to 1000.
  • This is the most hilarious show I have ever seen or heard of! I would definately recommend The Andy Milonakis Show...

    Well, I turned on MTV and I what I saw was The Andy Milonakis Show... I believe this is one of the funniest things on television at this time!!! Whenever I watch Andy's show I am cracking up the entire time and I love him to death now. So far I have seen all of the episodes and I am planning to watch the next and the next and the next!!! I mean, he has stupid skits and dancing stuff, and then he has guests on his show like Lil' John, Snoop Dog, and John Stamos. I think my favorite part is when he goes up to people with smiley face balloons and says funny stuff like "I have no soul!" Well, thanks for reading my review!
  • This has to be the stupidest thing to come out of MTV...

    I mean's bad enough the guy is 29 and pretending to be a mentally disturbed 14 year-old, but on top of that, it's marketed as such. he does things that would only be funny to that audience, an worse yet, he connives people into believing this. A 29 year-old man/boy should not be putting a pancake on his face(altho Snoop Dogg doing it is funny) All I can say is, I hope once word gets out about his actual age that people will stop falling for it, and just walk away from him, giving him no material for this travesty of a show.
  • This show is hilarious. It has some quirky sketches but they make me burst into laughter all the time. When Andy brings in his "friends" they make it even more funnier.

    I love this show! It is the best show I've ever seen on MTV. In the second episode when they were talking like birds in the chinese resturant i laughed so hard it was hilariously entertaining. I love the pancake rap, it's totally awesome, and what I love even more is the beginning music. He makes his own rap up about his show but mostly about like random things. I love this show it is awesome and I hope it stays on the air because I watch it every Sunday at 10:30!
  • God-awful

    This show has got to be the stupidest show I have ever seen. The overall show is pointless and Andy himself is not funny at all. I know that show have gotten really bad lately, like all the Joe Millionaire types, but this takes it to a whole new level of suckiness. To be honest, I think, scratch that, I know I had a better time putting my dog to sleep last year than I did watching this show, which I don't even know why I did in the first place. And I was saddened when I saw Snoop on the show. I have always loved Snoop, but i lost all respect I had for the guy when I saw him. I think that a duet between Barbara Streisand and Michael Bolton would be a thousand times better than this show(if you can call it that).
  • kid with his own show and is one of the best shows ever made

    when i first saw this with my friends we could not stop is so random and and funny we almost pissed did he get his own show b/c who ever did i want to thank. this is one of the best shows ever. i hope they keep it gonig for as long as posible. i would give it more then a 10 if i could. Thsio show is F-in A!
  • Worst pile of trash on tv. Quit calling him a kid!

    This is easily the biggest, wtf, ever! Thats all I could say when I saw this show is wtf, how did this kid get his own show, oh wait, probably not a kid, he\'s 28. I can\'t imagine a person who could find this funny at all. I laughed at the expression that grew on my face after seeing 5 minutes of this show. I could take a crap, throw a dress on my turd and film it for 30 minutes and it would be a better show than this. Andy Milonakis is not funny. If you think this guy is funny, you have done far too much pot. Stop now.
  • this show suck big time thay need to cut it now and brun it

    this show suck so bad jimmy kimmel and andy milonakis should never creat anything ever agin. it was a big wast of time to watch it. thay need to take it and brun all of the tapes to the show and pray that everybody forgets it ever was. mtv has gone to a new low.
  • Andy Milonakis does stupid crap.

    "The Andy Milonakis Show" is one of the most incredibly stupid shows on the face of the Earth...and it's not even funny. I thought "Napoleon Dynamite" when I saw the commercials...then I saw the show. Unfortunately, after watching the show, I thought vomit, horrible, unoriginal, and just plain out stupid. Avoid at all costs.
  • Worst show ever!

    Do not watch this show if you want to waste 30 minutes of your life. I could not believe how unfunny this show is. People who like this show must either be either 13 themselves or talentless losers like Andy. My prediction...this show runs for this season...maybe. See ya Andy.
  • Forget this show

    Like the classification said: It is a complete waste of time. I don't know what they think to give thah kid a show. It seems without any concept and sense. I hoped it get funnier, but now way. Hope they cancel this show and get some better stuff on air.
  • What kind of show is this, an insanely obese kid running around doing nonsense.

