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Sunday 10:30 PM on MTV 2 Premiered Jun 26, 2005 In Season





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  • This Show is about a kid who kids around and stuff.

    sorry but the show is lame and it does not make any sense. i don't know why MTV made this show. everything is so corny and the show should be cancelled. this is the worst show that i had seen in my life aside from pokemon. don\'t watch it cause it is a complete waste of time.
  • A Great show . . . . at Times

    When the previews for the show hit the air i was definetly dazzled at random and creative the show was. When the show was first introduced to me it reminded me of Napoleon Dynamite for how fresh and original the comdey was. But sadly when the show made it's debut only a fifth of it caught my interest. The rest was just seemed thrown together and not quite thought up well. If the second episode doesn't get any better than i don't see what reason i have to watch it
  • I can't believe MTV stooped that low to put this show on the air. Andy Milonakis makes Tom Green look like a well organized business man.

    What the hell is this? Jackass on speed?

    It's another one of MTV's sorry atempts to make an entertaining show but I'm surprised at how low MTV stooped to put it on the air. MTV is beyond stupid now. There no "M" in MTV. I'm speechless.

    Andy Milonakis makes Tom Green look like a well organized business man. I don't find messing with senior-citizens that entertaining, and I think it's very out-of-line too.

    Luckly this show has last-show-on-sudnay-stew-lineup-syndrome, so it'll only be on for one season, and then we can bid it a good farewell like we did One Bad Trip and Damage Control.

    But I do give him a 1.0 for actually getting on MTV. Now I know that it's not that hard to get on MTV, all I have to do is be a dumbass.
  • i don't know, it's just stupid things the stupid kid thinks of doing...

    this show is the worst!!!! the absolute stupidest and worst waste of time there is on tv. It has absolutely no point to it. the kid just thinks of utterly stupid things to do which have not point to them. Bascially this show is just stupid stunt after another. But worst of all their not even stunts, they're just stupid ideas. Don't waste your time it sucks!!!!!!!
  • The world is full of nonsense these days...

    Andy Milonakis -- best known for his "Superbowl is Gay" sketch, MTV has given Andy his own show. This is where things get ugly.

    Andy Milonakis goes around town and usually surveys or plays with people, mostly elders. And whenever he doesn't feel like going outside, he fools around at his house. He's got a best friend named Ralph, who ocassionally raps with Andy ("Please pass the hyrup"). And believe it or not, celebrities like Snoop Dogg appear on the show.

    Don't let Andy's size fool you. He's actually in his thirties! So although he acts like a kid, he's actually an adult! Well, this guy looks like he's gonna be living in childhood forever, like Peter Pan.

    I knew that the show will be too strange to watch when I heard the theme song. Balogna in his left pocket? Smear cream cheese in his gold locket? The show is filled with odd skits that can make viewers sick or unimpressed.

    Andy is a strange little man with a strange sense of humor that only appeals to morons. I don't know how long the show will last. I just want to know why MTV gave Andy the show at the very beginning.
  • wtf

    this is the stupidest show that has ever came on the history of tv... i really am ashamed of mtv for this one... this will go down the history of stupid in a bad way sometimes acting stupid and silly is funny, but this show quickly shows that not all the time being stupid is funny
  • This Show Is just packed with funny skits like Pillow Fight, Falofel Larry, And my personal Favorite, House Of Freaks. All created by Andy Milonakus

    Like I said earlier, this show is hilarious and packed with funny skits. I first saw this show when I was channel surfing and my remote ran out of batteries and I saw this great show (The andy milonakis show) And I laughed so hard that I cried. It is so hard to believe that someone can come up with so much funny skits and fake commercials. And I think that this show is #1 because it is so funny. If I could meet The Cast of The Andy Milonakis show, I would just tell them that their show is so funny and that I hope that they make more episodes after Season 2.
  • Funny,Funny,Funny!

    It took me weeks to stop laughing the first time I watched this show.I have not stoped laughing since the last episode.I wanna know where Andy gets his stuff.Jesus Kitty and Satan Kitty give such good advice and Ralphie\\\'s smartness makes people feel better about how smart they.It is the funniset show on Mtv and one of the funniest shows on earth.HA,HA,HA!!
  • Funniest Show EVER!!!!!!!

