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  • My review

    If you are an angry beaver fan, you better not read this or else you would hate me.
    So, angry beaver, if you read the summary you would see 2 loving brothers, LOVING, LOVING, you got to be kidding me, well, now you would now that i hate this freaking show, i think this show is boring, less educational and most of all stupid( no offense but this is a review and i should post my thoughts so don't hate me for this)
    Anyway i think the angry beavers is a complete waste of time to watch, ok ok ok, i'll stop just incase someone came running in and kill me ( joking) All i have to say is I Hate Angry Beavers.
  • The Angry Beavers is a cartoon about a group of beavers that live in a dam. But most of the episodes don't make sense, and I can't beleive I liked it when I was a little kid.....

    Remember The Angry Beavers? It went on air when I was young, and I.....really.......liked it. But looking back on it now, it isn't very good.
    Let's see...the main characters are Norbert and Dagget, and they live in a dam and that's it.
    There's more, their script is weird. They scream in almost every episode. They'll go EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! and OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! and.....It's just awful, they're terrible. Every character you see have the same perfectly circular eyes. Sure the animation's okay, but with some anime out on DVD, The Angery Beavers is the thing of the past.
    If the Angry Beavers got canceled because of low ratings, you're correct. The story line does not make any sense at all.
    Overall, The Angry Beavers will certanly make you angry.
  • Bad

    This show is about 2 beavers with no plot or storyline.The show is very boring and has nothing that makes it interesting.The only think I liked about this show is that they used 2 beavers which made this show interest people but the show is still very bad compared to other nickelodean cartoons.
  • welcome to the dam of the beaver feaver blah blah blah

    nice show nice characters nice story, i am muscular beaver whooooshhhhh!here take my hanky of limited visibility! oh well get down! beary hairy whatsaclairy? dagget norbert the bunny bing treeflower trukkee and a stump..... hmmmmm... oh well now get down!!!!!!!!!! yes yes yes best show on earth !!! yay! woo hoo!
  • This was one of the last solid Nick shows of the 90's. It had an interesting plot, and 2 very funny main characters. What's not to like?

    Norbert and Dagget were so much entertaing to watch. They were like these 2 combustible brothers who always did crazy things at times, even to the point of trying to outdo each other.

    Who could forget such classic episodes like the one where they tried to get the other to talk first in order to give them a big pinch, but could not? How about the one where Dag got bopped into last week? XD Good times...

    I also enjoyed the character Treeflower, an interesting love interest for Norbert. She was kinda of an oddball I'll admit, but I liked watching her interact with Norbert at times. Anyway, this show was one sadly I wish could have gotter more episodes, or even a better cast of character around them. For the most part, these 3 were the only characters that stood out at all.
  • The Angry Beavers needs to be brought back!

    The Angry Beavers, aka. TAB or AB. About two beaver brothers Dagget "Dag" Doofus Beaver and Norbert "Norb" Bfoster Beaver (the B in Bfoster is silent). It is the 3rd best Nick show ever (there are only 3 Nick shows I like: SpongeBob, FOP and Angry Beavers). After 62 episodes (123 cartoons), they were planning on making a finale titled "Bye Bye Beavers", in which they found out they were over. Nickelodeon didn't like this, so the Angry Beavers was canceled before they could finish it. In the US, only 60/62 episodes even got shown. (lucky me for living in Australia). The Angry Beavers didn't deserve such fate, especially if you compare it to the craploads of crap shows Nick is showing now.
  • it was a crazy show

    who ever the fictional life of beavers could be so funny, it's the best show with animals norburt and daggatt are hilariously incredibly monsterously crazy/funny. out of every show with animals this should top the charts and its highly underated the one bad thing though is that nothing changed but that somthing small, to say what it is, is a good show.
  • such a good classic nicktoon from back in the day

    i think this show the angrey beavers was really good it is about two beavers name norbit and dagget and they go through crazy adventures togeather in the wild i think this show is well put together and has lot of good stories some have had the voice of barry white in it. which i like becasue he was really good singer back in the day. so i think nick came up with a really good show so that is why i gave it a 7.5 the show brings back old memories reviewing this show but i have to keep it short.
  • pretty cool show.

