The Angry Beavers

Season 1 Episode 9

Stinky Toe / House Broken

Aired Unknown Jul 13, 1997 on Nickelodeon

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  • Stinky Toe: Norb gets an uncurable disease called "Stinky Toe" and Dag has to find a cure... and quickly! House Broken: Tired of living a beaver life, Daggett wishes to live as a house pet. Sadly, they're taken into a family who think they'

    Ok, The Angry Beavers is one of my favorite shows of all time, but I just don't find this one funny. I found Stinky Toe as mediocre and House Broken as a terrible excuse for an episode of a TV show.

    Stinky Toe was Ok. The 2 scientists (I am drawing a blank on their names...) are always hilarious, but Dag's attempts for a cure was a little bland, and they were pretty much the entire episode.

    House Broken, on the other hand, was worthless waste of the show's air time. The only good thing about the episode was Double O Beaver, but not even HE could save this episode. The Goode family were freakin' annoying and it isn't hilarious when Norb and Dag are mistaken for puppies. Weasels? Yes. Puppies. Not at all. Even if Muscular Beaver and El Grapadora were in this, it'd only raise the score by 1.

    Final Scores:
    Stinky Toe Score: 4 Toes out of 10
    House Broken Score: 1 peice of spoot out of 10
    Average Score: 5/10

  • Probly one of my favorite episodes in the entire series.

    I can only remember the Stinky Toe part of the episode, but it's definitly the best in my opinion for the whole series, dagget needs to find a way to de-stinkify norberts toe, he slaves for hours to find the right solution of things to make norberts toe not stink, finally in the end the answer is found, the eqation you ask? Stinky + Stinky = NOT STINKY. Definitly one of the best episodes, it had me rolling.