    The Andy Milonakis Show has to be the funniest show ever to air on t.v. It is just so funny and point less and that is the main reason why I watch it! In one skit Andy and FAt joe are playing battle ship, and Andy sinks Fat Joes ship and Fat is like wtf man u sunk my f***** Ship. This has to be the funniest shoe eva!
  • The Stupidest Show ever, thats what makes it the best

    The Andy Milanokis Show is one that brings humor and pointless stupididty into action. This is what makes it so enjoying and fun, im stupid, thats why i like it, but u dont really have to be stupid, all you fags that dont like it have no sense of humor and probably got a 4.0 in middle school. :)
  • This show is the best

    This show is the funniest show on MTV since Jackass. My favorite episode is the one when Andy said to the old man "Betcha I can beat you in a race B****". In my opinion this is a hilarious show. Can't wait to watch it on Sunday. Thank you for listening to my opinion.
  • Extremely Underated

    This show is extremely underated. Some skits aren't very funny, but the skits are usually no more than a minute or two. The other skits are hilarious. I especially enjoyed the celebrity skits and the jesus/satan kitty skits. You have to check out this one of a kind hilarious new show.

    One Complaint. Why is this show which has nothing to do with music on Music Television. Same with Punk'd, pimp my ride, viva la bam, jackass, real world, road rules, real world road rules challenge, dismissed, next, date my mom, trailer fabolous, the 70's house, damage control, room raiders, high school stories, laguna beach, mtv cribs, my super sweet 16, stankervision, wild boyz, Undressed, I want a famous face, Wonder Showzen, Team Sanchez, Beavis and Butt-head. Do you catch my drift.
  • This show was funny on MTV.

    Okay,even known Celebrity Deathmatch was one of my favorite MTV shows,this one is one of them.I've seen it and it was real funny.This is one of the shows that I think should have new episodes.Including that scene where he's on that car driven by a pineapple with sun glasses.Viva La Bam was funny like this show.Everything is funny about this show and it's bumps.I can't say how funny it is to have a show like this n MTV.Nothing like all funny shows becomes like this on the show with the Waiting star becomes a funny sitcom on this music channel
  • Not for Old people...

    This show is so great because it's just wacky and it doesn't need to have a point. The point of it is to entertain people and make you laugh. If you don't like it, then you shouldn't watch it. Of Course it's not educational tv, it's freaking MTV! I loved it!!
  • Total Crap

    this has to be the worst show i have ever seen, the kid is just doin whatever any other kids can do his age. Who wants to see a fat kid walkin the street with a bad sense of humor I dont see what Kimmel saw in this unfunny idiot
  • This show is my favorite show in the entire world!!!! When will the second season start??

    I want to see the Andy Milonakis Show's Second Season. When will it start?? I really want to see what happened to Andy Milonakis after he was in his first movie "Waiting...". My Favorite line from in the Andy Milonakis Show is "SHUT THE [] UP!!!!!". I wish Andy Milonakis would be at my home.
  • this is the best show ever.this is the best show ever.this is the best show ever.this is the best show ever.this is the best show ever.this is the this is the best show ever.this is the best show ever.this is the best show ever.this is the best show ever

    this is the best show ever. anybody who doesnt like this show is so incredbly gay. this is the best show ever.this is the best show ever.this is the best show ever.this is the best show ever.this is the best show ever.this is the best show ever.this is the best show ever.this is the best show ever
  • YO this show is funny as hell, andy is mad stupid, whcih is funny, you should watch it everyday

    Andy is probaly the funniest kid, hes better than all those other kids who are not funny like lizzie micguire, nam sayin, nam sayin, nam sayin. well that was a great moment in the show. My favorite episode is when he asks people to take his picture and then he runs, whats a funny kid.
  • A teenage new york kid goes around and does crazy stuff while explaining his views on things.

    This, by far is the best TV I have seen this year. My god, this kid is halarious. You have to watch it because trying to explain will give me a headache but let me tell you, my gut is still hurting from laughin so hard. The only place this kid can go now is to the movie screen. That would be the most halarious show.
  • one of a kind

    strange, yet i couldnt turn the TV channel. I was glued to this show and it is now one of my favorites. This show is about nothing and I love it. its something that you dont want to admit that you like, but you just DO. the series premeire wasnt the funniest epsiode (well, at least I hope not), I admit. But it was still effin funny.
  • OMG! This show is sooooo funny!

    This show is really stupid but funny. And i can't help but watch it! I really think that this kid has got some talent. He's really funny and so is his show! The way he goes up to random people and asks them to do stuff and all that, it's funny! And the talking toaster and peanut butter and all that just makes it funny. My dad thinks that i am crazy for watching, so do i like i said... it may be stupid but it's really funny. whenever i need a good laugh i would turn on this show!
  • This show is definetly something that catches your eye. Flipping through the channels, it stands out, making no sense. The stupid stuff he does will make anyone laugh.

    The Andy Milonakis Show theme song has been stuck in my head since I heard it....He makes no sense, but provides us with great laughs, from the tragedy of losing his turtle, to the frustration of people not taking off their shoes as he swept the sidewalk. The Andy Milonakis Show is a show I won't forget anytime soon.
  • Unusually funny!

