The Ann Sothern Show

Season 2 Episode 20

A Touch of Larceny

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Feb 22, 1960 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Olive tells Mr. Pudney that the hotel has a strict rule that there is to be no gambling among employees.

    • It is mentioned that a woman named Mrs. Forbes was the worst housekeeper ever at the hotel; she stole and drank...and Mr. Devery is the one who hired her. There was also a doorman named Otto who was rude and insulting and had to be fired.

  • Quotes

    • Devery: My mind is like this hotel: open 24 hours a day.
      Katy: With several vacancies on the top floor.

    • Devery (after the interview, re: Pudney): What did you think of him?
      Katy: You're kidding.
      Devery: I'm certainly not kidding.
      Katy: Well, outside of being a phony, a con-man, and a great big bag of wind, I like him.

    • Katy: Why don't you just pack up and leave.
      Pudney: Me? Leave?
      Katy: Yes, LEAVE. L as in Larceny; E as in Evil; A as in Axe murderer; V as in Villain; and E as in dirty crook!
      Pudney: There's no E in dirty crook.
      Katy: If there isn't, you stole it.

  • Notes

    • Four episodes ago, Jesse White guest-starred in a different role. He now joins the cast in the role of Oscar Pudney.

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