The Animated Adventures of Flash Gordon

NBC (ended 1980)





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  • Good old Sat mornings

    I liked this verson of an adaptation of the Flash Gordon story line. Sure there is some repetition of scenes in the battles, and chases, but that was pretty regular for animated series of the time. It was a rarity of a series with a long continual story line, I am looking forward to the new TV series to be coming out. I hope they adopt the same serial story telling.
  • Filmation takes a stab at Flash Gordon with predictable results.

    The late 70s saw Filmation Studios producing cartoons with some of the greatest characters of the early cinema including Tarzan, Zorro, the Lone Ranger and Flash Gordon. For the most part, they were well received at the time but look cheap and stilted today.

    Typical of almost all Filmation work from that era, Flash Gordon features highly detailed backgrounds, good charater design and, special to this show, a really cool art deco style reminiscent of the 1930s. Stills of the show still look marvelous.

    Unfortunately, the show was severely hindered by the same problems that effected all Filmation works of that period. The re-use of animated cut scenes - often several times within the same episode, rotoscoped animation and poor voice acting. Beyond that, Flash Gordon also suffered from poor writing and never seemed to go anywhere.

    This show was a bust and was off the TV within a few months of its debut. It was not missed.