The Angry Beavers

Season 2 Episode 6

The Mighty Knot-Head / Pond Scum

Aired Unknown Apr 26, 1998 on Nickelodeon
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The Mighty Knot-Head:
When Daggett stumbles onto a tribe of girl raccoons while out searching for knot holes, the tribe mistakes him for an ancient god. Norbert now has to snap Dag out of his delusions of grandeur in order to save him from himself and the raccoons.

Pond Scum:
Norbert falls under the influence of slimy pond scum and becomes possessed by the spirit of un-goodliness. The Evil Norb causes undue harm to his neighbors until Daggett comes to the rescue.


Who was the Episode MVP ?

    Beverly Garland

    Beverly Garland

    High Princess

    Guest Star

    Anna Garduno

    Anna Garduno


    Guest Star

    Michael McKean

    Michael McKean

    L.G. Algae & Raccoon

    Guest Star

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      • Beverly Garland is the voice of the main raccoon princess in "The Mighty Knothead". Ms. Garland was the pretty blonde step-mother in My Three Sons.

        The voice of Pond Scum is Michael McKean, a very famous actor who played Lenny (with sidekick Squiggy) in Laverne & Shirley, one of the musicians in This is Spinal Tap, and one of the hoodlums in Grease. "Pond Scum" reflects a bit of the chicken race from Grease and also Rebel Without a Cause. Some of the familiar music from Grease can be heard in this episode as Norbie goes bad.

    • ALLUSIONS (2)

      • Daggett: ...Heck's Angel
        When Daggett goes after Norbert on his water bicycle thing, he calls himself "Heck's Angel". This might be a reference to the "Hell's Angels", a motorcycle group. Coincidently, after Daggett says he is "Heck's Angel", Big Bunny says that "He hasn't got a prayer." This must be a religious pun.

      • Daggett: Pond Scum!
        There are actually several refences to science fiction in "Pond Scum". After the pond scum first possesses Norbert before releasing the mad bull, Norbert sort of does an impression of Captain Kirk from Star Trek which he sometimes actually does. After the pond scum possesses Norbert completely, his eyes glow. This may be a reference to Stargate: SG-1 where a person's eyes glow after they are possessed by an evil parasite called a Goa'uld. When Daggett tries to block Norbert from leaving the kitchen, his mouth opens, tongue comes out, and the pond scum is on it. This in similar to the face-grabbing thing from Alien.