The Angry Beavers

Season 4 Episode 15

A Tail Of Two Rangers / Bye Bye Beavers

Aired Unknown Unknown on Nickelodeon
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A Tail Of Two Rangers / Bye Bye Beavers

A Tail Of Two Rangers: Norbert and Dagget become rangers. Bye Bye Beavers: Norb & Dag receive a letter telling them they are over and will vanish.

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      • Dag: Norbie, what happens when you're 'over'?
        Norb: Aw, it's not so bad.
        Dag: No?
        Norb: If a cartoon's good, even if it isn't, it's rerun-incarnated! (as in "reincarnated")
        Dag: Oooh... Does that hurt?
        Norb: Nooooo...only when you get the later checks. The cartoon-being-over guys re-run it over and over and they make lots of well-deserved money.
        Dag: Which they share with the people who made the cartoon right?
        Norb: (laughs insanely; calming down, trying to soothe Dag) Uh, right...
        Dag: Oh, good...
        Norb: So you see it's all for the better.
        Dag: Right.
        Norb: Even though we're vanishing...
        Dag: Uh huh...
        Norb: ...we'll be back over and over again at (shouting) virtually no cost to the network!

    • NOTES (2)

      • The other episode that was going to air with this episode was called "A Taile of Two Rangers". In the episode Dag and Norb become rival rangers at their home forest. It has been said that this episode was never completed as the script to this episode doesn't exist, nor does an actual "print" of the episode exist.

      • Because of the satire about a cartoon being cancelled then "rerun-carnated" in the episode, Nick was very mad about that, so Nick decided to get revenge by airing the show in poor timeslots so no one would watch the show. Because of the intentional "low ratings", the show was cancelled. When a regular commentated on the Nickdisk message board (an unofficial Nick message board) about "Bye Bye Beavers", a Nick moderator responded to that person saying the episode was "bad". They didn't say why, but the public domain knows why.

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