    One sunday night i put on Mtv waiting for PUNK\\\'d to from the sunday stew to air. Then i realized a new show was about to premiere next so i settles and got comfortable to watch it. The begining of the show is sick when he recieves the pez candy filled with chicken nuggets. Throughout the whole show Andy and his \\\"Adeventure\\\" is just straight out stupid and dumb i can understand if a much smaller and cuter kid was doing this but its a big teen whos acting in this. this show needs to be OFF the air A.S.A.P

  • I thought the Tom Green show was bad, but hey, Andy was still working his schtick back then and wasn\'t on the air yet! Contender for biggest waste of air time in TV history. Thanks for another crappy program, MTV!

    Now, I know many kooks here will disagree, calling me a snob or something, but let me tell you, I love lowbrow idiot humor when it is done right. And this, my friends, is NOT how it is done right.

    I had no idea this schlep was 29 years old - had he been about 15 as I thought he was, I\'d have given the dude some credit for having scored his own show - a terrible show, but still his own. I find out now that he\'s nearly my age, and I\'ll be damned if I didn\'t have better ideas than Andy\'s when I was still kicking it back in middle school. Let me give you a rundown of what I recall, and let you judge if it is funny or not -

    1. Andy shouts unintelligible crap at mid 80-ish woman, repeatedly ending sentences (or making them completely), of the words \"Know what I\'m sayin\'?\" Apparently the idea was to say that cursed line as many times as he could before she ran off, and he reached 30 or more. Me, I\'d have stuffed my cane in his ass after the first one, but old women as sweeter than I am. At least, that one was.

    2. Andy calls pizza delivery guy to drop off food, guy comes in, and Andy starts firing off party favors and telling the man he\'s the 1000th delivery person to stop in and that he\'s won a pizza. He manages to incorporate an elderly woman with a sash into the bit, and all that happens is the pizza guy looks confused and unenthused about what\'s happening to him, much the same as I felt watching it. Painful is the best adjective for it.

    3. Andy goes to a Chinese restaurant, and instead of talking, he makes chirping sounds at the guy taking the food orders. The order-taker chirps back. This goes on for about 30 seconds, then an older gentleman walks in, makes a goose sound, which triggers a fake dead duck to scold him, sending the man sadly back out to the street. He then proceeds to mention something about wanting to \"fit in\", flaps his arms and flys away.

    It isn\'t so much that this stuff isn\'t Emmy material, it is that the show hurts to watch, has a simp for a writer and star, and I feel like asking for the 15 minues of my life back that I lost watching it. There are very few people I\'d like to really lay a beating on, but Andy Milonakis is one of them. I hope for his sake that his show gets plugged before the rest of the masses hailing him as \"brilliant\" or \"funny\" realize just what suckers they\'ve been taken for. But, then again, the fans of Andy\'s show are the kind of people that would buy the latest Jay-Z CD if he all he did was spend 40 minues farting into a microphone. Know what I\'m sayin\'?
  • I flip through channles and saw this hilarious comedy.

    I was flipping channles, then I saw the black and white. And I was like WTF, I didn't know what this crud was supposed to be about. And I admit it is funny. It can be a positive influence to be your-self and not care about what people think about you.
  • The worst show I have ever seen

    I watched the debut of this show last week and I must say that this is easily the worst show I have ever seen in my entire life. It's not funny, just stupid. The simple fact that this is a 29 year old man and not a little kid makes it even worse. Disease or not, I think this guy should be executed. I am shocked that Jimmy Kimmel (a comedian whom I really respect) would even produce this garbage. The Man Show and Crank Yankers are both awesome, but not this steaming pile of crap. This show = failure.
  • This Show is about a kid who kids around and stuff.

    sorry but the show is lame and it does not make any sense. i don't know why MTV made this show. everything is so corny and the show should be cancelled. this is the worst show that i had seen in my life aside from pokemon. don\'t watch it cause it is a complete waste of time.
  • *Sigh* Is MTV finally getting this desperate?

