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Sunday 10:30 PM on MTV 2 Premiered Jun 26, 2005 In Season





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  • This show was funny on MTV.

    Okay,even known Celebrity Deathmatch was one of my favorite MTV shows,this one is one of them.I've seen it and it was real funny.This is one of the shows that I think should have new episodes.Including that scene where he's on that car driven by a pineapple with sun glasses.Viva La Bam was funny like this show.Everything is funny about this show and it's bumps.I can't say how funny it is to have a show like this n MTV.Nothing like all funny shows becomes like this on the show with the Waiting star becomes a funny sitcom on this music channel
  • Why?

    I stumbled on to this show late nite / early morning while tweeked outta my gourd on sum good shards. oh my god ... If I ever got in trouble with the law (agian) and ended up doing life in prison .... I'd Love To Have This Lame As My Lil Girl / Cellmate to keep me Satisfied .... I don't think he'd know the differnce if I went up in him or if he was tieing his shoe! How can I get airtime? cause if this Lame can get airtime on MTV2 to do mindless lame Crap ... I think I could do better. Is he just a spoiled brat, whos daddy got him his own TV show? cause thats the only reason I can think of, as to why this crap gets airtime! Andy .... Yur Gay (I take that back ... gay ppl are at least a few rungs up the evolutionary ladder!) & 1 Of The Lamest Humans On The Face Of The Earth ... and I'm ashamed that you probably consider yourself an American.
  • Raw sewage...

    Mere words cannot convey my animus towards this abominable show that somehow managed to get on the air.

    Andy Milonakis' show is so godawful, it makes Tom Green's mercifully extinct show look like Your Show Of Shows. All this show consists of nothing but pruient material that is neither funny nor entertaining.

    Just what is the reason for this Dadaist form of execrable schoolyard humor is beyond even me, and i do have a sense of humor, just not for this juvenile dungpile of a show.

    I'm just hoping that this hack, Andy Milonakis will disappear into relative D-list celebrity obscurity, before he does further damage.
  • Two words: Completely idiotic

    So today at school we had a two hour delay due to the teachers meeting and stuff so I was at my cousins' house and I watched Zach run over people in his video game and then we watched Family Guy and then we watched this monstrocity. I have to say, it was by far the dumbest show I've ever seen. This 30 year old dressed like a teen goes around and commenst on people, does skits, and then goes around and comments on people. This show was just dumb. When I got to school, I was telling my best friend about it and she kinda gave me that one look that says "It sounds interesintg and gay at the same time." My adive to you is never ever watch this show if you know what's good for you!
  • ridiculous

    the andy milonakis show is pointless. basically the show is about a kid that doesnt have a life and acts like he is 6 or 7 years old. i think alot of dumb things are funny but this is just way over the top. the show has no storyline. there is no reason to watch this garbage. unless you are into immature childish irritating tv. i cant believe mtv would allow this to air. there was obviously no thought put into this action. wow. thankfully now the new episodes are only online. at least thats what i heard. - bevin
  • Funny show.

    This show is really funny and it has many comedy in it and it's good and famous. When I first started watching this show I thought that it was really funny and one of the funniest shows in television and deseves it's respect in many ways and the way Andy does things are really funny too and the way he talks it seems strange because he sounds like a boy even though he's an adult but that's not a problem in the show and that makes him feel younger and funnier. But this show is a really funny show to watch and I give this show a thumbs up and a good rating for my review.
  • Crazy, disturbing and down right looney comedy from Andy.

    This show has that satanic element that really gives it this dark humor quality. Have to say that half the time I'm thinking "is andy 34 or 16" his stature is throwing me off all the time. The skits are mostly pretty funny and I guess well written, it's hard to tell becouse they want to give off this vibe that they are underground and very ameture. Mission Accomplished. With the second season coming I think that you could expect more hip-hop guest stars, the show has been embraced by the hip-hop community. This show definatly has room to grow but it might reach it's potential.
  • My favorite show beacause it\'s weird but funny.