    When I saw this show for the first time, I thought it was really stupid! (Which in terms it kinda is.) But for some strange reason, he reminds me of my cousin Hannah! lol. This seems like a show that some kid would write in his spare time! I'd have to say VERY original! Yet, very funny!
  • Andy Milonakis is in my opinion pretty funny. i know a lot of people think its stupid, but i like the fact that it's a show just by some guy.

    When people mention the Andy Milonakis show, there are 2 answers i hear. The first is "oh that show is hilarious!" and the second is " oh my gosh he is so stupid!" I think there are some people who just don't appreciate the fact that this is one guy and a camera on the streets of New York. There are no tech crews or lighting specialists or, in a lot of cases, scripts. People have to take it as it is, as a pretty intertaining show and not look into it for more then it is.
    If you haven't seen it, watch one episode. The worst that can happen will be that you waste 30 minutes, but you might find it a little funny.
    I hope he does a second season because im interested in seeing what he can come up with next.
  • The Andy Milonakis Show is one of the stupidest, funniest shows on television now.

    I've only seen the first episode so far and its pretty good. Its just some of Andy's 3-minute skits. I like the ones where he goes around the neighborhood and asks peolpe stupid questions like, "I bet I can beat you in a race,Bi**h!" Or, "You wanna try-out for my play?" Sometimes it can get so stupid, I start thinking about turning it off. Still, its funny. Another stupid part is when he was advertising spoons. OMG! I don't think anyone can make anything stupider than that. Its cool that there are guest stars like Lil' Jon and Snoop Dog. Overall, this show is funny, but a little too stupid for me.
  • Crazy, disturbing and down right looney comedy from Andy.

    This show has that satanic element that really gives it this dark humor quality. Have to say that half the time I'm thinking "is andy 34 or 16" his stature is throwing me off all the time. The skits are mostly pretty funny and I guess well written, it's hard to tell becouse they want to give off this vibe that they are underground and very ameture. Mission Accomplished. With the second season coming I think that you could expect more hip-hop guest stars, the show has been embraced by the hip-hop community. This show definatly has room to grow but it might reach it's potential.
  • What in the heck? For lack of a more colorful phrase for a seemingly colorless show. You really do need stamina to watch a full episode.

    Andy Milonakis, this kid has some guts to do this show on MTV. I hope he doesn't get beat up in school. At least, not too, too much. Jimmy Kimmel found him funny. Jimmy Kimmel is pretty much responsible for this show ever coming to light. Thanks, Jimmy, I .... think.

    So, to sum it up in one word (which is sometimes more than Andy Milonakis says in some of his sketches), SOPHOMORIC. I accidently tuned into this the other day, and was too mortified to even change the channel. I just HAD to watch until the very end. His teenage antics, unsurprisingly, center around homophobia and harrassing the elderly. Even to the point of calling senior citizens' "bitches" and asking them for a footrace. And what is funnier than being gay? I can think of a hundred things off the top of my head. Andy, however, can think of none apparently.

    Albeit, SOME of the antics are actually funny, but they are few and far between and frankly not near enough to bother watching. I imagine the demographic for people who actually find the show entertaining, to whatever degree are in the male 10-16 range, and I am being generous there. So, if you are in that demographic, by all means, check it out.

    Jimmy Kimmel, what hast thou done?

  • Hilarious, but so stupid. If your really bored, watch it.

    This show is very interesting. I sit and think "Why am i watching this?"; But his stupid actions and crazy characters are hilarious. But then some of the things he does are just stupid, plain and simple. I tried to turn the channel, but then i was curious about the other stupid things he would do. This show is definitly not for everyone, most likely for people who are extremely bored when it comes on, like i was.
  • If you want to feel stupid, and wonder why you watch TV, then be my guest.

    This show has an appearance of an amateur local television show which gives it a very unique look. I was surprised that he was able to get some celebrities on his show since he is just starting out, but i guess that's MTV for ya. His sketches are at times funny but at most very stupid. This show is a one time watcher for each episode. You laugh once and try to watch again and get nothing out of it. I don't think this show will do well at all.
  • What is this?

    Is this actually considered a show, because it dosen't look like it to me. It's obvious he's faking his age disease because a 26 year old woudn't look like a kid and he also wouldn't do stupid and random crap like the stuff Andy does. He's either retarded or has ADD because I don't know a single teenager who acts like him. And there's celebrity guest stars. Who actually wants to visit a insane weirdo fat boy like Andy?
    Therefore, change the channel. Andy's lost his brain cells making this show and I don't want you to lose your brain cells by succumbing to this garbage.
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