    Ok, Everyone knows that MTV has come up with some good shows and some shows that are honestly- just plain crap. The Andy Milonakis Show is one of them. This show is so stupid! This show belongs on Nickelodeon! What kind of show does a frickin ad for spoons??!! I saw it once and I will never see it again. It's poorly done and the kid is a retard. THIS. SHOW. SUCKS.
  • it was about a kid how enjoys having fun, and knows how to do so! He is, fo the most part, pretty apropriate so everyone pre-teen and up could watch it. i really recomend it!

    this show is great!! i loved it and it cracked me up! i love andy! he is a dork though!! i love the way he is so careless about what people think about him! and having the hip hop stars on the show was a great idea!! andy could learn a thing or 2 from them!! but i really thought the show is awesome and i dont wanna miss one episode!!
  • The Andy Milonakis Show is one of the stupidest, funniest shows on television now.

    I've only seen the first episode so far and its pretty good. Its just some of Andy's 3-minute skits. I like the ones where he goes around the neighborhood and asks peolpe stupid questions like, "I bet I can beat you in a race,Bi**h!" Or, "You wanna try-out for my play?" Sometimes it can get so stupid, I start thinking about turning it off. Still, its funny. Another stupid part is when he was advertising spoons. OMG! I don't think anyone can make anything stupider than that. Its cool that there are guest stars like Lil' Jon and Snoop Dog. Overall, this show is funny, but a little too stupid for me.
  • I thought it was absolutly hilarious. It is one of those things that is soooooo stupid, its funny. Like Nepolean Dynamite.

    The kid makes this show in his own house! What more do I have to say. It is one show that is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo stupid that it is funny. This is going to be a show that is underappreciated because so many people will think it is stupid but that is why MTV put it on, because it is stupid funny. And guess what? FUNNY SELLS!!!!
  • This show sucks major ass.

    I dunno what drew me to watch this show. I was half asleep, but too lazy to turn the tv off. Why the hell would MTV want to pay this little kid to the same kind of sh*t I did when I was eight. There is nothing funny about this show at all. It literally makes me wanna find MTV and this little kid, and beat the living sh*t out of them. Hopefully this show will follow that all the other MTV Sunday night one shots ("Doggy Fizzle" which I liked, You've Got a Friend", and Damage Control") and get canceled either after or during the middle of the first season. If this show gets renewed for a second season, then the terrorists have won.
  • I think the only people that doesn't like this show has no sence of humor at all.

    I think the only people that doesn't like this show has no sence of humor at all. I hope Andy is looking at this because I want him to know that he is very funny no matter what these dumb people on says! Good luck on your new movie Andy!
  • This show is the best

    This show is the funniest show on MTV since Jackass. My favorite episode is the one when Andy said to the old man "Betcha I can beat you in a race B****". In my opinion this is a hilarious show. Can't wait to watch it on Sunday. Thank you for listening to my opinion.
  • one of a kind

    strange, yet i couldnt turn the TV channel. I was glued to this show and it is now one of my favorites. This show is about nothing and I love it. its something that you dont want to admit that you like, but you just DO. the series premeire wasnt the funniest epsiode (well, at least I hope not), I admit. But it was still effin funny.
  • It is an over all great show... But i dont see why this kid is soo great...

    Me and my friends have been making funny videos for a while now and i do not see how he is any funnier. He is just a kid that does random stuff in his neighborhood and so are we.. If we had a chance to be on TV his show would look soo stupid everyone would realize how stupid it is... But since we are not on TV and he is i have to say it is a great show... But andy can loose some weight.
  • A Great show . . . . at Times

    When the previews for the show hit the air i was definetly dazzled at random and creative the show was. When the show was first introduced to me it reminded me of Napoleon Dynamite for how fresh and original the comdey was. But sadly when the show made it's debut only a fifth of it caught my interest. The rest was just seemed thrown together and not quite thought up well. If the second episode doesn't get any better than i don't see what reason i have to watch it
  • i liked this show... because it really gives me a kick in life... i couldn't stop laughing through the whole show... it was so funny that i almost peeed on myself...

    andy makes the show very funny by just walking up to people that he dont even know... and they dont even know what he is talking about that is so so funny.. when ever he is talking to his dog is the funniest... the second funniest thing was when he said smelly egg... then when the rap fairy came and he stared making really stupid raps but it was funny..
  • WTF. What the h.e.1.1 is wrong with MTV

    This is just one of the wierd shows MTV is putting out. Notice that since the ending of last year MTV has been getting a little wierd. For example Wonder Showzen, another one is Team Sanchez wich is a cheap crappy knock off of the popular Jackass show. This show is wierd and I thinkthat kid needs some phsicatric help sorry dont know how to spell that word I just wanted to sound smart.
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