The Angry Beavers

Season 2 Episode 11

If You In-Sisters / Alley Oops

Aired Unknown Nov 07, 1998 on Nickelodeon
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If You In-Sisters:
Daggett and Norbert vie for their two babies affection when two girls are left in their care for the weekend. While self-proclaimed child care expert Dag maps out a detailed itinerary of "fun" stuff to do, Norb kicks back and lets them do what they want.

Alley Oops:
Daggett accidentally wins a magic bowling ball from the mystical Lady of the Lanes. Now able to hit a strike on every throw, he winds up in a high stakes tournament to free the bowling alley from the bowling, bullies, the Otto Brothers.


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  • If you Insisters - When Stacy and Chelsea come to visit them, the boys end up arguing throughout their entire visit. Alley Oops!- When Daggett is challenged, Norbert has to conquered his fears of bowling to win the game.moreless

    This episode is probably one of the best out of "The Angry Beavers" since we actually see Daggett and Norbert's sisters for the first time since their first appearance in "Born to be Beavers" and what was so surprising about this episode is that Stacy and Chelsea get along way better than Daggett and Norbert ever could. Also, this episode features the voices of Stacy and Chelsea Schauer, who are in fact Mitch Schauer's real life daughters and that's what made this episode a true treasure among "The Angry Beavers." Also, "Alley Oops" is a great episode about Norbert conquering his fear of bowling in order for his team to win against the two bullying brothers.moreless

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    • Mrs.Beaver: You know I always like Daggett best when he and Norbert are getting along
      Mr. Beaver: Yeah when was the last time that happened?
      Mrs. Beaver: Leonard the kids are in the car!
      Mr.Beaver: I know they know I'm kidding
      Stacey: Thats what we told him
      Chelsea: Well sort of, we paraphrased. Yeah.

    • Chelsea: Goodie, goodie just like mom likes Daggett best! (Daggett falls over and Stacy covers Chelsea's mouth)
      Stacy: Mom always talks about Daggy. Daggy did this and Daggy did that. Daggy, Daggy, Daggy, Daggy, Daggy! Which is why she sends Norby those maple treats every week.
      Daggett: Mom sends you treats!
      Norbert: Mom likes you best!
      Daggett: Where do you hide them!
      Norbert: In my mouth!

    • (The girls are staring at Daggetts chart)
      Stacey: These pro-jects don't look very fun
      Chelsea: How can you tell? You can't even read yet
      Stacey: No. No look at me. (Grabs Chelsea's face) I said look you don't need to be able to read just to look.

    • Daggett: You see! I told you it's okay to stink at something as long as you're having fun stinking!
      Norbert: You stink.

  • NOTES (3)

    • The episode "If You Insisters" features Mitch Schauer's real-life daughters providing the voices for Norb and Dag's younger sisters (who are also mini, female versions of the brothers themselves).

    • In "If You Insisters" we find out the name of Dag and Norb's dad; it's Leonard. But we never find out the mom's name! Not now, not ever, through the rest of the series.

    • Two versions of "Alley Oops!" exist. In the original version, when Dag said, "You Stink!", Norb responded, "Oh, shut up, Dag!" An anonymous viewer complained about hearing "shut up" way too much on the show. Now, when this episode runs in syndication, Norb says, "Shush up, Stupid", in response to Dag.