The Animals of Farthing Wood

BBC (ended 1995)




Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • Bully-Bully-Bully!
      Episode 13
      The animals battle for survival against the army of rats. Owl returns to White Deer Park with her mate Hollow. A new happier Trey returns with news that the wall between the two parks has been brought down to create, one giant park. Fox announces that Plucky will be his replacement as the leader of the Farthing Wood animals.moreless
    • Homeward Bound.
      Homeward Bound.
      Episode 12
      Speedy returns to White Deer Park, as do the Weasel family who have a surprise reunion with Rolo when they help Shadow escape from the Warden's cage. A new leader of the White Deer is revealed and Buly plots to kill all the other animals in the park.
    • The Worst Kind of Hurricane
      The weasels finally decide to return to White Deer Park and a hurricane rages through the Park.
    • The Mole Game.
      The Mole Game.
      Episode 10
      Toad and Spike invent a game called "The Mole Game" They have to guess where Mossy the Mole will come up. Ranger ends up winning when Charmer asks what Toad and Spike are doing, which quite makes his day. Owl is still imprisoned in her Jacket of building cement, a few other fellow flappers (A Robin, A Green Woodpecker, A Rook, and another female owl) decide to try and break the cement by shoving her off the branch, but the plan fails, she is still in the cement. Toad and Spike continue playing their game, but soon become surrounded by Bully and his rat army, Spike's cover is blown when he responds to Bully's Call of "Who am I" With a "Bully Bully Bully" complete with salute! Toad tries to escape, but ends up captured. Mossy has rushed to get help, only to find Dash. Dash goes and gets some White Deer to chase her, they stampede over the rats, squashing nearly every one. Spike feels awful for his behaviour, but is relieved when Toad is found alive at the pond, and Toad fully forgives him when Spike promises to fight like a Terrier the next time it happens.moreless
    • A Bigger Oink.
      A Bigger Oink.
      Episode 9
      The animals in White Deer Park are still trying to deal with the army of rats and try to make the Warden aware of the problem. Meanwhile the weasels and their new friend the piglet come across a copse with a grumpy Wild Boar living there.
    • Scared Silly by Snakes.
      The two snakes make their way into Bully's headquarters to try and kill him. However they end up frantically trying to escape as hundreds of rats chase after them. Plucky tries to escape the new Park to return home and Owl ends up coated in cement that quickly sets.
    • The Long-Tailed Visitor.
      While the stags fight for leadership of the herd, Fox is visited by Bully and his minions who threaten his life. Meanwhile Owl is awoken by the sound of a male owl who is also mateless. The Weasels however have to contend with a river and the wildcats who have returned.moreless
    • Adventure for the Birds.
      The weasel family are still looking for another home away from White Deer Park. While the rest of the Farthing animals are still trying to find out where the missing animals are. It is up to Whistler to solve it. Meanwhile Owl is still trying to escape the moth-eaten Rook, who says he loves her, but gets into trouble when she hides in a house.moreless
    • Tiffs and Tempers.
      Fox confronts Trey on his rule about the pond, while Whisper, Charmer and Ranger attack a gathering of rats only to be told by Bully that its only the beginning to their troubles. The Weasel family come under threat from wild cats.
    • The Missing Fox's Friend.
      While trying to find a solution to the Park's problem with Trey and the rats, the animals have more trouble when Plucky and other animals start disappearing.
    • Water Water
      Water Water
      Episode 3
      Water becomes an issue for the Animals of White Deer Park.
    • Out and About.
      Out and About.
      Episode 2
      Owl leaves the park in search of a mate and the Weasel family have left to start a new life else where. Plucky and Dash race again, while Trey harasses the other Farthing Wood animals.
    • Comings and Goings.
      While some of the animals are content with their lives in White Deer Park, others are not and leave to make new ones elsewhere. However there are also new arrivals.
  • Season 2
  • Season 1