    this show is kinda babyish but its a clasic,i use to watch it all the time why dont they bring it back?this show has really good animation for a old cartoon cartoon,its drawn better then some cartoon cartoons now,and the voice overs are good,there isnt a story but most cartoon cartoons dont,so well my favorite character is the blondish beaver :).the characters in this show are pretty cool and this show brings back memories.i wish they would bring it back or atleast never of tooken it of,and i never even saw a dvd of it,so i guess thats all for this show.
  • Of course this is no Ren and Stimpy, or Rocko.., but it is still a good Cartoon and if every cartoon was like those two, I'd get really bored, really quick.

    This is a funny cartoon, but usually its just quite boring.
    It doesn't have the innuendos or close-ups; but this is a "cartoon" and I don't think it should.

    It's still a funny cartoon, there's no doubt about that, it just lacks variety. But if you think about it, "cartoons" are meant to be simple.

    Still a great 'toon, and among the best that will ever be on Nickelodeon.
  • That was nuts!

    The Angry Beavers is a funny show about to Beaver brother's who were kicked out of there parents house, when they had a second litter. Now the two can stay up as late as they want, watch scary movies late at night, and eat what ever they want to eat. Norb is older brother to Dag, Norb is the smarter and more logical of the duo. Norb is much more laid back and calmer than Dag. Dag is the younger brother to Norb, Dag is much more hyper and less friendly of the beavers. I miss this show it was a good show, it brings back good memories from when I was a little kid.
  • Classic old school nick

    I remember watching this classic long ago as well as Rocko and many other greats. This show had great comedy and animation as an added bonus to it. Norm and Daggot are indeed likable characters with good development to them. Sometimes the plots can be a bit random, but at least they appear as interesting compared to some of the newer shows out currently, this show surpasses many of them. I really do not remember the most except that it was a cool cartoon for its time and has had a pretty strong fanbase still watching reruns of the show.
  • You know how everybody has a show they can put a finger on and say that's it, that's my show? Well, this is it, this is MY show...

    I love this show. I grew up watching it and liked it then. But now that it's gone, (try doing this) I have eyes and mouth wide open, looking from left to right, my arms are out wide, and I'm standing there with a blank face saying, "What the hell?" I enjoy watching this show to date and can tentavely say it's a Nicktoon Classic (as some don't agree that it should be considered.) This show's great and the characters are somewhat memorable and recognizable. I know a lot of people would defend me when I say, "This is if not the best, one of the best Nicktoons ever made."
  • A great nicktoon.

    Angry Beavers, in my opinion was the last great nicktoon. Nicktoons started out in the early 1990's with Doug, Rugrats, and Ren & Stimpy. Throughout the '90s, there were more nicktoons, like Rocko's Modern Life and Aah!!! Real Monsters. When those nicktoons were canceled in 1997, Angry Beavers came along and started the late '90s generation of nicktoons. The great thing about Angry Beavers was that, while Nick was changing as parents were criticizing their cartoons and shows like Ren & Stimpy and 2 Stupid Dogs were no longer popular, Angry Beavers stayed old school nicktoon and saved nicktoons-atleast for a little while.
  • This was a pretty good show.

    This show is another example of a great show from the 90's on Nick. It's too bad that thier not as active with these kind of shows as they use to. This show is bacically about two beavers who are brothers. They were kicked out of their parents' house because the mom had another litter of babies and now the beavers live together at another house and do these different stuff every episode. I think the best part of the show is that it has pretty good humor. I think that Dag is the funniest and so I think I like him the best. Overall, I think this show is pretty good, I think I would rate it a 8.2.
  • The best 90s nicktoon besides Ren and Stimpy!

