The Animal Show - Season 3

Animal Planet (ended 1997)




Episode Guide

  • The Gorilla and the Lion
    In another family-themed episode, Stinky has Bunnie, Armstrong, Eve, Rhonda, and Dullard together after the "We are one big happy family" song performed by Malcolm the Lion and the Animals.
  • The Mongoose and the Secretary Bird
    Ernie the Mongoose, one of our snake-eating guests, becomes a nusiance to Stinky and Jake when he doesn't leave after his interview. Ernie interviews Kyle the Secretary bird and they get into a fight over who is better...a fight Stinky and Jake break up. It's revealed that his wife and kids are visiting his mom and needed someplace to stay.moreless
  • The Giant Otter and the Mink
    Bunnie wants female friends and she befriends Stinky and Jake's female aquatic guests Sandy the Giant Otter and Melanie the Mink and invites the two to a sleepover.
  • The Hornbill and the Woodpecker
    Armstrong tries to get the perfect beak to match our beaked guests, but none of the fake beaks work.
  • The Rattlesnake
    The Rattlesnake
    Episode 22
    Stinky and Jake learn a lot about snakes from Kiki the Rattlesnake. Stinky thinks that Kiki can swallow Jake. But she didn't swallow him, she swallowed all of Armstrong's Chocky Hawkies (a hawk-shaped chocolate on a popsicle stick).
  • The Colobus Monkey and the Flying Squirrel
    Stinky tries to keep our gliding guests on the ground, but he gets stuck to Quincy the Flying Squirrel via glue.
  • The Spoonbill and the Salmon
    Stinky wants to go migrating with our migration guests, but there's a problem with Stinky in stuff that they can do that he can't.
  • The Jaguar and the Tortoise
    Stinky resigns from the food chain and tries to form a resistance against it and break the food chain. At the same time, our featured guests interview our food chain guests and learn that the food chain can be broken if one animal becomes extinct.
  • The Eagle
    The Eagle
    Episode 18
    Stinky and Jake invite Sam the Eagle to talk about his kind. Unfortunately, he didn't like how eagles live and leaves resulting in Armstrong taking over. Armstrong thinks eagles upstage chickenhawks and doesn't do the song. Sam returns because he doesn't have any money to get his car out of the parking garage and Stinky and Jake handle it if he does a song. During the song, Armstrong appears and tells him that his kind upstaged him and Sam mentions how good chickenhawks are which makes Armstrong happy.moreless
  • The Pika and the Chamois
    Stinky tries to make our mountainous guests feel at home.
  • The Fish
    The Fish
    Episode 16
    Stinky tries to stump Larry the Fish of which fish isn't real.
  • The Grasshopper Mouse and the Stoat
    Stinky thinks our vicious guests aren't vicious until he learns from them and starts acting vicious himself.
  • The Coyote and the Red Fox
    Stinky plans to throws a pest party at Jake's den with our pesty guests as partygoers.
  • The Wasp and the Ant
    Our insect guest don't get along when each one talks about themselves.
  • The Honeybee and the Honeypossum
    Armstrong is allergic to flowers since our featured guest can survive from the nector. Things get worse when Stinky and Jake learn that if they don't win the award for Best Shows hosted by animals (especially Skunks and Polar Bears), our featured judges (a crocodile, cape buffalo, and vulture) will eat them.moreless
  • The Spider Monkey and the Lemur
    Stinky tries to enter Jake into a tree-swinging competition since our featured guests move around in trees.
  • The Whale
    The Whale
    Episode 10
    Stinky and Jake interview Andrew the Humpback Whale in a leaky tank that gets worse when it start to flood everywhere.
  • The Albatross and the Hummingbird
    Stinky wants to fly like our bird guests, but his wings are too big and he puts them on Jake.
  • The Monitor Lizard and the Crocodile
    After Jake gets hit by a sand bag from a Sand Bag Tree, Stinky decides he needs protection like our tough-skinned guests.
  • The Mouse
    The Mouse
    Episode 7
    Stinky plans a surprise for Stanley the Mouse after the show. Unfortunately, he doesn't like surprises. What's worse is that Stinky's invited guests Mr. Owl, Mrs. Snake, and Mrs. Fox want to eat him.
  • The Warthog and the Baboon
    Stinky wants to go to Smellyworld instead of visiting the brushland of Africa where our featured guests are from.
  • The Pelican and the Flamingo
    Stinky wants to eat like a skunk than a pig, so he gets advice from our beaked guests.
  • The Indian Elephant and the Human
    Stinky and Jake interview the Indian Elephant which is one of the largest animals in the world. After that, they learn a lot from a human named Dave like about automobiles, slippers, hoses, and how humans watch their show.
  • The Owl and the Frog
    Stinky turns off the lights because of our nocturnal guests, but the darkness later reminds Jake of the dark nights of winter as he falls into a winter hibernation.
  • The Crab and the Snail
    Stinky decides to order a shell from Shelly's shells because of our shelled guests.
  • The Siberian Tiger and the Reindeer
    Stinky thinks that our arctic guests might know Santa Clause. Later, the reindeer tells Stinky if he wishes, he'll get a present.