The Ann Sothern Show

Season 2 Episode 7

Old Buddy Boy

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Nov 23, 1959 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • After she says she's mulling over the offer to work in Hawaii, Devery finds assorted literature on Katy's desk: there's a copy of 'How to See the Hawaiian Islands;' 'A Girl's Guide to Surfboarding;' and 'A Hundred and Two Ways to Prepare Poi.'

    • James Devery and Tom Burke not only work as managers for the Bartley hotel chain, but they also went to college together and played football on the same team.

    • As in other episodes, it is mentioned that the Bartley Hotel in New York has 1200 rooms. Meanwhile, it is said that the Honolulu Bartley, where Tom Burke works as the manager, has 900 rooms.

  • Quotes

    • Katy: Am I a good assistant?
      Devery: The best.
      Katy: Can you get along without me?
      Devery: Not a chance.
      Katy: And you honestly want me to stay?
      Devery: I do.
      Katy: And you think I'm the best assistant manager you ever had?
      Devery: I do.
      Katy: Come what may, for better or for worse, you want that intercom system shared only by the two of us?
      Devery: I do.
      Katy: I now pronounce us manager and assistant manager.

    • Katy: To be perfectly honest, I like working for that big lug in there.
      Olive: You know what you are, Katy? True blue. That's what you are. True blue Katy.

    • Burke: If you're married, I'll jump out that window.
      Katy: Well, fortunately for the people at the bus stop down there, I'm single.

    • Katy: Well, Mr. Burke, I'm Katy O'Connor. Mr. Devery's told me a great deal about you.
      Burke: Mr. Devery's told me nothing about you. It's typical of his selfish nature.

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