The Angry Beavers

Nickelodeon (ended 2001)


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  • This was one of the last solid Nick shows of the 90's. It had an interesting plot, and 2 very funny main characters. What's not to like?

    Norbert and Dagget were so much entertaing to watch. They were like these 2 combustible brothers who always did crazy things at times, even to the point of trying to outdo each other.

    Who could forget such classic episodes like the one where they tried to get the other to talk first in order to give them a big pinch, but could not? How about the one where Dag got bopped into last week? XD Good times...

    I also enjoyed the character Treeflower, an interesting love interest for Norbert. She was kinda of an oddball I'll admit, but I liked watching her interact with Norbert at times. Anyway, this show was one sadly I wish could have gotter more episodes, or even a better cast of character around them. For the most part, these 3 were the only characters that stood out at all.