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Sunday 10:30 PM on MTV 2 Premiered Jun 26, 2005 In Season





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  • Two words: Completely idiotic

    So today at school we had a two hour delay due to the teachers meeting and stuff so I was at my cousins' house and I watched Zach run over people in his video game and then we watched Family Guy and then we watched this monstrocity. I have to say, it was by far the dumbest show I've ever seen. This 30 year old dressed like a teen goes around and commenst on people, does skits, and then goes around and comments on people. This show was just dumb. When I got to school, I was telling my best friend about it and she kinda gave me that one look that says "It sounds interesintg and gay at the same time." My adive to you is never ever watch this show if you know what's good for you!
  • Why?

    I stumbled on to this show late nite / early morning while tweeked outta my gourd on sum good shards. oh my god ... If I ever got in trouble with the law (agian) and ended up doing life in prison .... I'd Love To Have This Lame As My Lil Girl / Cellmate to keep me Satisfied .... I don't think he'd know the differnce if I went up in him or if he was tieing his shoe! How can I get airtime? cause if this Lame can get airtime on MTV2 to do mindless lame Crap ... I think I could do better. Is he just a spoiled brat, whos daddy got him his own TV show? cause thats the only reason I can think of, as to why this crap gets airtime! Andy .... Yur Gay (I take that back ... gay ppl are at least a few rungs up the evolutionary ladder!) & 1 Of The Lamest Humans On The Face Of The Earth ... and I'm ashamed that you probably consider yourself an American.
  • Raw sewage...

    Mere words cannot convey my animus towards this abominable show that somehow managed to get on the air.

    Andy Milonakis' show is so godawful, it makes Tom Green's mercifully extinct show look like Your Show Of Shows. All this show consists of nothing but pruient material that is neither funny nor entertaining.

    Just what is the reason for this Dadaist form of execrable schoolyard humor is beyond even me, and i do have a sense of humor, just not for this juvenile dungpile of a show.

    I'm just hoping that this hack, Andy Milonakis will disappear into relative D-list celebrity obscurity, before he does further damage.
  • ridiculous

    the andy milonakis show is pointless. basically the show is about a kid that doesnt have a life and acts like he is 6 or 7 years old. i think alot of dumb things are funny but this is just way over the top. the show has no storyline. there is no reason to watch this garbage. unless you are into immature childish irritating tv. i cant believe mtv would allow this to air. there was obviously no thought put into this action. wow. thankfully now the new episodes are only online. at least thats what i heard. - bevin
  • Andy Milonakis has got to be a flippin' retard for comin' up with this ****.

    The Andy Milonakis show is horrible. My sister watches it & it drives me nuts to even look at the fat *******. The comedy sounds like ****. All the stuff he does just makes me wanna pick the t.v. up & throw it away. What is he on crack or somethin'? This show needs to go. It's just wrong.
  • Worst show ever!

    Do not watch this show if you want to waste 30 minutes of your life. I could not believe how unfunny this show is. People who like this show must either be either 13 themselves or talentless losers like Andy. My prediction...this show runs for this season...maybe. See ya Andy.
  • This show is the brain child of Jimmy Kimmel

    This show is the brain child of Jimmy Kimmel and if you've ever watched his show; you'd understand. He's got to have one of the most boring shows on TV. Most of the comedy is geared towards mentally retarded people and it's even below them as far as I can tell.

    Andy M. is just stupid and probably Jimmy's gay lover who got the show for giving Jimmy Hum Hum's backstage.

    I watched the show once and I'm expressing what so many others have expressed; I want my freaking half an hour back. I would rather drink a douche bag filled with feces than watch this show again.
  • The Andy Milonakis Show is a hilariuos show about a kid who goes around town or stays at his home screwing around. It's sort of like Jackass but more creative.

    When I first saw the commercial for The Andy Milanokis Show, I thought it would be a stupid, idiotic show. Then when I saw the show I found myself laughing my brains out. In some ways it was stupid and idiotic, but aren't all comedy shows/movies like that?
    I know this show won't be very big with those strict critics, but I liked and I hope it sticks around for a couple seasons. This kid has talent and I can tell. The Andy M. Show was created by him and he stars in it. Overall I thought it was very funny.

