The Andy Milonakis Show

Sunday 10:30 PM on MTV 2 Premiered Jun 26, 2005 In Season





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  • If you want to feel stupid, and wonder why you watch TV, then be my guest.

    This show has an appearance of an amateur local television show which gives it a very unique look. I was surprised that he was able to get some celebrities on his show since he is just starting out, but i guess that's MTV for ya. His sketches are at times funny but at most very stupid. This show is a one time watcher for each episode. You laugh once and try to watch again and get nothing out of it. I don't think this show will do well at all.
  • The Andy Milonakis Show is really strange

    This is a hilarious show. I dont really know why i think its funny. Its stupid, but i guess thats why. Its so stupid its funny. I don,t know if many people know this, but Andy Milonakis used to be the Man Show boy. Acually Jimmy Kimmel helped create The Andy Milonakis Show. I think this is the funniest show on the Sunday Stew. Its slap stick humor had me rolling on the floor in laugther. I can,t wait to see what they come up with next week. I would recommend this show to people who enjoy dumb comedy. It was a great first episode and I hope it gets better. This show should have got a better rating then just FAIR.
  • I don't get it, it is so stupid yet it is so funny and great.

    This show is so stupid but it is so funny, when I saw the previews I thought I have to watch this. I think this is going to be huge, I mean this kid is so creative I don't think he will ever run out of ideas and thak helps me sleep at night.
  • A teenage new york kid goes around and does crazy stuff while explaining his views on things.

    This, by far is the best TV I have seen this year. My god, this kid is halarious. You have to watch it because trying to explain will give me a headache but let me tell you, my gut is still hurting from laughin so hard. The only place this kid can go now is to the movie screen. That would be the most halarious show.
  • Hilarious, but so stupid. If your really bored, watch it.

    This show is very interesting. I sit and think "Why am i watching this?"; But his stupid actions and crazy characters are hilarious. But then some of the things he does are just stupid, plain and simple. I tried to turn the channel, but then i was curious about the other stupid things he would do. This show is definitly not for everyone, most likely for people who are extremely bored when it comes on, like i was.
  • This stupid...yet...captivating...weird...

    I just watched the premier of this show last night and I must say...I have no idea what kept me watching this show. I was on the phone with one of my friends and I swear that during every sketch we were both like..."that was soooo stupid." But there was just something about it that made it...well seemingly interesting. The sheer stupidity of Andy Milonakis' show is something that even some guy in a coma would surprisingly enjoy...actually, the only thing that I found to be cool about the show was that huge chicken nugget dispenser! It was awesome...I love chicken nuggets and so does Andy apparently because he did this play thingy and these people threw nuggets at him for doing a good job. Well, that's all I really have to say about this show... to conclude it I would have to say that if you're bored and Andy Milonakis just happens to be it...there's nothing better than a fat kid stuffing his face with Fruity Pebbles...(no offense Andy).
  • I want the ten minutes I wasted back.

    Horrible. Just avoid it at all costs. I watched hoping that something would be remotely funny but it just never happened and now I have been robbed of precious minutes I could have spent watching paint dry, grass grow, flies *&%#$, anything. It would be more fun to watch a 24 hour loop of a melting popsicle.
  • I can't believe MTV stooped that low to put this show on the air. Andy Milonakis makes Tom Green look like a well organized business man.

    What the hell is this? Jackass on speed?

    It's another one of MTV's sorry atempts to make an entertaining show but I'm surprised at how low MTV stooped to put it on the air. MTV is beyond stupid now. There no "M" in MTV. I'm speechless.

    Andy Milonakis makes Tom Green look like a well organized business man. I don't find messing with senior-citizens that entertaining, and I think it's very out-of-line too.

    Luckly this show has last-show-on-sudnay-stew-lineup-syndrome, so it'll only be on for one season, and then we can bid it a good farewell like we did One Bad Trip and Damage Control.

    But I do give him a 1.0 for actually getting on MTV. Now I know that it's not that hard to get on MTV, all I have to do is be a dumbass.
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