The Animated Adventures of Bob & Doug McKenzie

Sunday 7:30 PM on Global Premiered Apr 19, 2009 Between Seasons





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  • Bob and Doug is a new animated series featuring the antics of Bob and Doug McKenzie, originally played by Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas on SCTV. On SCTV, they were TV commentators famous for their improvisation. In this series, they are garbagemen.

    Disappointing. The animation poor, the writing even worse. I never thought somebody would think that beating up a homeless person would be funny. Dialog: painful. I'm not sure why they took the characters out of their familiar surroundings and made them garbagemen. If this series is supposed to take place in Canada, why are some of the characters talking in pseudo-New York accents? The female character is screechy annoying whose accent was the most out of place. The writers' attempts to insert a fast quipping black supervisor simply appeals to stereotypes of Eddie Murphy and countless others. I can see why Rick Moranis begged off being included in this series. He pleaded retirement but he probably took one look at the project and said "no, thanks." I would too.
  • wow, so aweful....

    This was aweful, i can't believe this actually made it through test screenings, there was nothing even remotely funny about this show, the characters and story made no sense, the writing seemed to be trying to hard or maybe not hard enough, i wanted to like it but just could not find any reason too. i wish the characters and writing was more in line with the original Bob and Doug from the SCTV days. I can't say i'd watch this again. Hopefully it gets put down early in it's life. it's a total waste for time. an Incredibly disappointing show