The Angry Beavers

Season 2 Episode 8

Lumberjacks' Delight / Zooing Time

Aired Unknown Aug 16, 1998 on Nickelodeon



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  • Quotes

    • Norbert: No one makes my brother enjoy bathing and gets away with it!

    • Norb: (to Dag) We did it! We did it! We saved the-
      (sees their treeless forest)
      (magic 7-ball rolls into view)
      Dag: Look, it's that spooty 7 ball thingy. What's it gotta say now?
      Norb: (reading) "I can't believe you take advice from a plastic replica of a pool ball."

    • (from "Zooing Time")
      Norbert: And over here, we have the beaver-lion.
      Daggett: Roar!
      Norbert: And over here, the beaver-seal.
      Daggett: Urr!
      Norbert: And over here, the beaver-snake.
      Daggett: Hiss! (as a bear) Growl! (as a cat) Reow! (as a bunny with a clown hat) Roo!
      Offstage Voice: (while Dagget is in a human mask) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
      Daggett: (in a "flower girl" costume) Woof!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Dag: Dag's Outfit, ect.
      Dag's ambition to free the other animals and his costume that he wears later on in "Zooing Time" is lifted straight out of the movie Braveheart starring Mel Gibson.