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  • These beavers are so funny because they're 90s!

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA This show is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny! They are beavers who get angry! Who knew?
  • Angry Beavers is the BEST NICKTOON in my opinion

    Angry Beavers is such a well amazing show about two beaver brothers living on their show has so many amazing episodes,but duds.... But Angry Beavers is an amazing show that deserves a comeback!
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  • best cartoons ever

    Nickelodeon produced a lot of cartoons and Angry Beavers is a kind of that would top my list! It made me laugh so hard everytime I watched it. I love all the adventures that Norbert and Daggett shared together I missed watching this show and I'm glad memorylanedvd . com sell this. Well, feeling lucky coz I got a decent copy from them and now I can watch it anytime I want It really rocks!
  • Best nicktoon in history

    Best nicktoon ever!i wish they would make new episodes.norbert and treeflower SHOULD get together!! Bring it back please!!! What applebloom always say "I want it now!"
  • Just...the best

    Well I wanted to chime in with the chorus of glowing reviews. I hope to one day show this show in its entirety to my children and surely they will want to show their children.

    Looking back on it now I know this show contributed greatly to my vocabulary (including made up words) and taught me a lot of important cultural references. Not to mention cross-cultural references like popular french phrases. Of course, I often had to to ask my sister or my parents what they meant, but I think that's the point.

    Maybe it helped me be kind of a spazz and a dork as a child LMAO, but all the characters are just insanely likeable to me and pretty much everything they say I find incredibly hilarious.
  • A beavers, they know how to make their own ways!

    I liked this show when I was younger.

    Plot: The Angry Beavers, is about two beavers named Norb and Dag, always goes on a trip to make something very funny with mishaps and misadventures! And even on their homes as well! I know most of the comedy cartoon shows relies on these kind of storylines, but as long as you have good jokes in your arsenal, it would do great!

    Characters: Really funny and they're still at the right place. Made me lol around while watching because of their jokes and their stuff that they always do.

    Humor: As I said before, this made me laugh out loud! Well, I just remembered one of their schemes, so there I go again!

    Art: Good, nice character art, and nice animation.

    Overall: 10. This is one of the shows that made me laugh around so hard!
  • a good example when nickelodeon cartoons back in the 90's were awesome.

    this show is one of my favorite shows on nick, i highly enjoyed it when i was a kid. its has some good animation, i also loved the humuor! it has some good plots and it's well written. it's also original as well. if only cartoons these days would be as great as the old cartoons. i wish this show stayed on nick for a little bit longer.
  • Way Too Funny

    This show isn't the best Nick show, but hands down, it's the funniest. It's also celebrating its 15th birthday, so Nick should show some respect to this show and air a marathon. Oh yeah, I forgot: Nick doesn't care about this show and it's siblings, only the newer, dumber shows.
  • Great animation!

    Angry Beavers is an animated comedy series which used to air on Nickelodeon about two beavers named Norb and Dag(aka Norbert and Daggett) Together they go on hilarous adventures and stuff and now i liked this show but i never liked it THAT much until it came on in the summer in 2006 on Nicktoons UK. I watched it for all of the summer and came off when the summer ended which i was sad about because i loved this show so much and i also was sad that Nick cancelled this fabulous show and yes there was some stuff you would'nt hear in a kids' show like Norbert in the Beaver Fever episode he sung "Good God" but that is what is so good about it(BTW,i am a Christian and i don't hate God but i found that comment hilarous) also i like it's animation it is'nt poor unlike My Gym Partner's a Monkey's animation or Robotboy's or Pokemon's animation this is what kids should watch NOT crap like Pokemon,Yu Gi Oh,Robotboy,Power Rangers,My Gym Partner's a Monkey,Teletubbies and Barney.
  • This is a great show.

    I love this how. My dad and I used to watch it all the time when it was on Nicktoons. The show is about two beavers that are brothers. They get into crazy, wacky, and zany adventures(pretty much the same thing.), with all their other animal friends. They live in a giant dam floating on a river. This show is pretty much like all the other shows from this time. CatDog, Rockos Modern Life, Ren and Stimpy and Spongebob Squarepants. You can name things in commom with all these shows. So this is a pretty funny cartoon show from the 90's. It has great characters and the best title sequence music.
  • This was one of the last solid Nick shows of the 90's. It had an interesting plot, and 2 very funny main characters. What's not to like?

