The Angry Beavers

Season 3 Episode 8

Pass it On! / Stump's Family Reunion

Full Episode: Pass it On! / Stump's Family Reunion


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Pass It On:
In a Beaver version of "Are You Afraid Of The Dark" Norb, Dag and all their pals (Treeflower, Truckee, Barry the Bear, Bing and Stump) tell a campfire story which is on the on the verge of outrageous.

Stump's Family Reunion:
Daggett and Norbert accompany Stump to his family reunion because Stump is a bit leery about meeting his woody kinfolk. Norb warns Dag not to embarrass him like he usually does. However, Norb gets a headache which causes him to become delirious and ends embarrassing Daggett in front of Stump's family, who aren't too happy about two wood-eating creatures being at their reunion.

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