  • This might just be the most unfunny show ever.

    Andy Milonakis sucks a lot of cockis, crappy ass showis, going to kill myselfis.

    Only one word can describe this show: CRAP. The Andy Milonakis show is a sketch comedy that stars a middle-aged man with a growing disorder named Andy. How he got this show is beyond me.

    Ok before I go further I would just like to say that there really is no good part on this show. The intro is him singing him jiggling his fat while singing his dreadful rap song. Though he attempts to be funny, he fails horribly.

    The skits are just plain- out stupid, and not in a funny way. They are unclever, horribly acted, and mostly involve him with food. Andy his a fatass by the way. Any way, the skits are usally him walking down the street, saying random, unfunny things to people, or him talking to himself. It truly sucks.

    So, after watching more than twenty minute of ****, the credits come on. So you might be wondering, did he manage to ruin the credits? The answer is yes, yes he did. That bullcrap song "American Idiot" plays as the credits roll as well as a video of Andy riding his poor dog through the air.

    I would like to finish this review by saying this show has no redeeming qualities. All the skits suck, the credits suck, and since it is on MTV, the commericals even suck! The sucking doesn't stop there though: the fanbase of this show consist of Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network fans that seem to keep the show on the air!

    This just may be the worst show ever!
  • The next time you're watching TV and you stumble upon "The Andy Milonakis Show" and you have any inclination of actually watching it, here's what you do: go to the kitchen, find yourself a plastic fork and shove it in your eye.

    He is not a semi-retarded fifteen year old moron that got his own show on MTV by annoying people. He is a twenty-nine year old full blown waste of life. Let me tell you this... It isn't a show of sketches. And it is in no way comical. The show, and I am using the word 'show' loosely here, is the antithesis of what one would call a "sketch comedy." All this middle-aged asshole does is behave like an autistic teenager with ADD who has yet to hit puberty. I'm surprised one of the "random" people he goes up to in the middle of New York City during the taping of the show hasn't straight up cold cocked him one in the face yet. According to his online biography, he "plays the role" of a teenager on his show. However, it goes on to say that one of the things that he did to get people's attention was an online video of himself singing his "Super Bowl is Gay Song" a couple years ago. Which would make him, roughly, a twenty-six year old nobody, being an asshole in front of a webcam, displaying his untalented self to the world.

    The next time you're watching TV and you stumble upon "The Andy Milonakis Show" and you have any inclination of actually watching it, here's what you do: go to the kitchen, find yourself a plastic fork and shove it in your eye. Holding the fork steady in the emergency room would be much more productive than actually exposing your brain to that pointless excuse for a show.
  • No Plot!

    This show is a complete waste of money and time! I have no earthly idea why people namely my friends would watch this!
    Once Andy ordered some delivery food and when the guy came to bring him his food he was tied in a chair with peanut butter on his face!
    As an end note if you have never seen this show don't look for it in your local TV guide. Go eat an apple instead.
  • Seriously, I do not get it!?!

    What the fuck is wrong with MTV, why do they constantly put garbage on TV. Seriously who is the fuckin moron at MTV that said \"Hey, this show is great, we should put it on the air\" because who ever it is they should be hang and get thrown at by stones for being a dumbass and putting a garbage show like that Andy whatever his last name is on TV. And leave it to Jimmy Kimmel to come up with that piece of shit show.

    I love stupid comedy like Reno 911, Arrested Development, The Office, Late Night w/ Conan O\'Brien, The Chappelle Show (let it rest in peace), SNL, and The Daily Show but the difference between there stupid comedy and The Andy Crap Ass show is that the shows I named, even though its stupid comedy, its genius writing. The Andy Crap is just stupid, and if you are going to make a stupid show, at least make it some what funny, The Andy show is not even ha ha funny.

    MTV was pitiful when they stop playing videos, they just went a few notches down with this kind of crap. I can\'t stand MTV now, I banned anything MTV these days, the channel is garbage, the people at MTV is garbage, there shows are garbage, they just need to go away and take MTV2 with them.

  • how did this kid get a show

    The worst show I have seen this year. I dont know how this kid got a show but this is just horible. Its a comedy show that isnt funny at all. People just dont watch it if you do, well you just wasted a half hour of your short life.
  • This show bloody sucks. It's absolutely pitiful. For everyone on here who loves this show, forgive me for lacking a 5-year old's sense of humour...

