The Angry Beavers

Season 2 Episode 4

Tree Of Hearts / Dag For Night

Aired Unknown Mar 22, 1998 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Tree Of Hearts:
When Treeflower re-enters Norbert's life, he expects their love to blossom once more. However, Norb didn't count on the lure that large trucks have for beaver women, and loses Treeflower to Dag's arch enemy: Truckee the truck driving shrew.

Dag For Night:
The beavers discover an old trunk with 16mm film inside, they assume that they have discovered Oxnard Montalvo's unfinished horror film masterpiece, and set about to complete the film as an homage their hero. Once finished, the film is not exactly what they expected.moreless

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    Victor Wilson

    Victor Wilson

    The Not-so-Friendly Creature From the Off-White Puddle Who Will Eat You

    Guest Star

    Mark Klastorin

    Mark Klastorin


    Recurring Role

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (0)

    • QUOTES (5)

      • Bing: I am looking for a monster. Have any of you seen it.
        Barry: No, baby. How about you Stump, er, Joe? (pause) We can talk about politics later, Joe.

      • (from "Dag For Night")
        Bing: Oh no! The Ionic Transducer Wave-Motion Non-Violent Weapony-Thing has ignited the atmosphere! We are all doom-ed!
        Barry: Ah, the price of progress...

      • Daggett: Oh my! Its going to crash save yourselves!

      • Norbert: Hey! Daggett, look at this. Richard Horvitz had a little baby boy April 11th.
        Daggett: Ooo.
        Norbert: Jake Eliot Horvitz.
        Daggett: Wow! That's great!
        Norbert: I think so.
        Daggett: Who's Richard Horvitz?
        Norbert: Nobody.
        Daggett: Ee.

      • (from "Dag for Night")
        Daggett: Ah! Somebody stop him! The monster is wrecking my model, train set!

    • NOTES (1)

      • At the beginning of "Tree of Hearts", Norbert reads a letter announcing the birth of Richard Horvitz's son, Jake Eliot Horvitz. Richard Horvitz is the actor who provides the voice for Daggett.

    • ALLUSIONS (5)

      • Dag for Night: The Not-Too-Friendly Creature who appears at the very end of the episode to thank Dag and Norb sounds just like the actor Christopher Walken.

      • Dag for Night: When Dag first activates his robot version of the Not-So-Friendly-Creature, he yells "It's ALIVE!", the famous quote from Frankenstein.

      • Title: Dag For Night
        A take-off on Day For Night, a 1973 film about all the chaos that occurs when making a motion picture.

      • Norb: ...The Not-Too-Friendly Creature from the Off-White Puddle Who Will Eat You
        The title of the unfinished Oxnard Montalvo film found in "Dag For Night" is a reference to the classic horror film The Creature from the Black Lagoon.

      • Bing: Quick, use the Ionic Transducer Wave-Motion Non-Violent Weapony-Thing!
        The "wave motion" part of the name of the device used in Norb and Dag's movie in "Dag For Night" is most likely a reference to the Wave Motion Gun, the secret weapon of the Argo in the TV show Star Blazers (or Space Battleship Yamato, as it was called back in Japan).

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