The Angry Beavers

Season 3 Episode 21

Ugly Roomers / Finger Lickin' Goofs

Full Episode: Ugly Roomers / Finger Lickin' Goofs


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Ugly Roomers:
Daggett and Norbert get tired of having to live together in the same room, so they decide to make their own rooms. The construction process soon turns into a frantic show of one-upmanship, with each beaver brother trying to make his room bigger and fancier.

Finger Lickin' Goofs:
An episode of Mr. Bill Licking's nature show makes Daggett and Norbert suspect bears have a taste for beavers, and that their friend Barry Bear plans to eat them. When Barry comes over for a visit, the Beaver brothers frantically try to find Barry something to eat besides them.moreless
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