    I love this show. It is funny and also kinda wierd, but the wierdness makes it funny. Andy Milonakis is a kid who\'s crazy but funny. He does stuff like spray grafitti-like ketchup and mustard on the floor, climb in and out of his TV, Rap, and turn on an additional dial on his shower (Labeled \"Mustard\")to get sprayed by mustard. Some sketches are realistic but Andy does wierd things like recalling things his neighbors don\'t remember doing in the first place. But some sketches are zany and unrealistic; such as Billy (A cast member from season 2)doing a cruel advertisment (Voice only) for a crayon that can draw the letter R and ONLY the letter R. Why can\'t more shows be like this one: Zany and funny?
  • omg!! so funny!!

    This is like the funniest show ever!! my friends and I watch it all the time!! it's the best show!! andy is so funny.
    I love it when he goes out rapping on the streets!! it's also funny when he hangs out with that other guy who's name I'm fogetting!! i love it when people come out of the tv!! and when he calls delivery people and plays pranks on them!! this has got to be THE funniest thing ever!!
    there's no point in it, which is part of the reason WHY it's so good! i also really like the theme song!! it's the best! this show is on MTV and it's also on itunes. there's a free episode there. it's pretty sweet!!
  • AWESOME!!!!!

    This show is like reeli awesome cuz its so durn stupid its hilarious!!! Its like awesome but the onli thing that sux about it is that it onli comes like once ayear and thats the onli time I can watch it! But I buy like aLL the time so I can like watch um all the time (((h g g g g g g g x d d d d d d d d d d e d de dede d ed ed e de de d ed ed ed ed e de d ed ed ed e de de d ed e de de de de ded ed))) ( I just did this so I could run it out)
  • hey andy when are you going to make a new seson because i miss your show and you are the funnist person form your best 1 fan ERIC GUZMAn

    hey andy i hop you make a new seson because all my freinds miss it becaus youare the funnist person and owl be waiting for your new seson and i all was wacthing your show and just that show because you were funny and the funniest thing that you seid nick cannon was a criy baby and when your teeth came out because you were eating candy but at lest you got grillz form pall wall and when you gave troufp to the peopole and you are very tight and i hop that you make a new seson PS. form your fan eric guzman
  • hey andy when are you going to make a new seson because i miss your show and you are the funnist person form your best 1 fan ERIC GUZMAn

    hey andy i hop you make a new seson because all my freinds miss it becaus youare the funnist person and owl be waiting for your new seson and i all was wacthing your show and just that show because you were funny and the funniest thing that you seid nick cannon was a criy baby and when your teeth came out because you were eating candy but at lest you got grillz form pall wall and when you gave troufp to the peopole and you are very tight and i hop that you make a new seson PS. form your fan eric guzman
  • i know this show is stupid..but it does have its moments!

    this show can be stupid sometimes but it has its moments like how andy makes fun of people in the streets and everyone's like wtf? that's personally funny to me. but some people may find it pointless, that's okay i don't blame them, they are kind of right in a way..
  • This might just be the most unfunny show ever.

    Andy Milonakis sucks a lot of cockis, crappy ass showis, going to kill myselfis.

    Only one word can describe this show: CRAP. The Andy Milonakis show is a sketch comedy that stars a middle-aged man with a growing disorder named Andy. How he got this show is beyond me.

    Ok before I go further I would just like to say that there really is no good part on this show. The intro is him singing him jiggling his fat while singing his dreadful rap song. Though he attempts to be funny, he fails horribly.

    The skits are just plain- out stupid, and not in a funny way. They are unclever, horribly acted, and mostly involve him with food. Andy his a fatass by the way. Any way, the skits are usally him walking down the street, saying random, unfunny things to people, or him talking to himself. It truly sucks.

    So, after watching more than twenty minute of ****, the credits come on. So you might be wondering, did he manage to ruin the credits? The answer is yes, yes he did. That bullcrap song "American Idiot" plays as the credits roll as well as a video of Andy riding his poor dog through the air.

    I would like to finish this review by saying this show has no redeeming qualities. All the skits suck, the credits suck, and since it is on MTV, the commericals even suck! The sucking doesn't stop there though: the fanbase of this show consist of Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network fans that seem to keep the show on the air!

    This just may be the worst show ever!
  • I heard Andy was going to be on the Tom Green show tonight!