    When I was a little kid, I remember watching this show all the time! When I first started watching this, I watched it on pizza nights with my dad until I got obsessed with the show.
    It helped me in a lot of ways like for example it made me feel better when I was depressed or sick, and I sometimes watched it when there was nothing on. I also like the crazy situations and usage of the word "spoot" in this show as well.

    Now I'm a lot older and a little sad that I only get to see this show when I'm with my dad since he has Nicktoons, and when it's on Nick on sundays (that kinda depends though). The next time I get a chance to see it on Nick I'll have my blank tapes ready.
  • This is a great show.

    I love this how. My dad and I used to watch it all the time when it was on Nicktoons. The show is about two beavers that are brothers. They get into crazy, wacky, and zany adventures(pretty much the same thing.), with all their other animal friends. They live in a giant dam floating on a river. This show is pretty much like all the other shows from this time. CatDog, Rockos Modern Life, Ren and Stimpy and Spongebob Squarepants. You can name things in commom with all these shows. So this is a pretty funny cartoon show from the 90's. It has great characters and the best title sequence music.
  • Classical

    The Angry Beavers stuck out to me as a kid because it was different from all the other cartoons. Here we have two completely different beaver brothers living under the same roof who look nothing alike, but seem to have the same interests. And often each episode is about the different views from each of the brothers as they trudge through their crazy lives together but often with completely different results and conclusions. It's essentially like a lot of Saturday morning cartoon comedies, though what I love the most about Angry Beavers is that although sometimes it can get over the top, the comedy is often a bit tame; not as much exaggerated actions and situations.

    And although the Norbert, the intelligent brother, will often trick his naive and gullible young twin, Daggett, in everything they do, it's not like he isn't prone to mistakes himself, and Daggett will sometimes have things his way, unlike the Trix rabbit. How each of these beavers don't exactly follow their roles to a crisp gives them a more down to earth feeling compared to other characters in other shows. Though despite their more realistic and closer to reality personalities, Angry Beavers still felt like it was a big lagging in the comedy department compared to other shows in its time, and it doesn't quite have the charm to help compensate for it (ex. Rugrats). Nonetheless though, it's still a quality and classic show, and to many more, a childhood memory that will always be treasured.
  • A hilarious comedy of two surprisingly unlikely animals.

    The Angry Beavers is a personal favorite of Nickelodeon's comedies for me and quite a few others. The two beaver brothers are extremely amusing and is fun for all ages young or old. Each episode is more fun than the last and full of constant hilarity. I especially love the classic movies Norbert and Dagget both watch. Aside from it being only a half hour show I have no complaints about it. I still find the cartoon amusing and entertaining even as an adult and still find that I want to watch it. If you have yet to see any of the episodes you should check the show out.
  • A great old animated Nick show

    I remember watching this show when I was around 6 or 7 and I like it and I still do now.Its a great funny show about to brother beavers living in a house dam and doing wacky things.This show has alot of good humorous cartoon values put in it.Thats what makes it special and very interesting even to this day.Sadly this show rarely comes on the new nick and is forgotten by new generation of kids.I wont forget it because it was a great classic toon from nick.
    Overall this show is great and has a lot of good episodes.
  • A great show which is original and funny at the same time!

    I've got to hand it to the creator of this show, who would have thought of a cartoon about two beavers living in a dam? It was an awesome idea btw.

    A classic Nickelodeon cartoon which shouldn't have been replaced by the *crap* that is mostly around today!
    Norbert and Daggett were cool characters that many people could relate to, and I also found the characterisation of the show was utterly excellent. The love/hate relationship thing that is.

