The Animals of Farthing Wood

BBC (ended 1995)


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  • This was by far my favourite show when I was growing up, it seems a shame that they no longer show it.

    Brilliant, classic cartoon. The first series which shows the animal's journey to White Deer Park was by far the best, series 3 the weakest but still made good watching. When I was young I would never miss an episode, it seems a shame that they no longer show it and that the next generation will not have the joy of following the adventure of the animals of farthing wood. It has some fairly grown up story lines also, which makes it interesting to the older audience, my mom for one used to sit and watch it with me! All in all an excellent show that should be brought back!!
  • Fantastic family programme that reaches young and old!

    Appealed to my parents and myself at the time it was out. Taught me about friendship. Fantastic!!!! My father is quite fussy about ANYTHING he watches. So for him to be into this sort of thing is very unexpected! Teaches you about what is going on in the countryside and has given me the incentive to apply for jobs within animal rescue!! Let your children watch this and you wont be disappointed. It can be sad at times but so is Watership Down! I think this programme brought me and my father together at a time of growing up. Great!!
  • A beautiful show for children that really outlines just how much childrens television has changed for the worse in recent times. Definitely worth a look.

    I remember always getting up early on a weekend as a youngster to watch this show. There was just something about it that drew me in.
    Looking back on it now, it reminds me just how different childrens television was back then. Kids shows were just that- for kids. No obscene language, just excellently drawn animation (forget the CGI) telling a wonderful story.
    It makes me sad to now turn on the television and see the rubbish that is classified as childrens television today. One theme seems recurrent- it increasingly puts pressure on young children to develop faster, making adulthood seem as if it can't come quick enough, when in reality childhood is a period of time that should be enjoyed to the fullest.
    I don't have kids of my own yet, but someday, if I do, I know that I will definitely be showing them shows from my own time as a youth- a time when children still acted as children for as long as they could.
    Sad to think it was only 15 years ago...