    This show bloody sucks. It's absolutely pitiful. For everyone on here who loves this show, forgive me for lacking a 5-year old's sense of humour...actually, sractch that. I'm not sure my 5 year old cousin would laugh at The Andy Milonakis's rather stupid. I assume Andy Milonakis has severe mental problems, and that is why MTV let him have his own show...his little skits are extremely childish and stupid. I could only watch about 10 minutes of this crap before I had to change the channel. I'd rather watch grass grow than have to sit through an entire episode of this @*$&!
  • If Andy Milonakis has a show, he should figure out what to do with it!

    If Andy Milonakis has a show, he should figure out what to do with it! Jerry Seinfeld had his own show and knew what to do with it, and "Seinfeid" was a huge hit! Andy has the most digusting, fattest person I ever seen! Nobody I know like this show, and no wonder. If this show gets cancelled, I will be so happy! There's really nothing good on this show! He comes up with the stupidest ideas ever, like Karate Lincoln. MTV is not gonna go far with this show on that channel. You know what? This really grinds my gears! (to quote Peter Griffin from Family Guy!)
  • One of the worst shows I have ever seen or heard of in my life.

    The Andy Milonakis Show is so dumb and retarded that I am glad it is cancelled. Whose this guy think he is being 29 and acting stupid on t.v, to get a few laughs, which he didn't even get. One of the dumbest shows by far. I would like to give a big Ha-Ha, to any of those people who actually liked it. That goes out to all 10 of you guys, living in your parent's basement, who actually cared for this show.
  • Total Crap!

    Let me make sure I got this right..A guy who looks like hes 17, acts like he's 9 and is actually 27, gets a show on MTV and spots on Jimmy Kimmel, because he acts like an idiot? I understand idiocy and totally random comedy, but this isn't funny, its just sad. MTV has never been one for "intellegent" Tv, but come on, this is just one step too far.
  • Whoever made this \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"brilliant\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" show should be burnt and sacrificed to the devil. Read on...

    Watchin the show...

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    That sums it up.

    End of review.

    Ignore rating above.

    My Score : 0.000000000000001
  • This is possibly the worst show on television.

    Andy Milonakis proves that talent is not needed to make a TV show. It's admirable that he was able to obtain his own show, but he flat out sucks. The show itself doesn't seem appealing to anyone, in my opinion. It's too crude for kids, dumb for adults, and pointless for teens. The skits seem to be made up minutes before shooting, and there is no coherence to the sketches. By bringing in a few stars, he attempts to make the show more interesting, but he fails miserably. The only mild chuckle that I got from the show was in response to some of the old peoples' reactions. I was really hoping that this show would be a change of pace, and, unfortunately, it was. This show marches to the pace of a drummer, who is missing an arm and mentally slow.
  • The worst show I've watched in my life, believe you don't want to watch this!

    This is by far the worst show I\'ve ever seen. I don\'t understand anything, nothing makes any sense at all, just a bunch of random stuff has been thrown into the show. If you haven\'t seen this show, then thats good becuase you don\'t want to watch it. Very stupid and childish.
  • Not funny at all... why is this show even on the air? I would be more entertained watching laundry spin around in a dryer!

    One night, I was up watching television. At around 1:30am I stopped on MTV2 to see a bizarre scene: a stapler remover acting like a vampire, and turning pencils, three-hole-punches, etc. into stapler removers as well. Then I saw Andy, and thought: why does this annoying middle schooler have a TV show?

    Later, after watching this supposed kid take a shower in mustard, I checked out the show online. Lo and behold, Andy is thirty years old! I was shocked. Not only does he look like he is thirteen, but he acts like it too. And he is not funny. I like tons of humor, but this just left a bad taste in my mouth. I have never liked MTV a whole lot but it has reached a new low.
  • Basically, the Andy Milonakis show is a perfect example of how much the world has declined over the last few years.

    Well, the Andy Milonakis show is just a random show with random people doing random stuff. None of it makes any sense, and it never uses any thought out comedy, just slap-stick and physical humor.

    The good: The show can be funny at some point, and it is great to compare it to other shows, because any other show seems perfect compared to the Andy Milonakis show.