    Norbert and Dagget were so much entertaing to watch. They were like these 2 combustible brothers who always did crazy things at times, even to the point of trying to outdo each other.

    Who could forget such classic episodes like the one where they tried to get the other to talk first in order to give them a big pinch, but could not? How about the one where Dag got bopped into last week? XD Good times...

    I also enjoyed the character Treeflower, an interesting love interest for Norbert. She was kinda of an oddball I'll admit, but I liked watching her interact with Norbert at times. Anyway, this show was one sadly I wish could have gotter more episodes, or even a better cast of character around them. For the most part, these 3 were the only characters that stood out at all.
  • An awesome show.

    I really liked this show back in the day. I used to watch this show all the time back when I was in 4th, and 5th grade. This was definetely one of the best shows ever made by Nickelodeon. This show is about Norbert, and Daggett, two beaver brothers who live with each other in their own house. Every day, Norbert, and Daggett have many crazy adventures in their own home, and around their forest with their friends. The dialog in this show is excellent. The stories are awesome, and the lines are most of the time funny! The insane actions will keep you wanting more beaver fever (it's a figure of speech). The music in this show is also excellent. The songs that Norbert, and Daggett sing are believe it, or not pretty good. I liked the song when Norbert, and Daggett were at the beach. The best thing about this show in my mind are the characters. They are very lovable, and never forgotten:). Overall, awesome show, lovable, memorable characters, excellent dialog, and music, decent humor.
  • one od nick's best animations

    The Angry Beavers goes back in the day with rocko,ren and stimpy,catdog,real monsters and other great shows. It stars too beavers daggett and norbert. They have adventureous times and tell great comedy too keep you in front of the tv for a good 30 minutes.Therefore with TAB's funny comedy,good appreciation and all other stuff that made this too worthwhile watching
    TAB gets 8.8/10.0 .
  • This Show is Fantastic, and WAY!!!!!!!Better than Spongebob, but dose not get the credit it deserves!

    This show is awesome! It is about two beavers Nobert and Dagget, who have to live on there own beacause their mum got another litter, but these 2 beavers always fight and it is sorta hard living with each other! Here is my review in a scale from 1-10:

    Plot/Story line: 10

    Humor: 10


    Theme Song: 10

    Animation: 10

    Total: 10

    This show is the second best 90's show after Hey Arnold!This show could also be easily be parodied.Angry Beavers.I hate the new crap on Nickelodeon now a days!100 100 100 100 100 100 100 1001 010 100 10011010 1010 Can u help me!!!!! is saying I at least needs 100 words and i cant think of anything else! is still an awesome website though!
  • I loved this show as a kid. It's a true classic.

    When this show first came out, I was seven years old. I remember watching the pilot episode of this back then and I LOVED it! It was one of the first cartoon series I remember doing fanart and fanfics for (After Disney stuff), and to this day I still look back at this show as a classic.

    It was funny, clever, witty and just plain great. There were a lot of really obscure references that I didn't get back when I first saw them such as in the episode "The Mom From U.N.C.L.E.", where Norb and Dag's mom made a reference to Perry Como, who was a singer back in the fifties or something. There was adult humor too, but like most shows back in the nineties, they were VERY well hidden. Anyway, possibly the best part of the show was definitely the characters. There were tons of them! We got Norbert, the classy, suave and smooth beaver, and his brother Daggett, who is pretty much his polar opposite. The supporting cast consisted of their forest friends such as Barry the Bear (Who was a brilliant parody of Barry White), Bing the Lizard, Norb's girlfriend Treeflower, Stump, Truckie the Shrew and some other animals such as deer, raccoons, possums, etc.

    Overall, I loved this show and it was sad that it got canceled eight years ago because of Nick being oversensitive about the characters saying 'shut up'. It had a great run and I hope DVDs will be released of this series, that would be nice.
  • This show is basically about two brothers named Norbert and Daggett who left their home when a new liter came in and their adventures out into the world while fighting each other along the way.