    There is a rumor going around that Andy Milonakis is going to be appearing on ManiaTV!\'s Tom Green show TONIGHT!!!! I think it starts at 8 pm pacific! Has anyone else heard about this? I can\'t wait! I haven\'t seen Andy Milonakis in so long! I think that he is the funniest person ever. I think the website is They are pretty cool too. You should check them out. Anyway I\'m just waiting until he comes on tonight. I sorta have a crush on him, is that wrong? Well whatever. Go Andy, go andy, go andy!!! GO GO GO
  • This show is about a boy who is completely stupid, but acts like its normal to be that way.

    I like this show because Andy Milonakis is maybe a teenage boy who acts out what other people wouldn't do because they think that doing that would make them a complete idiot. See, i know someone named Rylan who acts like him, but is a bit more enthusiastic about things. Like you could put a turtle on the floor, and Rylan would cheer for him to go faster. Andy would go,"hey, little fella, you need help? well, try going faster!" But Andy does top him at being funny, because he will take things seriosly and try to bug the i don't know what out of people!!
  • Andy Milonakis has got to be a flippin' retard for comin' up with this ****.

    The Andy Milonakis show is horrible. My sister watches it & it drives me nuts to even look at the fat *******. The comedy sounds like ****. All the stuff he does just makes me wanna pick the t.v. up & throw it away. What is he on crack or somethin'? This show needs to go. It's just wrong.
  • Insanity in clip-sized doses.

    A crappy show with a great premise. Have a show about daily life...on acid. Monty Python wishes it was this random! I was sitting around with my girlfriend and she only gets a couple of channels. This came on and we sat and watched, the show got better with each clip. Now I'm checking out on getting DVDs and I'm looking forward to reruns on MTV.

    The random old black guy with a cigarette and a trount is pretty funny. I really like how he throws normal people off. He doesn't use strange behavior, though. That's and understatement. It's completely f*cked up!
  • This Show Is just packed with funny skits like Pillow Fight, Falofel Larry, And my personal Favorite, House Of Freaks. All created by Andy Milonakus

    Like I said earlier, this show is hilarious and packed with funny skits. I first saw this show when I was channel surfing and my remote ran out of batteries and I saw this great show (The andy milonakis show) And I laughed so hard that I cried. It is so hard to believe that someone can come up with so much funny skits and fake commercials. And I think that this show is #1 because it is so funny. If I could meet The Cast of The Andy Milonakis show, I would just tell them that their show is so funny and that I hope that they make more episodes after Season 2.
  • This show is very funny, and packed with humor, but some skits I don't really enjoy for one reason or another.

    This show is very funny, and extremely original. Andy is very funny sometimes, but my favorite charter is Ralphie. Ralphie is hallarious, and amazingly dumb. This show is very original, but like I said, I don't enjoy certain skits. Some I don't find appropriate, some I think are pretty gross and nasty, and some are just plain stupid. I only enjoy this show because randomness is very hard to find on television, and with a show like this, which is different from every other, it's almost hard not to like it. The first season is funny, and the second season is pretty funny too. I hope they make more episodes, and I really hope they get better in quality for viewing entertainment.
  • its ok

    andy milonakis is weird show because he talks about really weird stuff like when he goes up to old people and he says stuff to them and they get all confused. that is funny because some old people dont now wat hes taking about. andy has a friend named ralph and ralph is weird and usually he is not very funny but he is sometimes. andy orders pizza from the pizza guy and he makes the pizza guy dso stupid stuff like make him deliver da pizza to the graveyard. a lot of my friends like the andy milonakis show but i like other shows like the simpsons and ott but i think the andy milonakis show is ok.
  • Sometimes the show is stupid but yet it's still a favorite no matter what the hated fans say.

    Andy Milonakis is basiclly a show about a 30 yr. old adult who he acts like a teenager with his best friend and other folks including special guests popping up from the television , Andy's mind , his apartment , and the world of New York City. The show is primed to be both stupid and funny but the only thing I hate about this show is that Andy Milonakis's New York Tour against his shorts like dressing up a Robot and well... talking to strangers and all. There's some others that work fine and there's some that look stale and act stale. I basiclly see that sometimes this show will become a classic in the future but it's safe to say that the show might as well be better then what they already throw at you including dancing Monkeys or an animated bird blown up from a black star's yell. Overall , the show is although coming through a long way onto it's airing but The Andy Milonakis Show will still remain a classic... even if it's cancelled or what not.

