The Angry Beavers

Nickelodeon (ended 2001)


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  • YAY

    Angry beavers was one of the great shows of my youth and whenever I notice that it is playing I'll definatlly flip over to it over anything else I'm watching. well shit i have to come up with 20 more words and umm yeah so almost almost just about THERE YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!!!!
  • an awesome animated show


    this show is a hilarious animated series that should definatly be brought back to television
    this show is about two beaver brothers living life in their dam and their hilarious antics of everyday life

    the show is filled with everything a comedy lover could want so I'd tell you to turn on Nickelodeon and watch it but it's was cancelled about 5 years ago but you can still watch it on the new channel called Nicktoons(brighthouse 144) so watch it if u have the channel
  • The Angry Beavers is about two beaver brothers named Norbert and Daggett. They been kicked out of their dam when their parent's 2nd litter was born. Norb and Dag lived through 5 seasons of many different crazy adventures. The Angry Beavers is just totally

    The Angry Beavers been a great show to me for the last eight years! I remember the first day I saw the beavers, I wasn't into them rightaway but then I decided to give it another chance, and well, I got a really good interest in it! The more I watched it, the more I starved for the show's humor. Just everything about the show is just so wonderful to me. Eventually, after I watched the marathon of the Angry Beavers on Nicktoons Nonstop Weekend back in '97, I was like, hey I think I found a favorite show that I can stick with! I can stay now, that the Angry Beavers been one of the most longed loved cartoon or TV show for me! The Angry Beavers has everything and it's so different! There's always something different to find, there's all these great inside and outside jokes, the animation is great, the writing is just wonderful, and the actors did an excellent job by bringing their charaters to life. The animation was well done as well. I don't know anyone that could do the voices better or the writing! Even tho the Angry Beavers wasn't treated very well like it should have been, The Angry Beavers will always have a spot in my cartoon loving heart and it wil lbe carried with me to the grave along with other great shows I grew up with!
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