The Animated Adventures of Flash Gordon

NBC (ended 1980)




Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Chapter One: A Planet in Peril
      Flash, Dale and Zarkov crash on Mongo, where they're promptly captured by Ming's gill men and later Princess Aura.
    • Chapter Two: The Monsters of Mongo
      Ming sentences Flash and Thun to mine radioactive ore. They escape with Aura as a hostage, only to face underground monsters and end up in Prince Barin's kingdom.
    • Chapter Three: Vultan, King of the Hawkmen
      Flash, Thun, Barin and Princess Aura are captured by King Vultan and his Hawkmen. An angry Ming orders a furious attack on Vultan's sky city to free his daughter.
    • Chapter Four: To Save Earth
      As Ming prepares to marry Dale and Mongo approaches Earth, Flash and his allies use a captured mole machine to invade Ming's palace.
    • Chapter Five: The Beast Men's Prey
      Flash, Dale and Zarkov escape, only to be captured by a tribe of apelike primitives who worship Ming.
    • Chapter Six: Into the Water World
      The trio from Earth become water-breathers and help fend off Ming's attack on the undersea kingdom of Coralia.
    • Chapter Seven: Adventure in Arboria
      Flash, Dale and Zarkov return to Arboria, but soon have to contend with a forest fire while Zarkov is bitten by a poisonous creature.
    • Chapter Eight: The Frozen World
      Needing a rare ore for their campaign against Ming, Flash and his friends visit the frozen land of Frigia to negotiate with its queen.
    • Chapter Nine: Monster of the Glacier
      Flash and Queen Fria try to free their comrades, all captured by savage giants in the icy lands.
    • Chapter Ten: Blue Magic
      Running from one of Ming's traps, Flash's group descends to an underground kingdom ruled by a powerful witch queen, who believes Flash is her long-lost love.
    • Chapter Eleven: King Flash
      The witch queen Azura has Flash brainwashed into thinking he's Gor-Don, the former king.
    • Chapter Twelve: Tournament of Death
      Captured again after their latest escape attempt, Flash must fight in Ming's Tournament of Death.
    • Chapter Thirteen: Castaways in Tropica
      The trio from Earth escape Ming again, only to crash-land in the kingdom of Tropica, where the queen's cousin is trying to seize power.
    • Chapter Fourteen: The Desert Hawk
      Queen Desira fights to regain the throne of Tropica, with help from Flash, his allies, and a high-tech tribe of desert people.
    • Chapter Fifteen: Revolt of the Power Men
      Flash and the allies fight a pitched battle to retake Vultan's sky city from Ming. Meanwhile, Ming has Dale and Aura kidnapped from Arborea.
    • Chapter Sixteen: Ming's Last Battle
      The repaired sky city attacks Mingo City in the final confrontation between the allies and Ming.
  • Season 2
  • Season 3
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