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Ideas for Angry Beavers Season 5 ?

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    I know that Angry Beavers was canceled in 2001, but let's say that Nickelodeon decided to revive the series. What events do you think should happen in this season and how do you think that Angry Beavers should really end (not including Bye, bye Beavers)

    I was thinking of the following episode ideas for Season 5:

    1) An episode where Norbert and Daggett enter a contest to win $1000 and they have to stay in a car to win the prize and they start annoying each other in the car to get one of them out of the car.

    2) An episode where Treeflower accidently kisses Daggett and Norbert gets really angry at Daggett.

    3) A "Kill Bill" like episode where Daggett and Norbert are fighting each other.

    4) An episode where Norbert and Daggett take their sisters out into the woods.

    5) An episode where Daggett runs away from home and is abducted by river rats.

    So, tell me your ideas about what should be in Season 5 of Angry Beavers if Nickelodeon ever put their old shows back on TV.

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