    This was probably my most favorite show on Nickelodeon (next to Hey Arnold!) because of its off the wall humor and its creative characters. What I loved the most about this show were the characters themselves. Norbert and Daggett are probably the most interesting characters I have ever seen on TV because they are so different from each other and yet in some episodes, they managed to get along with each other when the situation requires it. My favorite character in this series was always Norbert because he is so calm and cool, even though I loved Daggett too because he is so crazy! "The Angry Beavers" is probably Nickelodeon's most creative show and I'm glad that I have the opportunity to watch it!
  • Classical

    The Angry Beavers stuck out to me as a kid because it was different from all the other cartoons. Here we have two completely different beaver brothers living under the same roof who look nothing alike, but seem to have the same interests. And often each episode is about the different views from each of the brothers as they trudge through their crazy lives together but often with completely different results and conclusions. It's essentially like a lot of Saturday morning cartoon comedies, though what I love the most about Angry Beavers is that although sometimes it can get over the top, the comedy is often a bit tame; not as much exaggerated actions and situations.

    And although the Norbert, the intelligent brother, will often trick his naive and gullible young twin, Daggett, in everything they do, it's not like he isn't prone to mistakes himself, and Daggett will sometimes have things his way, unlike the Trix rabbit. How each of these beavers don't exactly follow their roles to a crisp gives them a more down to earth feeling compared to other characters in other shows. Though despite their more realistic and closer to reality personalities, Angry Beavers still felt like it was a big lagging in the comedy department compared to other shows in its time, and it doesn't quite have the charm to help compensate for it (ex. Rugrats). Nonetheless though, it's still a quality and classic show, and to many more, a childhood memory that will always be treasured.
  • such a good classic nicktoon from back in the day

    i think this show the angrey beavers was really good it is about two beavers name norbit and dagget and they go through crazy adventures togeather in the wild i think this show is well put together and has lot of good stories some have had the voice of barry white in it. which i like becasue he was really good singer back in the day. so i think nick came up with a really good show so that is why i gave it a 7.5 the show brings back old memories reviewing this show but i have to keep it short.
  • One of my favorite shows ever!

    This show was absolutely amazing! Dangit Viacom had to get rid of it. I mean, so what if they said "Shut up"? Is that a swear? Are the words "Shut" and "Up" swears now? Also, so an eppy said that they were ending. At least they were honest to the fans and they didn't cheap it up like Viacom does with Reruns

    But now to the show.

    Okay, the animation was pretty decent. Not ABSOLUTELY amazing like say, Courage the Cowardly Dog and not Unique like Ed Edd n Eddy, but at least it was decent.

    Next are the characters, they all have special attributes. My favorite is easily Dagget. He's hilarious!

    And last but not least, Humor. Let's keep it short and sweet: Excellent.

    So all in all, this is an amazing show and deserves to be revived.
  • this show was my favorite

    When i was little ..about 6 or seven maybe smaller, i whould watch this show all the time.
    I was amazing...the blonde beaver is my favorite by far, but the other bever is cool too. anyway I always love to sit and watch it with my mom.. who liked it too, cuz it was funny..the stupid kinda that just makes you laugh. So i highly recomend this show to ppl who like to just have fun or have a good laugh. And if you dont like it then there is something wrong with you. cuz everyone like the angry beavers.
  • A hilarious comedy of two surprisingly unlikely animals.

    The Angry Beavers is a personal favorite of Nickelodeon's comedies for me and quite a few others. The two beaver brothers are extremely amusing and is fun for all ages young or old. Each episode is more fun than the last and full of constant hilarity. I especially love the classic movies Norbert and Dagget both watch. Aside from it being only a half hour show I have no complaints about it. I still find the cartoon amusing and entertaining even as an adult and still find that I want to watch it. If you have yet to see any of the episodes you should check the show out.
  • one of my favorite nick shows!!

    this show was awsome!!! nick was insane fr taking it off the air! The Angry Beavers had the right kind of humor & awsome characters! every ep made me lol.
    I cant get enough of this show=] i wish nick would bring this show back!! my favorite character was Daggett. he was very funny. i love how he always says "spoot!" lol i'm glad i was born in the golden era of nickelodeon so i could see all these great shows they had. this show is definately a classic. i love it! i could watch this show all day & never get bored of it.
  • Classic old school nick

    I remember watching this classic long ago as well as Rocko and many other greats. This show had great comedy and animation as an added bonus to it. Norm and Daggot are indeed likable characters with good development to them. Sometimes the plots can be a bit random, but at least they appear as interesting compared to some of the newer shows out currently, this show surpasses many of them. I really do not remember the most except that it was a cool cartoon for its time and has had a pretty strong fanbase still watching reruns of the show.
  • You know how everybody has a show they can put a finger on and say that's it, that's my show? Well, this is it, this is MY show...