    The bad: The skits are some of the worst I've ever seen. Some weren't bad, but it seems like this show was aiming for either the incredibly stupid or crazy. The skits sometimes just leave an akward silence amoung the viewers. Also, some of the characters are so incredibly anoying (Andy being one of them) that I could barely finish watching a couple of episodes in order to write a review.

    Whatever you do, do NOT watch this show. It isn't funny, it isn't original, it's just a waste of thirty minutes.
  • Its a Stupid Show! Why do i watch it?

    The Andy Milonaks show is a dumb show. I still dont know why sometimes i watch it. I dont know how this random kid get a show but it amazes me what people do for laughs these days. Its almost to the point of being morally pathetic. But i watch it anyway. Plus on Sunday nights there isnt anything on but re-runs.
  • He should have stuck to being Jimmy Kimmel's sidekick...he can't hold a show by himself.

    This is one of the worst shows I have reviewed. I just can not watch this poor excuse for a TV show. Everything about this show just pisses me off.

    Andy acts so dumb.
    His bits are so dumb...and so annoying.
    The people who make guest appearances, or in other words, his NEIGHBORS, are worse than he is. They can't act and just make the show worse.
    He dresses like a real loser...tie your shoes you dope!

    The worst of all? The opening sequence to his show is the worst for a TV show, ever. Not only does he refrain from using professionally recorded music from a band, he sings his own opening with the worst lyrics I have ever heard for a song.

    This show is on a channel where it belongs...a channel no one gets and no one watches.
  • Funny sometimes... but others it's just like why am I watching this.

    The Andy Milonakis show has begun recently and it is like many things, either u hate it or love it. Every once in awhile he will do something really funny like double for Snoop Dogg or Party with the King of Crunk. But then there are those sketches where you r left wondering is this kid mentally retarted. Like when he switches the light on and off and a black guy appears out of nowhere. Well whether it's hated or loved down the road, one thing is for sure, ppl will watch this show becuz they r playing it on MTV more and more frequently.
  • Insanity in clip-sized doses.

    A crappy show with a great premise. Have a show about daily life...on acid. Monty Python wishes it was this random! I was sitting around with my girlfriend and she only gets a couple of channels. This came on and we sat and watched, the show got better with each clip. Now I'm checking out on getting DVDs and I'm looking forward to reruns on MTV.

    The random old black guy with a cigarette and a trount is pretty funny. I really like how he throws normal people off. He doesn't use strange behavior, though. That's and understatement. It's completely f*cked up!
  • This show IS funny, but Andy is no kid. A lot of sources (including confirm that he is really about 29 years old.

    This show IS funny, but Andy is no kid. A lot of sources (including confirm that he is really about 29 years old.
    That doesn't mean I won't be watching this show anymore. I actually really enjoy it. But really, how could a man in his late 20's act like a 12 year old. Read his blog on sometime. I wonder about him.
  • People with an open mind will definitely enjoy this show.

    Some people remember a show that used be on comedy central called Trigger Happy TV. One Man went around london doing random, and stupid, things to innocent people. It was hilarious! Ever since it went off the air i have longed for it's strange yet satisfying sense of humor. I think I have found it in the Andy Milonakis show. One kid goes around doing... unexpected things to innocent new yorkers. I will admit there are some bland moments but most of the time the show is awesome. Especially when Jimmy Kimmel gets famous celebrities to just pop in on the show. Now, i do have a offbeat sense of humor and i know many people will disagree with me, but like i said you need an open mind.
  • This show is the funniest thing EVER!

    This show has comedy and so0o0o0o many guest stars anyone who does not like this show has a bad sense of humor. I have watched almost every episode so far and i can talk about it for HOURS! So if you don't like this show then you don't like anything funny
  • Andy Milonakis-PURE GENIUS-The best thing since Jakers! (the summary word count thing is cool, 14 words, ooh now its 20!!)

    This show rocks my socks. Especially the chewy chewy monkeys! Anyone who hates it deserves to be beaten and have their faces ripped off!! Watch it or die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is so funny.

    P.S. Baby corn, you're such a baby, baby corn. (ooh there's a review word count too!!)

    P.P.S. I need to make this review more than 50 words long.
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