The Andy Milonakis Show

Sunday 10:30 PM on MTV 2 Premiered Jun 26, 2005 In Season





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  • Sometimes the show is stupid but yet it's still a favorite no matter what the hated fans say.

    Andy Milonakis is basiclly a show about a 30 yr. old adult who he acts like a teenager with his best friend and other folks including special guests popping up from the television , Andy's mind , his apartment , and the world of New York City. The show is primed to be both stupid and funny but the only thing I hate about this show is that Andy Milonakis's New York Tour against his shorts like dressing up a Robot and well... talking to strangers and all. There's some others that work fine and there's some that look stale and act stale. I basiclly see that sometimes this show will become a classic in the future but it's safe to say that the show might as well be better then what they already throw at you including dancing Monkeys or an animated bird blown up from a black star's yell. Overall , the show is although coming through a long way onto it's airing but The Andy Milonakis Show will still remain a classic... even if it's cancelled or what not.

    A 7.5 out of 10

    And remember... you should make show just like Mr. Milonakis and his group of gumbies.
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