    I love this show. I grew up watching it and liked it then. But now that it's gone, (try doing this) I have eyes and mouth wide open, looking from left to right, my arms are out wide, and I'm standing there with a blank face saying, "What the hell?" I enjoy watching this show to date and can tentavely say it's a Nicktoon Classic (as some don't agree that it should be considered.) This show's great and the characters are somewhat memorable and recognizable. I know a lot of people would defend me when I say, "This is if not the best, one of the best Nicktoons ever made."
  • Nick is dumb for ending this show!

    put it back on! Nick,u are spoot heads for ending this.Nick Bakay and Richard were great in this show, esp. in the Beaver Fever episode, that one was funny. usually shows with beavers are weird and people think it would be dumb,but if u put the word "angry" in the title, u KNOW it's going be good. why does it seem that 90's Nicktoons seem better than today's. er no,ANY cartoon on in the 90's is better than the ones we have today. Flapjack, pssh, oh come ON, that looks like a spin-off of Invader Zim for pete's sake! The only good shows of today are on my favorites page.
  • Best cartoon, besides spongebob, that there ever was you decide for me at the age of 5 this was my Sunday and all week long cartoon.

    What do you get when you put the out door life and mix in a little bit of real life. You get the Angry Beavers. 2 brothers living in their little dam on the lake. They would do whatever we with sibilings would do, fight each other, watch movies, get in trouble, and do whatever thet do.
    Norbert is the what i call the owen wilson of that time. Peace and brains iss what makes him different than his brother Daggett.
    Dagget, on the other hand, is just the oppisite. He is more into the video games and does't use his brain for any smartness.
    But there is all ways that one thing that makes them same. Just love to what we call pretend or play sports or even go hang with their animal friends.
    Just wish they show it again cause I know like many of us want those old cartoons back!
  • This was a pretty good show.

    This show is another example of a great show from the 90's on Nick. It's too bad that thier not as active with these kind of shows as they use to. This show is bacically about two beavers who are brothers. They were kicked out of their parents' house because the mom had another litter of babies and now the beavers live together at another house and do these different stuff every episode. I think the best part of the show is that it has pretty good humor. I think that Dag is the funniest and so I think I like him the best. Overall, I think this show is pretty good, I think I would rate it a 8.2.
  • When their parents have another litter, the Norbert (the smart one) and Daggett (the stupid one) Beaver have to strike out on their own. Their new home on a lake in middle of the forest seems to be the scene of most every odd occurrence imaginable.

    Daggett and Norbert are by far the funniest and best "pair" since Harry and Lloyd in "Dumb and Dumber". Daggett and Norm are the two brothers who can't leave with each other but can't live without each other. Daggett is the stupid one who knows nothing about everything and is a terribly cluts, and Norbert is the one who is good with the ladies and knows almost everything. With a great set up of "woody friends", these two 'Spooty' beavers are by far the most entertaining to watch. I love them so much! I wish they would come back on the air!
  • Simply the best. Bullwinkle was the first to set the edge. Angry Beavers has crossed over and has gone where no one has gone before. Hopefully those responsible for this death and the others, Bullwinkle, Smothers Brothers will do the right thing.

    I don't know of any worse decision out of Hollywood in the last 40 years. Apparently, these people do hot have the ability to see that they are being duped into following suggestions because they do not have the fortitude to give the public what they ask for. Shows, like Bullwinkle, Smothers Brothers, Laugh In, and others were dictated by outside interests. There seems to be no leadership by the heads of these Hollywood mimes. Maybe they know, once a certain time-frame has transpired, all the profit will be theirs to cater to their self-indulgent lifestyles. A little nip/tuck costs money. I don't think, Trump or Turner would be so easily manipulated. They maybe have a little more pride than the older self proclaimed Hollywood Sheiks. I am with the teaching, that truth alone is worth being ridiculed. The public, however docile, should have an interest in getting to see what we all truly enjoy. We pay for all the advertisement and promotions. Maybe there should be a net-sponsored programming agent for the public. After all, the net may be picking out the next president. Can't we get to see one of the best, most profitable cartoons then. It is not like we are seizing the broadcast people to hold them ransom....yet.
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