    This is just one of the shows that should go down in history for being a classic!
  • Bring it Back

    The Angry Beavers is one my favorite shows to play on Nickelodeon. The show follows the life and loves of two swinging bachelor beavers named Norbert and Daggett. Their parents have a second liter, and it’s time for them to fend for themselves. Norbert is the oldest, by 30 seconds, and the most mature. He has a fondness for secret rooms and is the smart one. Daggett is the hyperactive, not-so-smart brother that always gets something dropped on him, while Norb is the quick-witted brother that tries to inject reason and patience to his brother. The storylines are always imaginative and the dialogue is never taken for granted. The episodes are hilarious, and the characters are very funny. The situations are even funnier. Where else could you see an 8-foot tall crawling spleen, or the loogie- hawk, or have a best friend that’s a stump. The show was the greatest to come from Nickelodeon, and show be brought back.
  • What a funny show. This show is about 2 beaver brothers who have fun adventures everyday.

    I loved this show... I don't know why its not on anymore. I liked how Norbert always said those funny voices and words and how Dagget alwys acted idiodic. Stump made me laugh because he was so cool but still only a stump. Their dad is weird and brother and sister clones of themselves.
  • This show was great I used to like it alot. Also it was funny and the characters were Norbert and Dagget.

    For me this show was a good one because the beavers were Norbrt and Daggert and I liked all the things they did. Also I also liked the place they lived because it was cool and their friends were also good and I liked that to be that way. Also the episodes has funny and hilarious moments and many other things that I liked about this show because it was awesome and they should really make more shows like this. There were some episodes that weren't that good, while others I thought of them as great ones and this show was truly enjoyable to watch and I recommend it.
  • Who knew you could think up of so many comical ideas about beavers?

    THE GOOD - There are lots of good things about the show. The characters, the jokes, the animation. Anything visual is vivid and colorful, while the characters are fun-loving and quickly become one of your favorite cartoon character[s].

    THE BAD - Sometimes, the re-use the jokes over and over again and it just gets tiring. You usually expect something new to happen, only to see a joke you've once heard before.

    THE OVERALL - Its a really good show. Definatly something you'll either watch in your spare time or just because you like it. I recommend seeing at least 4 episodes before judging it.
  • Beavers!

    I love this show and still watch it on nicktoons and I'm 15! They should have kept it going! I love the episode when they turn into babies! That's was great! The beavers (Norb and Dagget) had great voice actors that matched their personalities perfectly. I also loved the bear, he was great he always sounded very tired. I did not like anytime the beaver boys tried to get a girl though, I thought it took away from their character. But I loved how competitive they were with each other, especially in the episode when they're having a staring contest, that was my favorite episode.
  • one od nick's best animations

    The Angry Beavers goes back in the day with rocko,ren and stimpy,catdog,real monsters and other great shows. It stars too beavers daggett and norbert. They have adventureous times and tell great comedy too keep you in front of the tv for a good 30 minutes.Therefore with TAB's funny comedy,good appreciation and all other stuff that made this too worthwhile watching
    TAB gets 8.8/10.0 .
  • Changes with each episode

    The rating for this show can be high on one episode, then absolutely stink on another. Some episodes are like "What?" and others "Okay, that was good."
    Overall itis a good how with fine animation. also funny in many areas. You will learn to like the two main characters. Nice aray of adventures, but also, soemtimes it's very lame. Good show for kids.
  • cool show

    I completely agree with you Maddox626 except i like spongebob. I completely agree with you Maddox626 except i like spongebob.
    I completely agree with you Maddox626 except i like spongebob.
    I completely agree with you Maddox626 except i like spongebob.
    I completely agree with you Maddox626 except i like spongebob.
    the only reason i copied my self is because maddox626 took the words right out of my mouth
  • a good example when nickelodeon cartoons back in the 90's were awesome.

    this show is one of my favorite shows on nick, i highly enjoyed it when i was a kid. its has some good animation, i also loved the humuor! it has some good plots and it's well written. it's also original as well. if only cartoons these days would be as great as the old cartoons. i wish this show stayed on nick for a little bit longer.
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