    A 7.5 out of 10

    And remember... you should make show just like Mr. Milonakis and his group of gumbies.
  • He should have stuck to being Jimmy Kimmel's sidekick...he can't hold a show by himself.

    This is one of the worst shows I have reviewed. I just can not watch this poor excuse for a TV show. Everything about this show just pisses me off.

    Andy acts so dumb.
    His bits are so dumb...and so annoying.
    The people who make guest appearances, or in other words, his NEIGHBORS, are worse than he is. They can't act and just make the show worse.
    He dresses like a real loser...tie your shoes you dope!

    The worst of all? The opening sequence to his show is the worst for a TV show, ever. Not only does he refrain from using professionally recorded music from a band, he sings his own opening with the worst lyrics I have ever heard for a song.

    This show is on a channel where it belongs...a channel no one gets and no one watches.
  • One of the stupidest, most absurd, yet ingeniously hilarious shows out there.

    The show is filmed on a shoe-string budget for MTV, so naturally the network is gonna keep it around for a while. I tune in several times a week to watch this awkwardly edited and painfully funny show. The series proves you don't need to be smart to be funny, everything in the episodes are pretty much the lamest crap I've ever seen, but somehow Andy pulls it off like a genius. At first I hated the show, so repeat viewings of the series are pretty much a must for first-timers. Thumbs up, MTV 2.
  • Andy Milonakis-PURE GENIUS-The best thing since Jakers! (the summary word count thing is cool, 14 words, ooh now its 20!!)

    This show rocks my socks. Especially the chewy chewy monkeys! Anyone who hates it deserves to be beaten and have their faces ripped off!! Watch it or die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is so funny.

    P.S. Baby corn, you're such a baby, baby corn. (ooh there's a review word count too!!)

    P.P.S. I need to make this review more than 50 words long.
  • The funniest show the world has ever put on live television.

    Andy Milonakis is very funny! I love all the characters, and all of the skits, and I watch it ON DEMAND all the time! One heck of a show. Andy Milonakis is hilarious. One of the funniest parts is that he looks 14 years old and is really 30! Geez! How funny can you even get? People in my family are laughing their heads off at Andy's hilarious humor. The man can make people laugh. I think he has memorable skits, like Wallet, Dirt Lamb, Pizzazz, Mardi Gras, No You Are, and That's What I Love About You. Andy Milonakis is a sure winner!
  • mad nice haters you suck

    this is the best show there is, its so funny watch any episode and i guarentee you will laugh the best part was the john stamos episode, also all of you haters need to shut up cause there is nothing wrong with this so haters really need to die yo
  • andy milinakis faces the most pointless things in the world. while along he meets friends!

    this show is great. it reminds me of the most randomest things. i think this show is hilarious. it is also very inspiring! lol. andy is basicly my idol....cause i wanna no how a 30 year old can look like a 14 year old. but i think he deserves a trophe for that... cause imagine walking around protending your a 14 year old...hmmm that would be pretty har and uncomfortable.
  • Basically, the Andy Milonakis show is a perfect example of how much the world has declined over the last few years.

    Well, the Andy Milonakis show is just a random show with random people doing random stuff. None of it makes any sense, and it never uses any thought out comedy, just slap-stick and physical humor.

    The good: The show can be funny at some point, and it is great to compare it to other shows, because any other show seems perfect compared to the Andy Milonakis show.

    The bad: The skits are some of the worst I've ever seen. Some weren't bad, but it seems like this show was aiming for either the incredibly stupid or crazy. The skits sometimes just leave an akward silence amoung the viewers. Also, some of the characters are so incredibly anoying (Andy being one of them) that I could barely finish watching a couple of episodes in order to write a review.

    Whatever you do, do NOT watch this show. It isn't funny, it isn't original, it's just a waste of thirty minutes.
  • Whoever made this \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"brilliant\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" show should be burnt and sacrificed to the devil. Read on...

    Watchin the show...

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    That sums it up.

    End of review.

    Ignore rating above.

    My Score : 0.000000000000001
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