The Animals of Farthing Wood

Season 2 Episode 13


Aired Unknown Jan 01, 1992 on BBC
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The Farthing Wood animals celebrate in the lieu of Fox's defeat of Scarface - but Scarface makes a shocking return and, as retribution kills Mrs Rabbit. On his way home however, Adder finally puts an end to the tyrant, biting him as he drinks from the stream. Scarface's death marks an end of the feud - but Fox and his family have no time for celebration. Whisper has arrived at White Deer Park - but without Bold, Bold having hidden himself away, his pride refusing to let him return to the park. Fox and Vixen manage to find their son just in time to say one last goodbye before he dies, Bold at last content with his father's approval. Bold's death triggering an epiphany, Fox at last gives his blessing to Ranger and Charmer's union.moreless

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  • One of the most painful episodes in the series to watch.

    This final episode of season 2 starts off sad and ends the same way. The first scene we see bold and Whisper approaching the boarder of white deer park. Poor Bold is visibly drained from his long journey. His mate Whisper goes off to find food for him, but he decides to hide to avoid entering the park. Whisper returns to find bold missing. She calls for him a few times but gives up, knowing he is gone.

    Scarface makes his last appearance in this episode. His first act is killing Mrs. rabbit. It turns out to be his last as a few minutes later adder bites him, ending his life and the threat to the farthing animals.

    Kestrel also makes her last appearance in this show, Being the one to find Whisper first. We never find out exactly what happens to her, but many speculate she dies of old age between seasons 2 and 3.

    Whisper meets Friendly, Charmer, and Ranger in the park and tells them of bold. Charmer decides to return to fox and ask for his help in finding Bold. While the 4 talked adder showed up and announced she killed Scarface, needless to say ranger did not take it well.

    We next see the last appearance of Lady Blue crying over the body of Scarface. Ranger is also present showing his support to his mother.

    The last scenes deal with Bold. Whisper talks to Fox and Vixen telling them about bold and the cubs she will soon have. The last scene is the hardest one to take in my opinion, and one of the few cartoons that made me cry. Fox and Vixen exit the park and run into Crow who shows them were Bold is hiding. Bold, Obviously dying, asks Vixen "Mother, Is it you". Soon after Fox says what I consider to be his best line in the series. He tells bold "Son, I´m sorry I was hard on you, Forgive me. Your the bravest fox I´v ever met, I´m proud of you". After that Bolds looks like he´s about to say something but his breathing becomes erratic then he gives one last gasp before dying.

    Foxes last action was in giving his permission for Charmer and Ranger to become mates.

    Sadly this episode is mainly cleaning up a lot of loose ends in preparation of the end of season 2 and the beginning of season 3 so their is not a strong storyline with this episode. Sadly though, throughout this episode they keep saying Whisper is going to have cubs when in fact she ends up having a single cub, Plucky. That's one thing I still consider unfair to Bold. He deserved to have his life count for more than one cub.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • In the series, Friendly stays behind with Whisper, but in the books, Friendly goes with Fox, Vixen and Charmer to look for Bold.

    • When Adder dives under the water just before she bites Scarface, her tail is not ripped. It's meant to be ripped after her entrapment by Scarface in "Narrow Escapes"

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Speedy: I hope you're looking after Paddock, Toad. She is your responsibility, you know.
      Toad: Not now she ain't! (chuckles) Matin' season's over! We'll meet up again next spring, though. Bye-bye, mateys!
      Speedy: Oh, really! Toads!
      Whistler: Ho-hum. Sounds like rather a good arrangement to me. (Speedy hits him) Ouch!

    • Fox: Do you still want to be Charmer's mate? (Ranger nods) Then who am I to stand in your way? (Charmer and Ranger nuzzle each other) Perhaps your union will bring peace to both our families. A new beginning, for all of us!

    • Bold: Dad...
      Fox: Hello, son. Your mate told us where to find you. I gather we've got your cubs to look forward to soon. You son of a gun!
      Bold: That's alright, then. Thanks, dad.
      Fox: Yes, they'll be fine. Son, I'm sorry I was hard on you. Forgive me. You're the bravest Fox I've ever known. I'm proud of you.

    • Scarface: I am not the end of my line. (groans) I... will be avenged.
      Adder: We ssshall sssee!

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