The Andy Milonakis Show

Sunday 10:30 PM on MTV 2 Premiered Jun 26, 2005 In Season





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  • This might just be the most unfunny show ever.

    Andy Milonakis sucks a lot of cockis, crappy ass showis, going to kill myselfis.

    Only one word can describe this show: CRAP. The Andy Milonakis show is a sketch comedy that stars a middle-aged man with a growing disorder named Andy. How he got this show is beyond me.

    Ok before I go further I would just like to say that there really is no good part on this show. The intro is him singing him jiggling his fat while singing his dreadful rap song. Though he attempts to be funny, he fails horribly.

    The skits are just plain- out stupid, and not in a funny way. They are unclever, horribly acted, and mostly involve him with food. Andy his a fatass by the way. Any way, the skits are usally him walking down the street, saying random, unfunny things to people, or him talking to himself. It truly sucks.

    So, after watching more than twenty minute of ****, the credits come on. So you might be wondering, did he manage to ruin the credits? The answer is yes, yes he did. That bullcrap song "American Idiot" plays as the credits roll as well as a video of Andy riding his poor dog through the air.

    I would like to finish this review by saying this show has no redeeming qualities. All the skits suck, the credits suck, and since it is on MTV, the commericals even suck! The sucking doesn't stop there though: the fanbase of this show consist of Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network fans that seem to keep the show on the air!

    This just may be the worst show ever!
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